Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FLASHBACK: Rick Perry Champions NAFTA Support During Speech at South Texas Farm & Ranch Show

I was doing some archival research on ol' Governor Rick Perry and I happened to come across this article from The Victoria Advocate (October 6, 1993) where the Governor and current GOP "frontrunner" praises NAFTA. I do not know where Perry stands on NAFTA, but I am quite sure that most Tea Party members oppose NAFTA and would support its immediate repeal.

And if the current-Governor Perry now believes that NAFTA is bad for the country, then this would be just another example of Perry flip-flopping and completely changing his position from one side to the other. While I don't doubt that people can change, do people usually change so drastically like Mr. Perry?

By increasing U.S, agricultural trade alone, the North American Free Trade Agreement would create 50,000 more jobs in the country, according to Texas Agriculture Commissioner Rick Perry.

"NAFTA is the largest job stimulus packet to come along in this decade," Perry said during his keynote address at the South Texas Farm & Ranch Show in Victoria.

And if you really want to laugh, check out this 2009 clip from The Alex Jones Show where Jones imitates Perry when Perry was talking about how to cook a frog in a pot!

FLASHBACK: FMCSA Proposes to Revise Regulations for Hours of Service for Drivers of Property-Carrying Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs)

49 CFR Parts 385, 386, 390, et al. Hours of Service of Drivers; Proposed Rule

I happened to miss this proposed federal change late last year to the hours for truck drivers in this country.

To promote safety and to protect driver health, FMCSA proposes to revise the regulations for hours of service for drivers of property-carrying commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). To achieve these goals, the proposed rule would provide flexibility for drivers to take breaks when needed and would reduce safety and health risks associated with long hours. The proposed rule would make seven changes from current requirements.

First, the proposed rule would limit drivers to either 10 or 11 hours of driving time following a period of at least 10 consecutive hours off duty; on the basis of all relevant considerations, FMCSA currently favors a 10-hour limit, but its ultimate decision will include a careful consideration of comments and any additional data received.

Second, it would limit the standard ‘‘driving window’’ to 14 hours, while allowing that number to be extended to 16 hours twice a week.

Third, actual duty time within the driving window would be limited to 13 hours.

Fourth, drivers would be permitted to drive only if 7 hours or less have passed since their last off-duty or sleeper-berth period of at least 30 minutes.

Fifth, the 34-hour restart would be retained, subject to certain limits: The restart would have to include two periods between midnight and 6 a.m. and could be started no sooner than 168 hours (7 days) after the beginning of the previously designated restart.

Sixth, the definition of ‘‘on duty’’ would be revised to allow some time spent in or on the CMV to be logged as off duty.

Seventh, the oilfield operations exception would be revised to clarify the language on waiting time and to state that waiting time would not be included in the calculation of the driving window.

Source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Why is There a Huge White Hole over China & Asia in the Latest JPL Global Ionospheric Map?

I'm not a scientist by trade, so I cannot speak on scientific matters as an expert. Therefore, can a scientist or someone qualified to speak on this matter please tell me and my readers what this white hole over China is in the above Global Ionospheric Map?

here for the latest version of the above picture (but note that the hole may have disappeared or moved in later updates).

Here is some information from the NASA-JPL site about these maps:

Global Ionospheric (TEC) Maps

GPS users with single-frequency receivers need ionospheric electron content information in order to achieve positioning accuracy similar to dual-frequency receivers. The GDGPS System provides a global real-time maps of ionospheric electron content (currently producing a map every 5 minutes). These maps are also of value in monitoring the effect of the ionosphere on radio signals, power grids, and on space weather.

The maps are derived using data from the ~100 real-time GDGPS tracking sites, ougmented with additional sites that are available on an hourly basis, probing the ionosphere with high spatial and temporal resolution. The integrated electron density data along each receiver-GPS satellite link is processed through a Kalman filter in a sun-fixed frame to produce the global gridded maps of TEC.

The maps are available redundantly from multiple GDGPS Operations Centers (GOCs) as images, as text files containing the gridded TEC values, or as a binary data stream containing the gridded TEC values.

TEC values from these maps are used in correcting the ionospheric delay in arbitrary geographic localtions on Earth for the Virtual Reference Site (VRS) data product of the GDGPS System.

Source: NASA-JPL

European Union Extends Copyright Term for Performers & Sound Recordings to Seventy (70) Years (Directive PE-CONS 16/11)

EU Extends Copyright Term To 70 Years (Directive PE-CONS 16/11)

In case you missed it, the European Union has extended the copyright term for performers and sound recordings to seventy (70) years. The previous term was fifty (50) years.

The subject of the Directive amends Directive 2006/116/EC on the term of protection of copyright and certain related rights.


