Friday, October 20, 2006

THE END OF HABEAS CORPUS??? (A Special Commentary by Keith Olbermann)

Is this truly the end of habeas corpus in this country? I recall that Abe Lincoln once suspended it, but that was during the War Between the States. This is a little scary. Check out the video to get Olbermann's thoughts.


This is an interesting story to say the least. Supposedly, a verdict in the Saddam case will come down on November 5 -- two (2) days before the U.S. midterm elections. If the verdict is guilty as expected, then it will likely cause a spike in the polls for the pro-war candidates.

What effect, if any, will a guilty verdict have on the close races?

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BEST THING EVER (Invisibility)...

If it bleeds, we can kill it! When I was in elementary school, science was always my favorite subject especially the final textbook chapters dealing with the future. This was in the 1980s before I was exiled to the Shaolin temples for training. However, I remember those scientists had such great visions of life in the year 2006.

Flying cars, jet packs, food in a capsule, weekend getaways to Mars & Jupiter, energy from Mr. Fusion, griffins, time machines, fire-breathing dragons, killer Transformer robots, teleporting machines and invisibility.

Well after reviewing the state of technology in 2006, the future has failed me. People still drive on rubber tires. There's still nothing on TV. McDonald's still gives me gas.

The future is not as advertised...that is until I read the below story. It appears that the scientists are finally delivering and have developed a crude invisibility cloak. Yes! Perhaps, we'll start seeing some of these other future promises.

One question though, is there anything positive that can come from invisibility? Every possible use of invisibility I can think of is potentially negative. From sneaking into girl's locker rooms to vaults at a bank, invisibility is definitely a technology that will be misused.


***UPDATE: Based on the fact that I cannot think of many positive uses for invisibility, it MAY NOT be the best thing.

***UPDATE #2: Thanks to Wintermute for pointing out my typo.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Relatives have 'inside track' in lobbying for tax dollars...

Here is an article that I saw yesterday in the USA Today...

By Matt Kelley and Peter Eisler

Members of Congress and their staffs are barred from using their positions for personal profit. But their spouses and other relatives can — and often do — cash in when lawmakers spend taxpayer dollars.

Lobbying groups employed 30 family members last year to influence spending bills that their relatives with ties to the House and Senate appropriations committees oversaw or helped write, a USA TODAY investigation found. Combined, they generated millions of dollars in fees for themselves or their firms.

The connections are so pervasive that, in 2005 alone, appropriations bills contained about $750 million for projects championed by lobbyists whose relatives were involved in writing the spending bills.

"It smells bad; it is bad," Mickey Edwards, a Princeton University lecturer, said when told of the newspaper's findings. "If it is not already completely outlawed, it should be." Edwards served on the House Appropriations Committee during his 16 years as a Republican congressman from Oklahoma.

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USA vs. China (What if it comes to a shooting war?)

This article presents some interesting hypotheticals to consider:


Tuesday, October 17, 2006


DON'T SING IT, BRING IT!The Space Ninja hit upon a wrestling theme today which is quite appropriate for this upcoming post that some viewers may find interesting.

Earlier today, I received word that one of Jake Ford's campaign managers (I believe his name was Tyrone or something similar) wanted to speak with me. It seems that Mr. T (as I'll call him, but no disrespect to the former A-Team star) did not like the fact that I endorsed Sen. Cohen for the 9th Congressional District seat over Jake Ford. As I stated way back in early April, I would be supporting the winner of the Democratic primary...period! Mr. T is now accusing me of sabotaging Jake's campaign (as if Jake isn't doing a bang-up job already without my assistance).

Well, I called Mr. T, but I knew immediately that it was not going to be a friendly conversation. Mr. T started using all these random mob words that I'm sure he picked up from watching "Scarface" or "Goodfellas" one too many times. Needless to say, Mr. T started trying to out-talk me on the phone by raising his voice...a big no no! When I immediately told him to shut the hell up, he basically told me that he would see me in the streets and hung up. I called him back wanting to hear more of his not-so-veiled threats, but he hung up again saying that there was no need to talk.

Now I'm confused, because didn't you just reach out to the people in my camp demanding to speak with me? I guess Mr. T thought I was going to be scared of him. Not! I negotiate deals on a daily basis with real sharks in the Los Angeles music industry, so Mr. T, you do not put fear in my heart.

I do not know if Mr. T is truly a member of the Jake Ford camp. If he is not an official staff member, then I apologize to Jake Ford and to the entire Jake Ford for Congress staff and crew for any negativity that may be associated with this ass-clown. But if Mr. T is a part of the Jake Ford camp, then this Mr. T guy is a certified idiot.

How are you going to be a Congressional campaign manager, but claim to have 20,000 soldiers in the street ready to do your bidding? I'm sure those affiliations will look real good for you if by some miracle Jake does indeed win the election. Don't worry though, if you get caught slippin', I'll get you a legal referral, because I know plenty of defense attorneys who would be willing to take your money.

