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The U.S. Money That is Sold Abroad is Secured by You as Collateral!

This is quite an interesting video that basically explains how our government is able to borrow so much money from other Nations and international banks without having collateral whatsoever. A poster named maim on the Prison Planet Forum explains this video much better than I ever could. I don't know how true this explanation is, but it certainly makes sense to me.

When currency went off the gold standard, it had to have something of value to back it, ie collateral. That object of value that replaced the gold standard is the citizens of the country, their life time of labour has value. Your social security is actually a security bond, of value. Human beings are chattel, traded as a commodity like livestock.

Your birth cert is actually a business license. A corporation was created with your name when your birth was registered. You and everyone else actually have an entry in the stock exchange. (the value of) Humans are traded back and forth. When the chinese make a loan to the US, the interest they are paid back is the value of all those human corporations. The value is based on your lifetime of labour contributing to the economy. By the time your 40, the security bond named after your has a value numbering in the millions of dollars.

Unemployment Rate Growth from June 2007 to Present Day in the United States (Animated Map)

Red States plus Blue States equal Purple States!

This animated map from shows the growth of unemployment rate for the past 2 years.

Guardian: "Almost All Camping Grounds Within 100 Miles of Los Angeles Are Filled with People Living in Them."

America has reached the point that Nations such as Sudan and Burundi have reached and now America has U.N. special rapporteurs exposing the underbelly of the American dream in the real estate market. The George W. Bush administration did not allow rapporteurs to enter America, but the Obama administration is now allowing entry and the first reports are being made available by U.N. rapporteur Raquel Rolnik.

One of the most startling revelations from this article is below:

"There is a predictable path for those who lose their jobs and can't pay the rent or the mortgage," Gary Blasi, a University of California law professor, told Rolnik. "First they live with friends and relatives, but they're poor, too. Then they live in their cars until the cars get towed or break down. Some live in tents. Almost all the camping grounds within 100 miles of Los Angeles are now filled with people living in them."

Source: The Guardian

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Why Are Fleets of Armored Trucks Full of Gold Bars and Coins Leaving Manhattan, New York?

I will keep an eye on this story that trucks are speeding out of Manhattan filled to the brim with gold, because it seems relevant to the story that the U.S. Mint is suspending sales of its bullion coins. It will likely fuel the price of gold which is already at record price levels. The story also seems like it could potentially be related to an article I wrote many months ago where I discussed the rumor that Germany had demanded the return of its gold being held by the United States of America.

Fleets of armored trucks piled with gold bars and coins have been streaming out of midtown Manhattan in one unexpected consequence of the gold craze.

Amid gold's rise -- it has gained 32% this year and reached a record on Monday -- investors have been loading up on bullion and coins. One big problem now is where to store it. The solution from HSBC, owner of one of the biggest vaults in the U.S.: somewhere else.

HSBC has told retail clients to remove their small holdings from its fortress beneath its tower on New York City's Fifth Avenue. The bank has decided retail customers aren't profitable enough and is demanding those clients remove their gold to make room for more lucrative institutional customers.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Image Source: David Dees

U.S. Air Force Leaders Speak at 2009 Global Warfare Symposium in Los Angeles, California (Press Release)

11/20/2009 - LOS ANGELES (AFNS) -- Air Force senior leaders discussed the service's priorities, capabilities and vision in space, cyberspace and strategic deterrence at the 2009 Air Force Association Global Warfare Symposium here Nov. 19.

Gen. Kevin P. Chilton, Lt. Gen. Frank G. Klotz and Maj. Gen. Richard E. Webber, respective commanders of U.S. Strategic Command, Air Force Global Strike Command and 24th Air Force, each addressed hundreds of symposium attendees: Airmen, civilians, industry partners and other servicemembers stationed in the U.S and abroad.

The topics created an overall composite of the deliberate steps the service is taking to provide worldwide support to the joint warfighter in a 21st century battle space.

Strategic deterrence, situational awareness
Space, cyberspace and deterrence were what General Chilton described as the three main lines of operations in modern warfare. Within these lines of operation, he stressed a focus on international intelligence and situational awareness, modeling and simulation tools to conduct training, system development and exercises and finally, a more robust position to sustain constellation or Global Positioning System programs.

Given today's globally wired society and subsequent range of national and global security threats, General Chilton said his vision for meeting the challenges of 21st century warfighting domains are best met with a change in the culture of networks, more defensive network conduct and an improvement in capabilities.

"We are compelled to improve our situational awareness and develop a clearly understood concept of operations," General Chilton said.

He added that the ability to control and synchronize military operations on a global scale not only complements the way the joint command fights, but changed the way it fights.

"Our strategic, space and cyber assets are part of a tremendous joint force and the men and women behind them add to the success of the command," the general said.

Nuclear deterrence
The latest milestone for Air Force Global Strike Command will occur Dec. 1, when it will formally assume command and responsibility for 20th Air Force and its three missile wings at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo., Malmstrom AFB, Mont., and Minot AFB, S.D., to include the 576th Flight Test Squadron at Vandenberg AFB, Calif., General Klotz said.

He also offered new insight into the Air Force's roadmap to strengthen its stewardship of more than two-thirds of the nation's strategic nuclear triad -- intercontinental ballistic missiles, long-range bombers and sea-launched ballistic missiles -- and refocus efforts on the nuclear enterprise.

