Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"Hotel Minibar" Keys Open Diebold Voting Machines

This whole electronic voting stuff is starting to get very scary and at the same time -- quite ridiculous. Apparently, the Diebold voting machines can be opened with a key that can easily be bought online.

That fact does not give me a lot of confidence in the voting process. Why can't these machines issue paper receipts/ballots which can be verified against the computer tabulations? That way if there are issues with the computer reports, these paper receipts could be counted to ensure accuracy. It does not make sense to me unless the powers-that-be do not want to include a way to verify the votes.

Here's the full article, so you can see what I'm talking about: http://www.freedom-to-tinker.com/?p=1064


Jayla said...

Space Ninja,

Are you and Joe Ford, Jr. one in the same?

I'm new here and stumbled upon your blog from another site.

Just wanted to inquire about something I read in an earlier post.

You stated you were disappointed with Harold's conduct during your campaign, and I wondered what you meant by that specifically. If you and Joe Ford, Jr are not one in the same, then I guess I'm speaking to him and would like him to answer. It sounds like you meant that he was not as supportive as he should have been.

(being nosey, but not for myself) Also, Joe, why aren't you married?

Thanks and have a great day!

jsf said...

Thanks for the reply Valerie. I'll email you directly on your website.

Jayla said...

Thanks for the reply Joe, I've emailed you back!

Have a great weekend.

Unsolicited Adviser said...

You need to be careful where you tread with Valeria aka Jayla aka Nova. She will try and get in good with you and befriend you only to two time and doublecross you. Share notes with her and you're liable to see what you said on another site. The info you share will be used against you or your cousin running for senate. You may hope for the latter but not the former. Don't be fooled by the rose or what seems to be her random utterances of kind words. She's as nosy and calculating as can be. She's asking about your marital status so that she has ammunition to post on various blogs. She'll claim that you're gay, bi or an active fornicator and fellatio lover. Since you claim to be of high intellect, I'm sure that you're aware of the dangers of befriending a known psychotic, bible thumping schizo who thinks different people are all one in the same.
Peace be with you my brother.

unsolicited adviser said...

I meant to address you as JSF instead of JSJ. Apologies.

Anonymous said...

Amen to what Unsolicited Advisor said. Don't give up any information JSF. The only thing guaranteed when communicating with Valerie a/k/a Jayla is that she WILL eventually doublecross you and use your own info against you. She's the same person who created that awful Harold Ford gossip site with juicy tidbits about your cousin. She clearly is obsessed with the Ford men. For all the wrong reasons.

Jayla said...


author http://www.quicktopic.com/29/H/BCJMLj2bQAvof this site:

Mr. Ford is already aware that I'm the author of that site. We've already discussed it. That's none of your business. Do you ever do anything on the internet except dissect other peoples lives and post disparaging remarks about them. It's sad that all of your posts are fueled by your jealousy. Get over it and find something else to do.

Jayla said...

mtb2 is the author of those posts and this is her website:


unsolicited adviser said...

Mr. Ford and any other interested parties,
Jayla is paranoid and shizoid. She is the definition of the consummate troll. She posts her blather here and there because she craves and audience to share her idiocy with and is seeking the attention that no man with his head together will give her off-line.
If you visit the website that she posted you will read undeniable evidence unless she deletes her posts. She posted last week that she wasn't Valerie when another poster referred to her as Valerie aka Jayla so what does that make her? Hint: It starts with an "L" and ends with an "R." She's a loser too but the word I'm thinking of is four letters.
Valerie/Jayla is looking for a daddy for her son. She's a fornicator who had him out of wedlock. DO NOT get in good with her unless you want to get burned. She will even stoop as low as to publish personal info that you tell her about you if she gets inpatient with you and you don't give her what she wants or needs.
She will tell you all day long and night that I and everyone else that posts on the website that she referenced is mtb2. Believe those lies if you want but believe and trust me when I say she should not be trusted. She plays with God and the Word is the worse kind of heathen, blasphemer and hypocrite. Please be very careful.
She opens then shuts downs gossip sites about HFJ as well and bad mouths him like he's her baby's daddy. She does this when she gets fed up with him and his staff doesn't respond to her regular e-mails. She's a cyber stalker and she has followed HFJ to one of his campaign venues before. A word to the wise.

unsolicited adviser said...

Valerie aka Jayla wants to get close to anyone who has ties or connections to HFJ. She wants to eventually use you as an intermediary for her obsessive madness with that man. The girl lives and breathes HFJ like you wouldn't believe. She would probably never bring him any physical harm but her obsession is beyond out of hand. You may want to warn your cousin. I don't want HFJ to be haunted by this person's irrational and juvenile obsession.

unsolicited adviser said...

Here is Jayla aka Valerie's post from last week on the website she referenced. She's responding to a poster who addressed her as Jayla aka Valerie.

Jayla 09-21-2006 10:42 AM ET (US)
Edited by author 09-21-2006 10:42 AM
Actually, Ms. Hoops,
I probably won't volunteer for the Ford team. It's not that I'm busy, I get the eerie feeling my presence may make the F-camp uncomfortable. Especially considering the comments that were made over the last month (by me and probably some of them). I was going to go and spend the weekend there helping out, but I don't think it's such a good idea, so I will keep my brownie here.

Also, Hoops, it's Jayla, Not Valerie. Pls don't refer to me as anything but Jayla, thanx! And I don't want to discuss it further.

There's more proof that Jayla aka Valerie aka Nova is phony.

Space Ninja said...

Thanks for all the information on here. Keep it coming!

blueeyes7443 said...

OMG!! Are you serious??