Friday, February 05, 2010

Japanese Physicist Discovers How to Teleport Energy!

Energy teleportation could be one of man's greatest discoveries EVER if the science is perfected. Click the following link to read Masahiro Hotta-Sama's research paper Energy-Entanglement Relation for Quantum Energy Teleportation. The implication of this discovery means that people can then truly travel to the stars and beyond to where no man has ever gone. Basically, people can physically live in areas where either energy is scarce or otherwise too expensive to exploit. Energy can be acquired in the areas where it is the most abundant, cheap and clean to produce, and once acquired at the site, the energy can be teleported instantly to the population centers for use.

Today, building on a number of papers published in the last year, Hotta outlines his idea and its implications. The process of teleportation involves making a measurement on each one an entangled pair of particles. He points out that the measurement on the first particle injects quantum energy into the system. He then shows that by carefully choosing the measurement to do on the second particle, it is possible to extract the original energy.

All this is possible because there are always quantum fluctuations in the energy of any particle. The teleportation process allows you to inject quantum energy at one point in the universe and then exploit quantum energy fluctuations to extract it from another point. Of course, the energy of the system as whole is unchanged.

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