"Both the ICBM and the bomber legs of the nuclear triad remain essential and indispensable components of our nation's armed forces," General Klotz said. "Each makes important and unique contributions to the security of our nation and that of our allies and friends."

He continued that ICBM force is primed for a $7 billion multiyear program to refurbish or modernize the Minuteman III, as well as acquire an advanced ultra extremely high frequency satellite communications system that will ensure connectivity with national leadership.

"These measures will not only extend the service life of the missile system, but also enhance its maintainability and reduce the cost of ownership," General Klotz said.

Air Force Global Strike Command, in partnership with Air Force Materiel Command and the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center, will fortify security, inspections and upgrades to ensure the sustainment of the Minuteman force to the year 2020, General Klotz added.

As cyberspace continues to be an easily contested and accessible domain, General Webber noted that the shift in cyber culture must include the cyber wingman philosophy that emphasizes guiding principles of situational awareness that Airmen must follow to secure cyberspace.

"Cyberspace isn't a mission, but a place where operations are conducted ... and it's about assuring the mission, not about assuring the network," General Webber said. "How do you fight your way through an attack so you can support that mission even while you're fighting to keep a network operational in support of that mission?"

The general said plans to sustain mission assurance include a strengthened partnership with U.S. Cyber Command at Fort Meade, Md., a more prominent Guard and Reserve role and the development of relationships with component numbered air forces.

The general noted that cyberspace is critical to the U.S. military's asymmetric advantage and outlined several distinguishing characteristics of the domain.

"We're in a world in the cyber domain where the price of entry into the cyber battlefield is extremely low," General Webber said. "The pace of change is a challenge, rapid and interestingly, is not pushed by the military, but by the civilian sector.

Each of the speakers seemed confident in the Air Force's ability to meet the challenges of modern mission requirements, citing the service as a dependable joint and coalition partner with an ever-expanding role across the full spectrum of conflict in air, space and cyberspace.

FDIC Bank Insurance Fund Closes 2009 Third Quarter $8.2 Billion in Debt

The mainstream media is now reporting the facts that Remixx World! was reporting this past summer about the FDIC insurance being broke. You can read those previous articles FDIC is Officially Out of Money (Insurance Fund Has Negative Balance of $5.5 Billion)! and FDIC Says Bank Insurance Deposit Fund Balance is Negative! by clicking the appropriate link.

The fact being reported by The Wall Street Journal is the FDIC closed the latest quarter $8.2 billion in debt.

The FDIC said its deposit-insurance fund, which backstops trillions of dollars in deposit accounts, fell to a negative $8.2 billion at the end of September, an $18.6 billion drop from the end of June. The FDIC said one reason for the decrease was that the agency shifted $21.7 billion from the fund into reserves for bank failures over the next 12 months.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

A Message to the Environmental Movement: Your Movement Has Been Hijacked (Corbett Report)

James Corbett
The Corbett Report
November 25, 2009

The Corbett Report has released a new video message to the environmental movement. Watch the video by clicking here or in the embedded player.

Transcript: This is James Corbett of and I come here today with a message for you.

You the environmentalists, you the activists, you the campaigners.

You who have watched with growing concern the ways in which the world around us has been ravaged in the pursuit of the almighty dollar.

You who are concerned with the state of the planet that we are leaving for our children and our grandchildren and those generations yet unborn.

This is not a message of divisiveness, but cooperation.

This is a message of hope and empowerment, but it requires us to look at a hard and uncomfortable truth:

Your movement has been usurped by the very same financial interests you thought you were fighting against.

You have suspected as much for years.

You watched at first with hope and excitement as your movement, your cause, your message began to spread, as it was taken up by the media and given attention, as conferences were organized and as the ideas you had struggled so long and hard to be heard were talked about nationally. Then internationally.

You watched with growing unease as the message was simplified. First it became a slogan. Then it became a brand. Soon it was nothing more than a label and it became attached to products. The ideas you had once fought for were now being sold back to you. For profit.

You watched with growing unease as the message became parroted, not argued, worn like a fashion rather than something that came from the conviction of understanding.

You disagreed when the slogans–and then the science–were dumbed down. When carbon dioxide became the focus and CO2 was taken up as a political cause. Soon it was the only cause.

You knew that Al Gore was not a scientist, that his evidence was factually incorrect, that the movement was being taken over by a cause that was not your own, one that relied on beliefs you did not share to propose a solution you did not want. It began to reach a breaking point when you saw that the solutions being proposed were not solutions at all, when they began to propose new taxes and new markets that would only serve to line their own pockets.

You knew something was wrong when you saw them argue for a cap-and-trade scheme proposed by Ken Lay, when you saw Goldman Sachs position itself to ride the carbon trading bubble, when the whole thrust of the movement became ways to make money or spend money or raise money from this panic.

Your movement had been hijacked.

The realization came the first time you read The Club of Rome’s 1991 book, The First Global Revolution, which says:

“In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together. But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.”

And when you looked at the Club of Rome’s elite member roster. And when you learnt about eugenics and the Rockefeller ties to the Kaiser Willhelm Institute and the practice of crypto-eugenics and the rise of overpopulation fearmongering and the call by elitist after elitist after elitist to cull the world population.

Still, you wanted to believe that there was some basis of truth, something real and valuable in the single-minded obsession of this hijacked environmental movement with manmade global warming.

Now, in November 2009, the last traces of doubt have been removed.

