Sunday, February 02, 2014

Free Worldwide Wifi from Outer Space Set to Debut in 2015 (What is the Outernet?)

I am always interested in learning about the new technologies being developed. That is why this Outernet company caught my attention. The company states that it will be able provide free worldwide wifi access from outer space starting in the next couple of years. 

By leveraging datacasting technology over a low-cost satellite constellation, Outernet is able to bypass censorship, ensure privacy, and offer a universally-accessible information service at no cost to global citizens. It's the modern version of shortwave radio, or BitTorrent from space...

...Outernet consists of a constellation of hundreds of low-cost, miniature satellites in Low Earth Orbit. Each satellite receives data streams from a network of ground stations and transmits that data in a continuous loop until new content is received. In order to serve the widest possible global audience, the entire constellation utilizes UDP-based multicasting over WiFi. Although still not common, WiFi multicasting is a proven technology, especially when the data requires only one hop to reach the recipient.  

Media Development Investment Fund, a New York-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization is incubating Outernet. I will keep my eyes on Outernet to see if it meets its launch dates. 

Source: Outernet

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