Sunday, August 27, 2006


I thanked the voters and my supporters for their support in the 9th District U.S. Congress run.

However, I have yet to publicly thank my brother and campaign manager Justin Ford for his efforts for me and my campaign since January, 2006.

Justin did an exceptional job putting my campaign in a strong position considering the obstacles that faced this campaign. His understanding of the political game and strategies were top-notch and his predictions were very accurate. My campaign had limited monetary resources, but his negotiation skills always got us the best deals which saved thousands of dollars. His work on HUSTLE 2 VOTE garnered excellent publicity and media placement for my campaign.

Thank you for the hard work and support!!!

I have not researched the issue, but Justin may have been the youngest Congressional campaign manager in modern federal politics. At only 21 years old, Justin has a great future in both business and politics when he graduates college later this year.

I would recommend Justin to any current or future candidate looking for someone in Generation Y with a great political mind.


Joe Ford, Jr.
August 27, 2006


Blinders Off said...

Welcome Space Ninja:

The Cue introduced you...
I will be looking forward to reading your blog. Noting "A Pale White Horse" and "The 48 Laws of Power as two of your favorite books caught my attention..they are favorites of mine.

Space Ninja said...

"Behold a Pale Horse" is the book that first opened my eyes. It "unplugged" me from the Matrix. While some of things in it seem a little far-fetched, it definitely made me seek out other non-mainstream sources and information.

Blinders Off said...

Forgive me for calling the book "A Pale White Horse". For some reason I always call it that because of the cover. I happen to agree with you, how the book make one open their eyes a little wider and some of it did seem far-fetched. I have one question for you. Do you believe how Milton William Cooper was killed justified? Yes or No

Space Ninja said...

I can never seem to keep a copy of that book. Every time I left someone borrow it, I never see the book again. I believe that Mr. Cooper's death was not justified. While he did get into a shootout with the AZ law enforcement, I believe that the powers-that-be encouraged the situation to happen because it knew that Mr. Cooper would respond violently (as he even stated in his book). Then law enforcement could respond accordingly to take him out. His death occurred right after 9/11 when people were not really focused on it too much. It would have been interesting to get Mr. Cooper's take on the events happening in the world today.

Blinders Off said...

That is the very reason I do not loan my book out anymore.

You are the first person outside of my husband and children to ask what they thought of the book and it is good to know...I was not alone in how I thought about the events. Thanks I enjoyed reviewing your thoughts on the book.

Space Ninja said...

You are welcome. It was definitely a good read and Cooper was quite convinced of his beliefs. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in conspiracy theories.