Last week, an insider leaked internal documents and emails from the Climate Research Unit of East Anglia University and exposed the lies, manipulation and fraud behind the studies that supposedly show 0.6 degrees Celsius of warming over the last 130 years. And the hockey stick graph that supposedly shows unprecedented warming in our times. And the alarmist warning of impending climate disaster.

We now know that these scientists wrote programming notes in the source code of their own climate models admitting that results were being manually adjusted.

We now know that values were being adjusted to conform to scientists’ wishes, not reality.

We now know that the peer review process itself was being perverted to exclude those scientists whose work criticized their findings.

We now know that these scientists privately expressed doubts about the science that they publicly claimed to be settled.

We now know, in short, that they were lying.

It is unknown as yet what the fallout will be from all of this, but it is evident that the fallout will be substantial.

With this crisis, however, comes an opportunity. An opportunity to recapture the movement that the financiers have stolen from the people.

Together, we can demand a full and independent investigation into all of the researchers whose work was implicated in the CRU affair.

We can demand a full re-evaluation of all those studies whose conclusions have been thrown into question by these revelations, and all of the public policy that has been based on those studies.

We can establish new standards of transparency for scientists whose work is taxpayer funded and/or whose work effects public policy, so that everyone has full and equal access to the data used to calculate results and all of the source code used in all of the programs used to model that data.

In other words, we can reaffirm that no cause is worth supporting that requires deception for its propagation.

Even more importantly, we can take back the environmental movement.

We can begin to concentrate on the serious questions that need to be asked about the genetic engineering technology whereby hybrid organisms and new, never-before-seen proteins that are being released into the biosphere in a giant, uncontrolled experiment that threatens the very genome of life on this planet.

We can look into the environmental causes of the explosion in cancer and the staggering drops in fertility over the last 50 years, including the BPA in our plastics and the anti-androgens in the water.

We can examine regulatory agencies that are controlled by the very corporations they are supposedly watching over.

We can begin focusing on depleted uranium and the dumping of toxic waste into the rivers and all of the issues that we once knew were part of the mandate of the real environmental movement.

Or we can, as some have, descend into petty partisan politics. We can decide that lies are OK if they support ‘our’ side. We can defend the reprehensible actions of the CRU researchers and rally around the green flag that has long since been captured by the enemy.

It is a simple decision to make, but one that we must make quickly, before the argument can be spun away and environmentalism can go back to business as usual.

We are at a crossroads of history. And make no mistake, history will be the final judge of our actions. So I leave you today with a simple question: Which side of history do you want to be on?

For The Corbett Report, this is James Corbett in western Japan.

Picture of Day - What if Al Gore Was Arrested for Global Warming Fraud?

It would be a great day if this hawkster was arrested and charged for his climate change frauds. One can only hope.

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Novartis to Open First Next-Generation Flu Vaccine Plant in North Carolina Using Dog Cells to Grow Viruses Instead of Chicken Eggs!

More and more profits for the big vaccine makers! This H1N1 "swine flu" pandemic has certainly increased the bottom line for these vaccine makers. Novartis is now set to open the 1st next-generation vaccine plant in the United States. It will be unique, because the plant will grow the virus vaccines in dog cells as opposed to chicken eggs!

The factory in Holly Springs, North Carolina, will use batches of dog cells to grow influenza vaccine, instead of the chicken eggs widely used now. While the cell method is only slightly faster, it can be scaled up more quickly.

Federal advisers to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration last week asked for more safety data on another cell-based vaccine, one made by privately held Protein Sciences Corp. But U.S. officials said the new Novartis shot is not as experimental.

You can read further about vaccine production in dog cells by clicking this sentence.

Source: The Star Online

Harold Ford vs. Kirsten Gillibrand? (Is HFJ Planning a New York Senate Run?)

If you ask me (and of course no one has), I believe that young HFJ will make run in the New York Senate primary against Ms. Kirsten Gillibrand. Due to the demographics and HFJ's political beliefs, I cannot imagine him winning a statewide election in Tennessee - be it Governor or Senate. If HFJ could not do it in 2006 when the deck was stacked in his favor, I cannot see him doing it in the future in Tennessee.

New York is a much better venue for HFJ to test his political wings. HFJ seems to fit in the mold of New York politicians and he is a recent transplant like other former New York Senators Clinton and Kennedy. While I doubt New Yorkers will be happy to have a reverse "carpetbagger" in their midst, once the big time Democrat money starts flowing into HFJ's coffers, HFJ's name recognition will overcome any carpetbagger arguments.

If Kirsten Gillibrand is able to defeat HFJ (assuming he runs), then it will mark the end of HFJ's political career with three (3) losses in his last three (3) races (i.e., House Minority Leader position, TN Senate and NY Senate Primary). Therefore, HFJ will need to think long and hard before making this decision to battle Gillibrand. That is probably why someone has commissioned a telephone poll to gauge New Yorkers' interest in young Harold.

Democratic sources say that former Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford Jr. -- who relocated to New York City after his unsuccessful Senate bid in 2006 -- has been talking about the possibility of running against vulnerable rookie New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Ford, who was mentioned as a possible appointee to replace Hillary Clinton in late 2007, has reportedly told associates that he's skeptical about the idea. But he may have commissioned a poll to test his popularity, according to a Tuesday night post on

"I live in NY and was just polled about a possible primary between Kirsten Gillibrand and Harold Ford Jr. for the Senate seat. I was wondering if anyone had heard if he was considering to run," wrote the poster, who identified himself as "JamesA1102."

