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I received a tip this evening about a new website attacking Democratic nominee Sen. Cohen in the 9th Congressional District race.

In my opinion, the site does not seem very credible and give me an impression of vagueness. Because it is a relatively new website, perhaps it will improve its content over time. Check it out and comment here.

Allegedly, the organization has written a letter of complaint to Bill Gibbons, David Kustoff and Bruce Androphy asking for an opinion/investigation into Senator Steve Cohen’s alleged unethical business dealings which can be viewed at:

Does anyone know if a complaint has been officially submitted to the proper authorities?

Word among the sensei has it that XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX may be behind this website, but I don't believe in publishing hearsay. Can anyone confirm or dispute the allegations on this website for me?

I used my advanced 9th level ninja training to sneak into Network Solutions to get the scoop on who owns this website, but then I found out it was all available in the public domain:

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Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. (TN-9) wants to be the next Senator from the State of Franklin.Just a disclaimer, I haven't seen any of the campaign commercials being discussed in here. I don't watch much television except sports and ninja movies, but I read an article in the Commercial Appeal where Harold Ford stated that Bob Corker's advertisements were lies.

While I support Congressman Ford on some of his platform issues, there were several comments made by Congressman Ford relating to his voting record on the PATRIOT Act and Homeland Security that caught my attention.

(FYI, the comic book picture above is from the Jungle Media Group's March 29, 2006 article on Congressman Ford ).

The comments below are from the recent Commercial Appeal article.

Ford's voting record on the law is more complex than the ad implies: He voted for the original 2001 law, which civil libertarians decried as giving government too much power. He voted against the bill last year that renewed it because, he said Friday, "I thought it was too weak; it didn't give the president enough tools."

President George W. Bush is congratulated by Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford and Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu as he leaves the U.S. House Chamber Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2006, following his State of the Union address....Ford said, "He's lying on me like he did on his opponents in the (GOP) primary and I'm not going to let him. I have voted for more than $6 trillion in defense and homeland security spending. I voted not only for the Patriot Act, I voted to give the president the authority to go into Iraq. I'll put my record on defense and national security up against anybody in Congress."

...Ford cited a long list of votes he has cast in support of military and defense spending, and said Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld tapped him to serve on the Pentagon's Transformation Advisory Group.

If Congressman Ford was a Republican candidate, then I would understand his comments, but Congressman Ford has a "D" next to his name. Until Congressman Ford makes the inevitable party jump, he is a Democratic candidate and his positions should be more in line with the party instead of the Republican Party.

To whom is Congressman Ford making these statements? Republicans? Democrats? Neo-cons? I don't know. Based on these comments, it appears that Congressman Ford supports the Bush Administration. Defense spending is not the major issue this campaign season for Democrats as it is for Republicans. Republicans have successfully made it a campaign issue in 2002 and 2004, but it may not be as significant this year unless something happens to threaten our security. Many pro-defense/pro-war candidates have been feeling the backlash at the polls from voters this year.

What are the respective positions of the other TN Senate candidates as it relates to the homeland security/defense issue?

Despite the $6,000,000,000,000 in defense spending, does anyone in this country feel safer than they did in the year 2000? 1996? 1988? Our country is in more peril today than at any point in the last 20 years. Simply spending money does not make us safer, but it does fatten the pockets of various defense CEOs. It appears to me that Congressman Ford wants to look good in the eyes of this particular "demographic."

(In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Click the picture for the full size image. This graphic shows the percentage increase/decrease in household median incomes for the last six (6) years.

Thanks to the Detroit Free Press:

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Have you been brainwashed? Watch this video and then let me know what you think.

This 9-minute feature is an acute dramatization that uses a collection of Hollywood clips from 1896-2000, that negatively depict Arabs, to demonstrate how badly the West has been brainwashed through fiction to fear and despise Arabs in real life.


The road to the Capitol just got a little bit more difficult for both Newton Jake Ford and Mark White as County Mayor A.C. Wharton and City Mayor W.W. Herenton have officially endorsed State Senator Cohen for the 9th Congressional seat. Herenton was quoted as saying, "No one can convince me that Jake Ford has a modicum of qualifications for this position. All he brings to the table is the Ford name.... He has simply no qualifications to serve."

