Monday, June 07, 2010

BP's Deepwater Horizon Interim Incident Investigation Washington Briefing (ROV Reports Undocumented Modifications to Hydraulic Control System)

Deepwater Horizon Interm Incident Investigation (Washington Briefing)
Check out page 37 of this document where the undocumented modifications are mentioned. I do not know the source, so until the document is authenticated, please take the document for what it is.

Post the explosion, numerous ROV hot stab interventions were conducted in an attempt to activate

- blind shear rams
- variable pipe rams
- LMRP Disconnect (auto shear cut in attempt to activate blind shear rams)

ROV survey found a number of hydraulic leaks on the system
ROV identified hydraulic system errors such that test rams were being activated instead of lower variable rams
ROV identified undocumented modifications to the hydraulic control system; the extent of these modifications is unknown at this time.

Non-destructive examination using ultra-sonics and gamma source were conducted to try and detect position of rams and locks

-There are indications that the BOP blind shear and variable rams have moved and may be in the locked position, final determination may be possible with the recovery of the BOP.

Source: GodLikeProductions

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