Saturday, June 12, 2010

University of Georgia Marine Scientist Says Gulf of Mexico's Methane Gas Concentration Is Greatest She Has Ever Seen

This is one of those times when we need some good fortune to shine favorably upon us and deliver an buzzer-beating miracle to stop the spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I do not know what will happen, but it appears that things are getting worse. In addition to the oil and Corexit contamination of the Gulf waters, methane gas is also a problem with the spill.

Methane gas depletes the marine oxygen levels, making it difficult for fish and other organisms to survive. One scientist says
the methane gas concentration is at record levels. As a result of these toxins, scientists are now finding dead zones of life in the areas with oil contamination. If the spill cannot be stopped, then what happens?

"I've never seen concentrations of methane this high anywhere," said Dr. [Samantha] Joye (a senior marine scientist at the University of Georgia), who analyzed samples from a submerged oil plume that she said was 15 miles long, five miles wide and 300 feet thick. "The whole water column has less oxygen than it normally does."

But please note, that some Russian researchers believe that this dead zone may be caused by another oil spill separate and apart from the Deepwater Horizon. This whole situation is beyond crazy and unbelievable at this point.

Their water sampling also revealed an oil plume 142 miles southeast of the damaged well, but their laboratory analysis showed the oil was different chemically from that coming from the well. They didn't indicate what the source could be.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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