Thursday, February 04, 2010

Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass Predicts United States of America’s Decline as Superpower at Herzliya Conference

When the President of the powerful North American regional steering committee is saying that America is headed for a decline, then you better believe he has information supporting this theory OR he will be using the resources of his organization to ensure that this statement comes true. Otherwise, it means that Dr. Haass was wrong in his prediction.

At a panel discussion titled “Primus inter Pares? The US and the global order” at the Herzliya Conference, a major policy conference in Israel, [Dr. Richard] Haass [President of the Council on Foreign Relations] said many factors suggest a relative decline in American influence, including an overstretched military, energy dependence, indebtedness and a dysfunctional political process...

When asked by the moderator whether one should “buy short on the U.S.,” he answered: “In the next few years, yes.”

Nevertheless, he said the U.S. likely will remain the world’s leading power, and expressed optimism that the trends might change. All the problems he discussed are “very fixable challenges,” he said.

You can watch the video by clicking the picture above or this link. Once you reach the page, click the tab for February 1, 2010 and scroll down to the Primus Inter Pares link.

Source: The Daily Caller

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