Sunday, August 27, 2006


I certainly hope that we maintain Net Neutrality.


HandsOff43 said...

Space Ninja, Surely you don't think the internet will die if Congress doesn't enact regulations?

I work with the Hands Off The Internet Coalition but I refer you to a recent article that appeared in Tech News World.

Consider the article's conclusion: If the loss of net neutrality principles was really a problem, advocates wouldn't need to scare Americans in order to win their support. Using government regulation preemptively to shortchange business partners is a reckless abuse of the public policy process. New laws should be based on facts and reality, not fear and hypothetical situations.

I invite you to read the entire article at


Space Ninja said...

I will definitely check that article out and post my thoughts. Thank you for posting that link.

Here it is again, because it got somewhat cut off on the page:

Space Ninja said...

I personally don't want to see Congress enact any new regulations. The government should not be regulating the Internet unless users and content providers are denied equal access.

I agree that the marketplace should dictate how the Internet operates. However, I do not want to see the major ISPs using their lobbyists to get laws passed which will deny access to certain parts of the Net.

Robert Wennagel said...

Wow, I am impressed that Hands Off the Internet has the manpower to scour new blogs for references to net neutrality. However, I guess since your group is funded by lobbyists and telecom giants such as Verizon and AT&T, who stand to gain billions of dollars by strangling off the free flow of information onto the internet and destroying competition, their is a tremendous amount of money being poured into your group.

Tell me, handsoff43, how much of your salary is being paid by my new cable company, Time Warner, in order that they will be able to decide in the future that I cannot visit this blog?

Your hiding behind the rhetoric of freedom and anti-government regulation is a pitiful sham disguised to conceal the self-motivated interests the giant telecoms who fund Hands Off the Internet so that the US government will not act in time to maintain the integrity and freedom of the internet. I hope that one day your children do not have to ask you why destroyed America's greatest tool for free speech, education, and business innovation.

jsf said...

I agree. Access to the Net should always remain neutral. None of these big Telecoms invented the Net, so they should not be given the power to dictate who gets access.