Saturday, August 29, 2009

Largest Ever Biological Attack Drill Planned on Major City in Israel (Starts January 1, 2010)!

I know that Isreal performs many drills for its citizens. On the first day of the year in January, 2010, Israel will conduct its largest ever biological attack drill with a simulation of an Israeli city being hit by terrorists with weaponized Ebola, anthrax, Q fever or smallpox.

The threat scenario will include a biological attack on a major Israeli city and will include the IDF Home Front Command, Magen David Adom, the Israel Police, the IDF Medical Corps, the IDF Spokesman's Office and the Fire and Rescue Service...

Diseases known to have been weaponized include Ebola, anthrax, Q fever and smallpox. The exercise will focus on some of these diseases. One possibility that will be considered during the drill will be to close down and quarantine the entire city in the event that the disease spreads.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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