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Nalco Uses COREXIT® 9527 Oil Dispersant to Combat Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico

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***For further reading, click the following link: Exxon Report on Acute Aquatic Toxicity of Corexit 9500, 9527 & 9580 Oil Spill Response Products***

Here is a little information about the chemical that will be sprayed by Nalco into the Gulf of Mexico to break up the oil slick. The theory is the chemical will cause the oil to decompose and fall to the bottom of the sea where bacteria will consume the oil. The balance in nature will be restored - or so that is the hope.

If you click the above pictures and links, you can read the product sheet and the safety data sheet.

According to the safety data sheet, COREXIT is a hazardous substance. Does anyone know what effect(s), if any, this chemical will have on the Gulf of Mexico?

Nalco (NYSE:NLC), confirmed today it is providing oil dispersants and support to BP and the responders dealing with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The company will continue to provide these dispersants as requested for as long as responders have the need.

“To date sales related to these dispersants have not had a material financial impact on our company,” said Nalco Chairman and CEO Erik Fyrwald. “But it is impossible to predict at this time how long this incident will last or the magnitude of the overall response needed.”

More information on Nalco's Oil Spill Dispersant programs

For another interview with Nalco (this time on Fox Business), click here or the picture.

If the below video does not play, click here to view the story on the CNBC website:

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