Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Harold Ford, Jr. Responds to and Counters Allegations He Supports Dick Cheney's Torture Methods??

This is taken from the Blogs, so I cannot verify and authenticate if it is indeed from Congressman Ford. If anyone can authenticate or verify this comment for me, then hit me up on the e-mail.

In response to my answer, Chris Matthews said I was "veering into Cheney territory." Nothing could be further from the truth. I greatly respect Chris Matthews, but he took my response out of context. My reverence for American values and my reading of the constitution lead me to oppose torture. Any effort to link me to former Vice President Cheney's support for torture is wrong and inaccurate.

Source: Blogs By Michael Silence

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sheriff Boyer of Obama's Missouri Truth Squad Takes Dawn Welsh's Home By Force? (as heard on Power Hour & Alex Jones)

This is a story that broke on the "Power Hour" today. I actually heard it first on "The Alex Jones Show" this morning.

Dawn Welsh believed that she owned her house free and clear. As is the practice in the mortgage industry, companies buy and sell equity instruments in connection with real estate. In this case, Wachovia alleges that Ms. Welsh never fully paid off one of these equity instruments and therefore, it must foreclose and reclaim the property. This morning, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office raided and arrested Ms. Welsh.

I guess it is okay for bankers to take trillions offshore, but if there is a dispute over a $125,000 home in Middle America, then we need to bust down doors and send in the S.W.A.T.

Here is the link to the MP3 audio of Ms. Welsh's phone call to the Power Hour: GNC Live

To email the Sheriff to get his perspective, click below:

Email Sheriff Oliver "Glenn" Boyer

UPDATE1: This is the same Sheriff Boyer who was a willing member of then-Presidential candidate Barack H. Obama's "Truth Squads." Click HERE for the video of Sheriff Boyer's interview with KMOV discussing these Truth Squads.

UPDATE2: I fixed the broken link in the 1st paragraph! Sorry.

UPDATE3: Here's the Alex Jones link.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act - Senate Bill 1644 (SB 1644) by Senator Beavers

Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act (SB 1644)

Source: Tennessee General Assembly

Will You and Your Family See Chemtrails This Summer?

Remix World Real News Interviews Justin Ford of Memphis, Tennessee

Remix World Real News Episode 5. Discussion of the week's news. Interview with Justin J. Ford, Sr., who in 2006 at twenty-one (21) years of age became one of the youngest campaign managers in the history of Congressional politics in Tennessee. Mr. Ford's innovations include the first Congressional campaign to use for candidate branding and coordinating voter registration drives in connection with the Memphis entertainment and hip-hop communities. Mr. Ford discusses local politics and his thoughts about the problems affecting Memphis & Shelby County.

Time permitting: Additional Discussion of "Make Mine Freedom". Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act. "Mother's Day for Peace" &

To listen to the episode, click below:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Make Mine Freedom (1948 Cartoon About Capitalism vs. Communism)

I just came across this cartoon video while checking out I love it in this video when Joe Q. Public makes the farmer, politician, worker and banker taste the Ism Tonic before agreeing to the Confidence Man's sales pitch. Considering how much the State and government currently controls or heavily regulates every aspect of industry, this film is quite accurate about the effects of all the -ISMs on American society.