Source: Ford vs. Gillibrand? - Glenn Thrush -

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Nurses File Lawsuit Over Mandatory H1N1 "Swine Flu" Vaccination Requirement at San Diego Children's Hospital!

This mandatory vaccination requirement for nurses and health care workers did not work in New York or Iowa. If the word gets out in San Diego and Southern California, it will not work here either. I know that the readers of this blog will say that it is not a mandatory vaccination, because a nurse could refuse and wear a mask along with a color-coded scarlet letter. However, the color-coded tag requirement essentially makes these vaccine mandatory, constructively.

Rady Children's Hospital wants every employee that does not get the H1N1 vaccine to wear a surgical face mask and a color-coded name tag. However, some workers said that is a clear violation of their privacy rights.

"Clearly, it's like a scarlet letter. You're discriminating against all employees. It says to parents, 'I could be contagious,' when in fact that's not true," said Nicole Kennelly, who represents the 1,500 members of the United Nurses of Children's Hospital union.

This mandatory vaccination requirement cannot be allowed to stand! The Court date is December 14, 2009.

Source: San Diego

Ukraine Flu Victims: Lungs as Black as Charcoal (Has H1N1 "Swine Flu" Mutated into Deadly Hemorrhagic Flu like the Spanish Flu?)

For additional information on H1N1's possible mutation, please see Are You Ready for Some Mutated H1N1 "Swine Flu" in Your City?

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FEMA Plans Nuclear Disaster Drill on Las Vegas Strip on May 17, 2010!

***UPDATE (December 5, 2009) - According to the National Terror Alert, the drill has been canceled due to the potential impact on tourism.


These drills are getting bigger and bigger and a mock nuclear explosion will be one of the biggest of all -- especially in Las Vegas, Nevada, a city that is one of America's largest tourist attractions. The drill will include over 10,000 participants and will take place on May 17, 2010.

Las Vegas is the designated spot for a mock nuclear explosion planned by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

FEMA had planned to simulate a nuclear explosion right on the Las Vegas Strip to test for emergency preparedness. But the plan is meeting a lot of opposition from all the key players, including Boyd Gaming, MGM Mirage, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and the LVCVA.

Source: CBS-8 Las Vegas

Climate Gate Conspiracy of the Century? (Hackers Expose Global Warming Fraud)

Polk County Coroner: We're Seeing Very Heavy, Wet Hemorrhagic Bloody Lungs (Pneumonic Plague in Iowa???)

Previous blog article on this subject --> H1N1 or Hemorrhagic Lung Flu in Iowa?!

GlaxoSmithKline Calls for Suspension of New Arepanrix™ H1N1 "Swine Flu" Vaccinations in Canada

I thought the powers-that-be said that the H1N1 "swine flu" vaccine was safe. Obviously, it is not as previously reported in Adverse Reactions to the H1N1 "Swine Flu" Vaccine (Numerous Reports). GSK has recognized this fact and has called for suspending new Arepanrix™ flu vaccinations in Canada.


GlaxoSmithKline Calls for Suspension of New Flu Vaccinations in Canada

GlaxoSmithKline Plc. is suspending the use of 170,000 doses of its new H1N1 influenza vaccine in Canada given a higher-than-usual rate of reported side effects, Canadian media reported Monday.

Japan's Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, which has a contract with the pharmaceutical firm to buy two-shot doses for 37 million people, will send a fact-finding mission to Canada by early December, health minister Akira Nagatsuma said in Tokyo.

Six cases of anaphylaxis, an allergic reaction causing breathing difficulties and reduced blood pressure, were reported after vaccinations in the Canadian province of Manitoba, but in all cases those inoculated recovered after a short time, according to the reports.

There are usually one or two reported cases of such side effects for every 170,000 doses, so the company has decided to examine the 170,000 doses with specific serial numbers, they said.

The Japanese health ministry was informed of the development by the company's Japanese unit, GlaxoSmithKline K.K., and is gathering information to determine if the problem is related to specific batches or the vaccine as a whole, ministry officials said.

With domestically produced new-flu vaccine in short supply, the ministry has said it will take the special step of allowing imported vaccines without formal clinical trials in December and will start vaccinating elderly people with no health problems in January.

Source: Pharmaceutical Processing

Alex Jones Discusses Climate Gate & the Hacking of Hadley Climate Research Unit

Calls for an independent inquiry into what is being dubbed “Climategate” are growing as the foundation for man-made global warming implodes following the release of emails which prove researchers colluded to manipulate data in order to “hide the decline” in global temperatures.

Former British chancellor Lord Lawson was the latest to demand an impartial investigation be launched into the scandal, which arrives just weeks before the UN climate conference in Copenhagen. “They should set up a public inquiry under someone who is totally respected and get to the truth,” he told the BBC Radio Four Today programme.

The emails were leaked at the end of last week after hackers penetrated the servers of the Climatic Research Unit, which is based at the University of East Anglia, in eastern England. The CRU is described as one of the leading climate research bodies in the world.

The hacked documents and communications reveal how top scientists conspired to falsify data in the face of declining global temperatures in order to prop up the premise that man-made factors are driving climate change. Others illustrate how they embarked on a venomous and coordinated campaign to ostracize climate skeptics and use their influence to keep dissenting reports from appearing in peer-reviewed journals, as well as using cronyism to avoid compliance with Freedom of Information Act requests.

