Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Federal Government Turns Off Water to Fresno and San Joaquin Valley Farmers (No Food for the Masses?)

Former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser Boss to President Obama Henry Kissinger said that if you control the food, you control the population. It appears that the federal government is attempting to restrict the food production capacity of the Fresno and Central California regions, and using Kissinger logic, will then be able to control the population of these regions and beyond.

In 2007, the Federal District Court ruled to curtail water deliveries at the San Joaquin-Sacramento River delta from December to June to protect the endangered and declining fish delta smelt. The Feds have denied all farmland irrigation water allocations to the heavily-agricultural western San Joaquin Valley. As comedian Paul Rodriguez said, "Water makes the difference between the Garden of Eden and Death Valley." The San Joaquin Valley is slowly feeling more and more like Death Valley. One local community even has a 41% unemployment rate. Yike! Now the farmers are protesting and demanding water!

If the San Joaquin farmers cannot get water, then they cannot grow crops. If they cannot grow crops, then they cannot sell their fruits and vegetables in stores for us to eat. If we cannot get this food, then we will have to buy it elsewhere or do without it. In this current economy, we will need all the food that we can get. The farmers need water! Turn the water pumps back on!

Thousands of farmers, farmworkers and their supporters rallied at City Hall on Wednesday, calling on federal officials to ease regulations that have cut water supplies to the nation's most prolific growing region.

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