Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saudi Prince Mohammad al-Faisal Engages Engineer to Tow Icebergs from Arctic Region to Middle East for Fresh Water

If this idea becomes a reality, then this idea to tow icebergs from the Arctic to the Middle East could be a boon for parched regions. I remember learning in my elementary science classes that most of the fresh water on Earth is frozen. It would help increase the world's fresh water supply if this frozen water could be tapped. I wonder if there would be any affect on global weather patterns if this frozen water is suddenly removed. While this appears to be a novel idea, any fans of the 1985 movie Brewster's Millons will know that it is not novel at all.

So did French engineer Georges Mougin. And that's why he's invented a system for towing icebergs across the ocean and straight to the world's thirsty. Using 3-D technology, recently declassified satellite data, and the new science of oceanic forecasting, Mougin has created an elaborate method for hauling ginormous icebergs using a "skirt" and a tugboat.

Source: Fast Company

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Dr. Sue Rabbitt Roff Says Governments Should Consider Paying Kidney Donors

I thought I saw a Wabbitt! Unlike a cartoon though, this is some serious business.

Dr Sue Rabbitt Roff, of Dundee University, called on the health service to offer financial rewards to individuals willing to give up a kidney as a means of speeding up the rate of transplants and reducing the cost of treatments and dialysis to the NHS.

If governments legalize the sale of organs, let me guess which economic segment of the population will be affected the most by the law? Hmmm, it shouldn't take long to see that lower economic classes will be impacted the most by any future legislation, because many folks will see their organs as potential monetary assets and use them accordingly.

A kid sitting on a trust fund isn't going to sell his kidney for an iPod, but some poor sap in China will. A rich diva isn't going to sell her kidney to go to USC, but an inner city kid might consider it.