As expected, the establishment media has gone into whitewash overdrive, characterizing the emails as evidence of “rancor” amongst the climate community and focusing on some of the lesser emails while ignoring the true significance of what has been revealed.

Organizations with close ties to the CRU have engaged in psychological terrorism by fearmongering about the planet with doomsday scenarios, illustrating their argument with outlandish propaganda animation videos which show pets drowning and others that show computer-generated polar bears crashing to earth in a throwback to 9/11 victims jumping from the towers, when in reality polar bear population figures are thriving.

“One of the emails under scrutiny, written by Phil Jones, the centre’s director, in 1999, reads: “I’ve just completed Mike’s Nature [the science journal] trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie, from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline,” reports the London Telegraph.

The author admitted to the Associated Press that the e mail was genuine.

In another example, researchers discuss data that is “artificially adjusted to look closer to the real temperatures”. Apparently, the “real temperatures” are whatever global warming cheerleaders want them to be.

As Anthony Watts writes, attempts to claim e mails are “out of context,” as the defense has been from CRU, cannot apply in this instance.

You can claim an email you wrote years ago isn’t accurate saying it was “taken out of context”, but a programmer making notes in the code does so that he/she can document what the code is actually doing at that stage, so that anyone who looks at it later can figure out why this function doesn’t plot past 1960. In this case, it is not allowing all of the temperature data to be plotted. Growing season data (summer months when the new tree rings are formed) past 1960 is thrown out because “these will be artificially adjusted to look closer to the real temperatures”, which implies some post processing routine.

Spin that, spin it to the moon if you want. I’ll believe programmer notes over the word of somebody who stands to gain from suggesting there’s nothing “untowards” about it.

Either the data tells the story of nature or it does not. Data that has been “artificially adjusted to look closer to the real temperatures” is false data, yielding a false result.

Another email discusses changing temperature data to fix “blips” in studies so as to make them conform with expectations, which of course is the cardinal sin of scientific research.

“Conspiracy, collusion in exaggerating warming data, possibly illegal destruction of embarrassing information, organized resistance to disclosure, manipulation of data, private admissions of flaws in their public claims and much more” was revealed in the 61 megabites of confidential files released on the Internet for anyone to read, writes Andrew Bolt.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
  • efoods

Another email appears to celebrate the death of climate change skeptic John L Daly, with the words, “In an odd way this is cheering news.”

In another communication, the author expresses his fantasy to “beat the crap out of” climate change skeptics.

In another exchange, researchers appear to discuss ways to discredit James Saiers of the Geophysical Research Letters journal, by means of an academic witch hunt, because of his sympathies with climate change skeptics.

“If you think that Saiers is in the greenhouse skeptics camp, then, if we can find documentary evidence of this, we could go through official AGU channels to get him ousted.”

Other emails express doubt about whether the world is really heating up and infer that data needs to be reinterpreted.

“The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t. The CERES data published in the August BAMS 09 supplement on 2008 shows there should be even more warming: but the data are surely wrong. Our observing system is inadequate.”

Scientists discuss trying to disguise historical data that contradicts the man-made climate change thesis, such as the Medieval Warm Period (MWP), which must be ‘contained’ according to one email.

Suppression of evidence is also discussed, with scientists resolving to delete embarrassing emails.

“And, perhaps most reprehensibly,” writes James Delingpole, a long series of communications discussing how best to squeeze dissenting scientists out of the peer review process. How, in other words, to create a scientific climate in which anyone who disagrees with AGW can be written off as a crank, whose views do not have a scrap of authority.”

“This was the danger of always criticising the skeptics for not publishing in the “peer-reviewed literature”. Obviously, they found a solution to that–take over a journal! So what do we do about this? I think we have to stop considering “Climate Research” as a legitimate peer-reviewed journal. Perhaps we should encourage our colleagues in the climate research community to no longer submit to, or cite papers in, this journal. We would also need to consider what we tell or request of our more reasonable colleagues who currently sit on the editorial board…What do others think?”

“I will be emailing the journal to tell them I’m having nothing more to do with it until they rid themselves of this troublesome editor.”“It results from this journal having a number of editors. The responsible one for this is a well-known skeptic in NZ. He has let a few papers through by Michaels and Gray in the past. I’ve had words with Hans von Storch about this, but got nowhere. Another thing to discuss in Nice!”

Scientists also “discussed ways of dodging Freedom of Information Act requests to release temperature data,” reports the Daily Mail.

The emails show that scientists relied on cronyism and cosying up to FOIA officials to prevent them from being forced to release data.

“When the FOI requests began here, the FOI person said we had to abide by the requests,’ the email says. “It took a couple of half-hour sessions to convince them otherwise.”

“Once they became aware of the types of people we were dealing with, everyone at UEA became very supportive. I’ve got to know the FOI person quite well and the chief librarian – who deals with appeals.”

It is important to stress that this compendium merely scratches the surface of the monumental levels of fraud that have been exposed as a result of the hacked emails.

People will look back on this moment as the beginning of the end for global warming alarmism and the agenda to implement draconian measures of regulation and control along with the levy of a global carbon tax.

Many more revelations will be forthcoming as a result of this leak, and the desperate effort on behalf of the establishment to whitewash the whole issue will only end up making the damage worse.