The directive to extend the term of protection for performers and sound recordings to 70 years was adopted on 12 September 2011. The aim of the directive is to bring performers' protection more in line with that already given to authors - 70 years after their death. The extended term will enable performers to earn money for a longer period of time and in any event throughout their lifetime. The income from copyright remuneration is important for performers, as they often do not have other regular salaried income. The extended term will also benefit record producers who will generate additional revenue from the sale of records in shops and on the internet. This should allow producers to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment and help them maintain their investment levels in new talent.

The directive also contains accompanying measures which aim specifically to help performers. The 'use it or lose it' clauses which will now have to be included in the contracts linking performers to their record companies will allow performers to get their rights back if the record producer does not market the sound recording during the extended period. In this way the performer will be able to either find another record producer willing to sell his music or do it himself, something that is possible easily via the internet. In case neither the performer nor the producer would wish to market the recording, the recording would no longer be protected. In this way, the term extension would avoid 'locking up' those recordings that are not commercially interesting. Finally, record companies will have to set up a fund into which they will have to pay 20% of their revenues earned during the extended period. The money from this fund will be destined to help session musicians.

Source: European Commission

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Hollow Earth Theory Radio Show on Live365.com (#GTCFridayMix)

This post may be a little off topic from my normal conspiracy theories, but underground hip-hop was the first thing that ever exposed me to conspiracy theories, so it is the original basis for my writings and knowledge. Nevertheless, I spin underground, backpacker hip-hop music as DJ Suave every Friday night on my radio show called "The Hollow Earth Theory" on Live365.com for personal fun, and I needed an online spot to post my playlists and mixshows.

Below are the shows I did on September 2 and September 9, 2011. The playlists are below too.

Please note that I will only include the last two (2) shows at any given time, so there won't be an archive for earlier shows. The playlists are listed in the sequential order that I spun the tracks and not in any kind of order of popularity or ranking.

*If you are a copyright holder and don't want me spinning your tracks, please let me know and I will remove them. Thanks.

*Follow on Twitter at #GTCFridayMix


September 9, 2011
1. Ryan Hemsworth – Laboratory Ruins (Instrumental)
2. M-Dot – Why Would Ya?
3. OC – Master Ya High
4. Evidence – You (produced by DJ Premier)
5. Brown Bag All-Stars - Undeniable
6. Showbiz & AG – Here & Now
7. Blaq Poet – Mortuary Music
8. Ghettosocks – City Life ft. Loe Pesci & Classified
9. Statik Selektah – Labor Day ft. Action Bronson, Chace Infinite, Wais P, Termanology, Scram Jones, Push! Montana & Freddie Gibbs
10. Torae – Let's Rap ft. Rapsody
11. R.O.E. - Closer
12. Sean Born - Diana
13. 9th Wonder – No Pretending ft. Raekwon & Big Remo
14. DJ Revolution – The Big Top ft. Special Teamz
15. Metermaids – Bad Things Redux ft. Sage Francis & B. Dolan
16. Soul Kid Klik – SKK Radio Promo
17. Po' Broke & Lonely – Hideaway (Taylors Break Remix Instrumental)
18. F.T. - Can't Stop Us ft. Bekay
19. Poetic Republic – Summer Dream
20. Grade Aplus - Superh**s
21. Kaj Kadence – Broken Compass
22. Action Bronson – Tapas (produced by Party Supplies)
23. Trace Blam & SoulChef – Where I'm From
24. Blu – Part Time Suckas ft. Fresh Daily & Chop
25. Memorecks – Passing By (Instrumental)

September 2, 2011
‎1. Bronze Nazareth – Fresh from the Morgue ft. RZA
2. HaLo – Lines ft. Rapsody & 9th Wonder
3. Kyo Itachi & LMNO – Under the Influence ft. Key Kool & Dubs One
4. Masta Ace & Guru – Conflict (Remix)
5. Blame One – Disturbed (Remix ft. Sean Price & Fashawn)
6. Digable Planets - 9th Wonder (Blackitolism)
7. Blaq Poet – Hood Talk (Remix ft. Meyhem Lauren)
8. Median – Bright Individual
9. Rashad – Pass Me By
10. Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker – Great Ones
11. Jelani – Charity (produced by Durkin)
12. Outerspace – Clear Out ft. King Syze & V. Zilla
13. 40 Bronson – The Times
14. Hodge – Head Nod (Anniversary Remix)
15. Slaine & Statik Selektah – Mistaken Identity
16. Sound FX – Straight Deposits
17. Illogic and Walter Rocktight – Clap Ya Hands
18. Verbal Kent – My City ft. Sadat X & Edo G
19. Writers Block – No More No Less (produced by DJ Rhettmatic)
20. The Hitfarmers – Motivate ft. The Brown Bag All-Stars
21. DJ Honda – El Presidente ft. Jeru the Damaja