To read more, check out Jackson Baker's article in the Memphis Flyer at:

The Space Ninja predicts a fairly easy victory for Cohen in the fall with the following breakdown:
Cohen - 55%
White - 24%
Ford - 15%
Others - 6%

However, my predictions have been wrong before, so stay tuned this fall as the race heats up.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

34 defense CEOs paid nearly $1,000,000,000 since 9/11

Soldiers Die, CEOs Prosper
By Derrick Z. Jackson
The Boston Globe

Wednesday 30 August 2006

More than 2,600 US soldiers have died in Iraq. July's toll for Iraqi civilians was 3,500, the deadliest month of the US occupation. Iraq's civil war is on pace to kill 25,000 to 30,000 civilians by year's end. If you add in the tens of thousands of deaths from the 2003 invasion (we do not know the exact number because the Pentagon won't comment), researchers will inevitably say that the body count has crossed 100,000.

All of this madness to stop a madman, Saddam Hussein.

The litany of US mistakes and excessive force has the Pentagon commissioning at least two secret strategy studies in Afghanistan and Iraq. "This is a struggle for the soul of the Army," said Colonel Peter Mansoor, the head of the Army and Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Center.

Just as odorous, a mountain of corporate cash grows next to the piles of bodies. In this bizarre war where Iraqi civilians fear both suicide bombers and the United States, the biggest sacrifice that President Bush asked of American civilians was to get on a plane and show those terrorists a thing or two by going to Disney World.

Defense contractors took that request to a logical extreme. They built their own fantasy land.

There is no evidence of a contractor having a soul in the 13th annual Executive Excess CEO survey by the Institute for Policy Studies, a progressive think tank, and the Boston-based United for a Fair Economy. The report found that 34 defense CEOs have been paid nearly $1 billion since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

As soldiers have died in displaying personal patriotism, the pay gap between soldiers and defense CEOs has exploded. Before 9/11, the gap between CEOs of publicly traded companies and army privates was already a galling 190 to 1. Today, it is 308 to 1. The average army private makes $25,000 a year. The average defense CEO makes $7.7 million.

"Did this surprise us? No, because we've been watching since Sept. 11," said Betsy Leondar-Wright, communications director for United for a Fair Economy. "While the rest of us were worrying about terrorism and mourning the people who died, the CEOs were maneuvering their companies to take advantage of fear and changing oil supply, not just for competition but for personal enrichment."

The top profiteers after 9/11 were the CEOs of United Technologies ($200 million), General Dynamics ($65 million), Lockheed Martin ($50 million), and Halliburton ($49 million). Other firms where CEO pay the last four years added up to $25 million to $45 million were Textron, Engineered Support Systems, Computer Sciences, Alliant Techsystems, Armor Holding, Boeing, Health Net, ITT Industries, Northrop Grumman, Oshkosh Truck, URS, and Raytheon.

While Army privates died overseas earning $25,000 a year, David Brooks, the disgraced former CEO of body-armor maker DHB, made $192 million in stock sales in 2004. He staged a reported $10 million bat mitzvah for his daughter. The 2005 pay package for Halliburton CEO David Lesar, head of the firm that most symbolizes the occupation's waste, overcharges, and ghost charges on no-bid contracts, was $26 million, according to the report's analysis of federal Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

"Those examples take the cake, especially because it's all related to their government contracts, which is money straight out of the taxpayer's pocket," Leondar-Wright said.

The Executive Excess report, with the help of the Wall Street Journal's 2006 survey of executive compensation, made similar observations of oil executives as their firms enjoy record profits during war. The pay gap between the average oil and gas CEO and the average oil worker is 518 to 1. The general national CEO to worker gap is 411 to 1. The report said that the typical oil construction laborer would have to work 4,279 years to match the $95 million pay last year for Valero Energy CEO William Greehey.

This is so out of line that the authors of the Executive Excess report recommend wartime pay restraints for defense CEOs and a permanent congressional watchdog panel for contract fraud and waste. Companies that cannot adhere to restraints should be ineligible for contracts, they said.

The report said "democracies decay when one segment of society flourishes at another's expense." Leondar-Wright said, "It is now at the point where we have lost any sense of proportion. There is no sense of shared sacrifice, no sense that we're all in this together." Spreading democracy to Iraq is far-fetched when defense and oil CEOs speed its decay at home. They are all in it for themselves, at our expense.


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