Japanese Heavy Army Recovery Vehicle (HARV) Spotted on Santa Monica, California Interstate-10 Highway

I have not confirmed this story from THELABVIRUS.COM, but it is interesting nonetheless. Why are Japanese military vehicles being transported across American highways?

[this just emailed in, source withheld. -ed]

Hi everybody,

I feel like I need to pass this along to ya’ all. I know, I know ~ WE DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT. Bless Ryan, this is exactly what he told me as well (More on this un momento). He sent/email this photo to me of a convoy that he passed on his way home after his fire shift ended this morning. He told me he see’s some of this stuff routinely (because he lives by the Marine Base at 29 Palms). But, he said this convoy shocked him and was upsetting to him. So, he slowed down from his usual 80 mph race pace to a crawl, in order to get this very clear photo on his Blackberry. I can clearly see why he was upset. His mind is still working, it’s still connected to reality.

This particular convoy of 4+ massive trailers of war equipment, was hauling what appears to be ‘Chinese’ military personnel transports. How’d ya know ? Well, I’m not a rocket scientist or anything but, there’s Chinese or at least asian numerics and writing all over the thing(s) [see photo below, front of vehicle by it's headlight -it's actually Japanese], along with also what appears to be a UN or European or NATO Plate. (Brett can do a search on this, he’s the search bomb!)

Ryan and I talked about if for about half an hour today and this is when he told me he was shocked and upset, and this is where he shared with me once again, “you know me dad, I don’t like to talk about this stuff”. I can’t blame him, after just getting married and wanting to have babies n stuff. We went on to chat about pre-positioning warfare. The only way any real effort at occupation can be implemented. He agreed, after sharing with me he had recently read the famous chinese general ‘One Hung Lo’s, book on ‘The Art of Warfare’. This is the ONLY conclusion any reasonable mind could come to. Unless that is, the military is more fascinated than the ‘civilians’ (at Wal-Fart) with Chinese made crap. Not likely!

I told Ryan, I don’t want to talk about this shit (scuze me) either, but WE MUST! I don’t feel any better than anyone else who wants to live in denial, that America is about ready to get her entire clock not just cleaned, but gutted. Yet for the most part, it’s so hard to even conceive of the fact that anything other than our clocks will keep on ticking indefinitely, is even a possibility. To each his own I guess.

Anyway, here’s Ryan’s photo (see above):

The below information is taken from the Oshkosh HARV webpage regarding the HARV:

The Heavy Army Recovery Vehicle (HARV), built on Oshkosh Defense’s PLS truck and trailer system, quickly and efficiently retrieves heavy armored vehicles from any tactical environment.

Incorporating the U.S. Army’s existing and proven assets of the PLS and the Tru-Hitch system, The Heavy Army Recovery Vehicle improves the Army’s recovery and maintenance capabilities without having to introduce a new vehicle platform.

Specifically engineered to address the Army’s needs in situations where self- and like-vehicle recoveries are not feasible, The HARV, with its integrated crane can overturn vehicles, perform slope recoveries and extract vehicles mired in water, mud, sand and snow. Lift and tow operations are performed by a fifth wheel device that can also be engaged into a high mobility trailer for evacuation of completely immobilized vehicles.

Engineered and designed to tow most types of armored wheeled vehicle systems and their variants, The HARV is the future of recovery for the U.S. Army.

Source: Blog

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Low Turnout at H1N1 Vaccine Clinic at James Madison University in Virginia

This is even more good news. I am assuming that the college students know that these vaccines are potentially deadly.

The H1N1 flu vaccine was offered at James Madison University faculty, staff, students and their families Friday morning, but not many on campus took advantage of the opportunity.

Few people were coming to the Festival Conference and Student Center during the morning hours. In fact, a health official says they've administered less than 50 vaccinations in a couple of hours.

Around the Commonwealth, colleges aren't seeing that great a turnout.

Source: WHSV-3

Few People Show Up for H1N1 "Swine Flu" Vaccine Clinic in Winnipeg!

Only 129 people showed up for a vaccine clinic in Winnipeg! This is some great news. I hope that it is because people are gaining knowledge and information about how the ingredients in this vaccine and how potentially deadly this H1N1 "swine flu" vaccine is.

Officials in Winnipeg say unusually low numbers of people are attending clinics to be vaccinated against the swine flu.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority reported that clinics on Friday attracted 4,400 people. The same clinics, in previous days, were tending to an average of 16,000 people.

Authorities said low turnouts were also being noticed at two clinics which opened Saturday at 9:30.

"We have vaccinated a total of 129 people," Heidi Graham, a spokeswoman for the health authority, told CBC News around noon Saturday. "That's a very, very low turnout. By far the lowest we've seen at any of our clinics."

Source: CBC News

Pneumonic Plague as a Biological Weapon

This is a flashback article taken from a 2000 JAMA link called Plague As a Biological Weapon. The full article may be downloaded here or you can review the abstract below.

Objective: The Working Group on Civilian Biodefense has developed consensus-based recommendations for measures to be taken by medical and public health professionals following the use of plague as a biological weapon against a civilian population.

: The working group included 25 representatives from major academic medical centers and research, government, military, public health, and emergency management institutions and agencies.

: MEDLINE databases were searched from January 1966 to June 1998 for the Medical Subject Headings plague, Yersinia pestis, biological weapon, biological terrorism, biological warfare, and biowarfare. Review of the bibliographies of the references identified by this search led to subsequent identification of relevant references published prior to 1966. In addition, participants identified other unpublished references and sources. Additional MEDLINE searches were conducted through January 2000.

