Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Henry Kissinger Calls For a New World Order on Mainstream Media (CNBC)

The conspiracy theorists have said that the masks will have to come off of the New World Order before its plans can come to fruition. I am starting to see a lot of unmaskings in the last few months. The latest one comes from Henry Kissinger (former Secretary of State) who called for a new world order on live TV. This is getting quite interesting!

Source: CNBC via YouTube.com

Russia Cuts Off Gas Supplies to Europe...

Hopefully, the global warming myth will be true -- at least for a few more weeks. Otherwise, it may be a cold winter for the Euros, because Russia has halted ALL supplies of gas to Europe.

The European Commission condemned the cuts as "completely unacceptable". In an unusually strongly worded statement, it demanded that Russia restore supplies "immediately".

Russia ordered a reduction in gas flow to Europe via Ukraine on Monday, a measure it said was to stop its neighbour from stealing fuel. Ukraine said the move would jeopardise supplies to the rest of Europe, which is facing freezing temperatures.

Source: Telegraph Media Group

The End of the Trans-Texas Corridor

Property owners in Texas will be happy to hear the following story about the end of the Trans-Texas Corridor.

In response to public outcry, the ambitious proposal to create the Trans-Texas Corridor network has been dropped and will be replaced with a plan to carry out road projects at an incremental, modest pace, a state transportation official announced today.

"The Trans-Texas Corridor, as it is known, no longer exists," said Amadeo Saenz Jr., executive director of the Texas Department of Transportation, at the agency's annual forum in Austin.

Now the people just have to make sure that this project is not restarted under a new name.

Source: Houston Chronicle