I have held my tongue about Jake's campaign throughout this general election season, but my patience is wearing thin. As Mr. Scott Hall used to say (see picture above), if you have a problem with me Mr. T, then "don't sing it, bring it." However based on the fact that you hung up the phone after only 20 seconds of me dissing you, you are the type of coward who hides behind much stronger people.

I guess you are getting desperate Mr. T, because the election is winding down and as a campaign manager, you have been an utter failure. And I'm not talking about the likely ass-whooping that your candidate is about the receive. I'm talking about you trying to bring the streets into this race. Can you be a little bit more original?

Can you imagine if Bob Corker's campaign manager told HFJ that he'll see him in the streets to "handle" things?

My advice...stop watching so many gangster movies and pick up a book. You might learn something.

So Mr. T, keep my name out of your mouth from this point forward and worry about winning your election. In case you don't know, one of the many advantages of being able to practice law is that you have the full legal system at your disposal to use as necessary. If you bring up my name again Mr. T, you'll have a lot more to worry about than your imminent loss.


FANS WANT NEWTON JAKE TO RETURN TO PRO WRESTLING?I cannot independently confirm if the following story is true, but I have seen several confirmations from people that it did happen.

The Peskyfly has the full details of the Congressional debate at:

I don't really know Newton Jake. I've only seen him a few times in my life, so I couldn't tell you much about him except that he appears to enjoy violence. The last time the Ninja saw Newton Jake earlier this year, he threatened to whoop four (4) different people in a public place within a 30-minute span. Whether Newton Jake was joking, I do not know. Nevertheless, I hear so many hearsay stories about the guy, I feel as if I know him like other blog celebrities (see also Lindsey Lohan, K.Fed, Paris Hilton, Bobby Brown and Sienna Miller).

If what the Peskyfly said above is indeed true, then I have one request for young Newton Jake. Please get out of the race!

While I enjoy your daily antics, you are doing a terrible disservice to your family, your brother HFJ, your community and yourself. If you lose, do you think anyone in Memphis will ever hire you for a job after this piss-poor performance and lack of qualifications? Your papa will not be able maintain your monthly allowance forever, especially if your actions end up costing Harold, Sr. both seats. In fact, you might have to actually start working at the funeral home where you claim to work.

If you applied for a job this afternoon using a non-Ford name while stating your real qualifications, you definitely would not be called in for an interview. However, someone is blowing smoke (no pun intended) up your cornholio for an anticipated victory on November 7. While I may be wrong (and if I am, I'll eat humble pie), I believe that NASA will put a man on the sun long before you'll be elected to Congress.

Please call up Jerry Lawler and resume your pro wrestling career. While your last rasslin' career was limited to Memphis Wrestling, you could be ready for the big stage. Is Raw scheduled for a Memphis stop before the November 7 election? On last night's WWE Monday Night Raw, John Cena did a finishing move (the F-U) on Kevin Federline on national TV in Los Angeles (see picture above). The crowd loved it and K.Fed was a good sport, because he knew the crowd was going to boo him.

I am quite sure Vince McMahon would get huge ratings if Newton Jake agreed to let Lawler piledrive him on the announcer's table at the Fed Ex Forum.

I can hear Jim Ross commentating it right now, "Dammit King, he's just a kid. This guy's not a wrestler. He's allegedly a Congressional candidate. You can't do this. This isn't right...Not on the table. No! No! My god! King is whooping Jake like a government mule at the Oklahoma U homecoming."

The Memphis crowd would love it! There would be "Fucktard" signs throughout the arena. Newton Jake would be the #1 heel in rasslin'. I know I would watch it with my enhanced ninja goggles.

But seriously, fans of the Space Ninja blog have noticed my criticisms of Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. from time to time. However, I truly feel for HFJ in this situation. HFJ is a man who is caught in the middle, because everyone wants him to do the right thing and endorse the Democratic nominee Sen. Cohen for the 9th District over his unqualified brother. I bet that HFJ is just hoping and praying that his campaign is strong enough to withstand the negativity and loss of votes that Newton Jake's actions will likely cause. If HFJ loses in a close race, then there will be people (myself included) who will blame Newton Jake for HFJ's loss.

Considering the past between these brothers, is it possible that Newton Jake wants HFJ to lose?

On November 7, we'll find out! Stay tuned.

Monday, October 16, 2006


This is a shameless cheap plug (sorry!), but yours truly appears in his first book as an unofficial myspace celebrity for using the site in this past summer's Congressional race.

Courtesy disclaimer: This blog (including but not limited to Joseph S. Ford, Jr., Space Ninja and Remixx World) has NOT received any compensation or renumeration in exchange for posting the below information. The posting is for entertainment and informational purposes only.

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