Consensus Process
: The first draft of the consensus statement was a synthesis of information obtained in the formal evidence-gathering process. The working group was convened to review drafts of the document in October 1998 and May 1999. The final statement incorporates all relevant evidence obtained by the literature search in conjunction with final consensus recommendations supported by all working group members.

: An aerosolized plague weapon could cause fever, cough, chest pain, and hemoptysis with signs consistent with severe pneumonia 1 to 6 days after exposure. Rapid evolution of disease would occur in the 2 to 4 days after symptom onset and would lead to septic shock with high mortality without early treatment. Early treatment and prophylaxis with streptomycin or gentamicin or the tetracycline or fluoroquinolone classes of antimicrobials would be advised.

The official CDC plague page can be reviewed by clicking this link.

Source: JAMA

Minnesota's Mall of America to Hold Full-Facility Lockdown Drill on Monday, November 23, 2009

Just in case something happens in Minnesota tomorrow, let's remember that there is a lockdown drill set at The Mall of America for tomorrow.


The Mall of America went into lockdown mode in 2001, when fugitive Anthony Zappa was spotted at the country's largest mall.

But tenants weren't really sure what to do at the time, said Capt. Heidi Buegler, the mall's manager of emergency operations. Now, Buegler said, things are different.

For two years, the mall has worked with Bloomington police to develop a lockdown procedure, Buegler said. The first full-facility lockdown drills will happen Monday at 10:05 a.m. and 9:25 p.m. Each will last less than four minutes, Buegler said.

What can shoppers expect during the drills?

# Signs about the drill when they come in the door.

# Lots of security and police officers.

# A tone over the public announcement system.

# An announcement that a lockdown is starting and that it's a drill.

Store employees will ask shoppers in common areas to come into their stores during the drills. The stores will shut and lock their doors or gates, turn off lights and move everyone to the back of the stores, Buegler said.

After Jan. 1, the mall will have lockdown drills twice a month — just after opening and right before closing.

Real lockdowns would happen only in "unique circumstances," such as a search for a fugitive, an active shooter or a bomb threat, Buegler said. They're all things that mall officials hope never happen, she said, "but being prepared is the most important thing."

Knowing the mall's lockdown plan also will help Bloomington police with its response, said police Cmdr. Mark Stehlik.

Buegler said the drill shouldn't be a reason for shoppers to stay away from the mall. Rather, she said, it's an excuse to come because they'll get to see training in action. Plus, she said, it "helps our employees and our tenants know what to expect in a real situation."

Back in 2001, Zappa wasn't caught the day he was believed to be at the Mall of America; he was captured the following month in Montana.

If the Zappa situation played out again today, with the lockdown plan in place, "tenants and Mall of America employees would know exactly what to do," Buegler said.

Source: Twin Cities Pioneer Press

H1N1 or Hemorrhagic Lung Flu in Iowa?!

On the surface, this appears to be a simple story about the H1N1 "swine flu." However in the article, the coroner says that the lungs of people allegedly killed by the swine flu are wet and full of blood.

Iowa has officially recorded 21 H1N1 deaths, including seven in Polk County alone. But the county's medical examiner said he has performed autopsies on some residents who were never diagnosed with H1N1, but actually had it.

"In the autopsy, what we're seeing is very heavy, wet hemorrhagic lungs, lungs with a lot of blood in them," said Dr. Gregory Schmunk.

This seems to match the earlier story on here --> Lungs of People Killed by H1N1 "Swine Flu" are Very Similar to Lungs of People Who Die From H5N1 "Bird Flu"

Is there some relation to the pneumonic plague/SARS/mutated H1N1 pandemic that has hit Ukraine in recent weeks?

Also, the CDC released a quarantine order through the Iowa Department of Health earlier this year --> Iowa Department of Health H1N1 "Swine Flu" Public Quarantine Order? Is this a coincidence or a sign of things to come in Iowa?

Source: KCCI-8 Des Moines

Société Générale Tells Clients How to Prepare for Potential Global Collapse (Says Dump Dollar and Buy Government Bonds)

According to the London Telegraph, Société Générale has advised clients to be ready for a possible "global economic collapse" over the next two years, mapping a strategy of defensive investments to avoid wealth destruction. You can read the full report below.

In a report entitled "Worst-case debt scenario", the bank's asset team said state rescue packages over the last year have merely transferred private liabilities onto sagging sovereign shoulders, creating a fresh set of problems.

Overall debt is still far too high in almost all rich economies as a share of GDP (350pc in the US), whether public or private. It must be reduced by the hard slog of "deleveraging", for years.

Image Source: David Dees

U.S. Army Tests XM-25 High Explosive Airburst Weapon System (Press Release and Video)

November 16, 2009

The US Army has successfully shoulder-fired a "smart" High Explosive Airburst (HEAB) round from the XM-25 weapon system at the Aberdeen Test Centre in Maryland. The US Army plans to purchase more than 12 500 XM-25 systems starting in 2012, which will be enough to put one in each infantry squad and Special Forces team, according to officials at Program Executive Office-Soldier.

At first glance, the XM-25 looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. It features an array of sights, sensors and lasers housed in a Target Acquisition Fire Control unit on top, an oversized magazine behind the trigger mechanism, and a short, ominous barrel wrapped by a recoil dampening sleeve.

Unlike a Hollywood prop, however, this weapon is very real and designed to accurately deliver an explosive round that neutralises targets at distances of up to 700 metres - well past the range of the rifles and carbines that most soldiers carry today.

"What makes this weapon system truly revolutionary is the ability to target the enemy, pass on this information to the sensors and microchips of its 25mm HEAB round, and have that round detonate over the target," explained Maj. Shawn Murray, a Soldier Weapons assistant product manager in PEO Soldier, the organization responsible for developing the XM-25.

"When the HEAB round explodes, the target is peppered with fragmentation," Murray said. "Our studies indicate that the XM-25 with HEAB is 300 percent more effective at incapacitating the enemy than current weapons at the squad level."

Because of the XM-25's unique TAFC and HEAB round, soldiers will be able to engage enemy forces located in the open and "in defilade" -behind cover, such as walls, rocks, trenches, or inside buildings. The semi-automatic weapon's magazine holds four 25mm rounds and can be employed at night or during inclement weather thanks to the XM25's built-in thermal sight.

After only five minutes of instruction at the Aberdeen Test Center, Sgt. Logan E. Diveley from the 180th Infantry Regiment was able to put his first HEAB round through a building's window and take out an enemy mannequin at 200 metres.

When asked what he thought of the weapon, Diveley responded, "I've been in over nine contacts with the enemy during my two tours in Iraq. Their ambushes were usually initiated with an IED and followed up with small arms fire from behind walls and buildings, places where it was hard for us to get at them. The XM-25 would have taken care of things and made our jobs much easier."

Once downrange and in the building where the defeated enemy mannequin lay, Maj. Murray noted the limited collateral damage associated with the XM-25.

"Because of its pinpoint accuracy and relatively small warheads, the XM25 can neutralise an enemy without the need to destroy a whole building," Murray said. "For our counter-insurgency operations to be successful, it is important to keep collateral damage to a minimum and to protect the civilian population. I think the XM-25 will prove itself many times over in Afghanistan," Murray said.

The XM-25 is being developed by PEO Soldier, the Army acquisition organization responsible for nearly every piece of equipment worn or carried by soldiers. This includes items ranging from socks, to weapons, to advanced sensor and communication devices. PEO Soldier bases much of its work on the feedback from individual soldiers, developing or procuring solutions to meet those needs.

The development of the XM-25 is one such a program, designed to provide soldiers a solution for dealing with enemies in the open and behind cover that is more precise, quicker to employ, and more cost effective than mortar, artillery, or airstrikes.

A Battlefield Scenario for the XM-25

An American patrol nears a walled Afghan village when an enemy combatant looks over the wall and fires his AK-47 rifle at the oncoming soldiers. The Americans return fire with their rifles and manoeuvre, but find it difficult to neutralise the enemy rifleman who repeatedly exposes himself for only a second, shoots, then ducks behind the thick wall. At this time, the patrol leader calls for the XM-25 gunner to take action.

Immediately, the XM-25 gunner aims the laser range-finder at the top of the wall where the enemy last ducked down. The gunner presses the laser range finder button on the front of the XM-25's trigger guard and records a distance to the wall of 451 metres. The distance is displayed on the TAFC's optical lens along with an adjusted aim point, or "cross hair," to help the soldier better aim the XM-25.

The adjusted aim point takes into account air pressure, temperature, and the ballistics of the 25mm round for the given range of 451 metres. The soldier then uses the increment button on the trigger guard and adds one more meter to the firing solution since the enemy combatant is about one meter behind the wall.

Upon pulling the trigger, the TAFC programmes the HEAB round in the chamber of the weapon, telling the round to explode at 452 metres from launch point. The HEAB round departs the rifled barrel, arms at 30 metres, clears the top of the wall at 451 metres and explodes its two warheads at 452 metres, right above the enemy. The entire firing sequence takes the gunner less than five seconds to aim and fire and another 2.5 seconds for the round to fly and explode over the target, thereby clearing the way for the patrol to resume its mission.

Colombia's Military is On Maximum Alert! (Is War Imminent?)

Earlier this year, Remixx World! posted articles about a possible South American war called Hugo Chavez Warns of War in South America and Venezuela Breaking Off Diplomatic Relations With Colombia (South America War?). Now, the Nation of Colombia is on maximum alert due to these rising tensions with Venezuela.

Colombian Defense Minister Gabriel Silva issued the warning after a meeting of the country's national security council in Arauca, a city on the eastern border with Venezuela.

He said President Alvaro Uribe and the military forces of Colombia were intent on remaining calm "because they know there are provocative forces on the border that must be avoided at all cost.''

But this "does not mean that we are not prepared or are not on maximum alert to prevent any aggression against Colombia, against Colombians or against our territory."

Source: Herald Sun

LED Tattoos Could Turn Human Skin to a Video Screen

You can read the full article at Wired. A sample of the article is included below.

The silk substrate onto which the chips are mounted eventually dissolves away inside the body, leaving just the electronics behind. The silicon chips are around the length of a small grain of rice — about 1 millimeter, and just 250 nanometers thick. The sheet of silk will keep them in place, molding to the shape of the skin when saline solution is added.

These displays could be hooked up to any kind of electronic device, also inside the body. Medical uses are being explored, from blood-sugar sensors that show their readouts on the skin itself to neurodevices that tie into the body’s nervous system — hooking chips to particular nerves to control a prosthetic hand, for example.

Source: Wired