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"Crossing The Rubicon" by Michael Ruppert (FULL BOOK)

Great reading from 2004. While I do not agree with Ruppert's view on "peak oil," I do find his research on PROMIS and PTech very interesting and informative.

Michael Ruppert - Crossing the Rubicon - Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil

PTech: Officer of False Flag Corporation Instrumental in 9/11 Attacks Arrested at JFK Airport by U.S. Federal Authorities!

I cannot take credit for the above headline. That credit goes to Sane at Prison Planet. Nevertheless, this is a story that needs to get some mainstream coverage along with Indira Singh's information. PTech was instrumental in the 9/11 attacks as I am just learning. Basically, PTech created software programs for government agencies, including the FAA. These programs contained backdoor programs that would allow someone to override and control the government computers from remote locations without detection.

On 9/11/2001, PTech, Inc. was running all the military wargames being conducted that day and PTech would have had the ability to override any U.S. air defense computer system in operation, including air civilian defense protocols.

I remember reading significant information about PTech, Inc. in Mike Ruppert's "Crossing the Rubicon," but it has only been with the help of the Prison Planet forum members that I am truly understanding PTech's overall role. It is also alleged that PTech had Al-Qaeda and C.I.A. connections as evidenced by it being raided after 9/11. Now two (2) of its key officers have been arrested by the Federal Authorities! Is this the beginning of PTech being exposed for all to see?

Federal authorities have accused two former executives of a Massachusetts software company of concealing financial ties to a man on the government’s terrorism list.

The Quincy [Massachusetts] office of PTech, Inc., was raided by federal agents in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Indictments were unsealed Wednesday against PTech’s former chief executive, Oussama Ziade, and former chief financial officer Buford George Peterson. They are accused of trying to conceal in a loan application an approximately $10 million financial interest in the company held by Yassin Kadi (KAH’-dee). Kadi is a Saudi Arabian on the Treasury Department’s list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

Source: Boston Herald

Baxter International and H1N1 "Swine" Flu Vaccine Makers Given Legal Immunity By U.S. Government and Secretary Sebelius

Even though Baxter International has sent out contaminated vaccines in the past (such as the live bird flu viruses that were sent in the flu shots earlier this year in the Czech Republic), the U.S. is allowing Baxter to not only produce the H1N1 vaccine, but now the Government wants to ensure these vaccine manufacturers' safety from lawsuits should these vaccines cause you medical harm. You will have to bring your claims for payout from a government fund that likely will cap your maximum recovery, no matter your injury.

Vaccine makers and federal officials will be immune from lawsuits that result from any new swine flu vaccine, under a document signed by Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, government health officials said Friday.

Since the 1980s, the government has protected vaccine makers against lawsuits over the use of childhood vaccines. Instead, a federal court handles claims and decides who will be paid from a special fund.

Please remember this fact when you are getting your mandatory experimental inoculation this Fall.

Source: ABC News

Friday, July 17, 2009

Rep. Brad Sherman Was Not Lying. Sec. Henry Paulson Threatened Martial Law to Congress (As Seen in "The Obama Deception")

Below is a memorable clip that was shown in Alex Jones' "The Obama Deception," so you may recognize it from there. The reason why this clip is memorable is it shined the light on the Treasury Secretary's strong-armed tactics in getting the Troubled Asset Relief Program ("TARP") passed back in 2008. Paulson basically threatened martial law and a return to the Great Depression. Recently, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson admitted this fact to a House Oversight Committee.

Paul Kanjorski, a Pennsylvania Democrat, asked Mr Paulson to reveal details of officials' concerns, which were relayed to Congress in hasty conference calls last year. The calls included discussion of law and order and whether it would be possible to feed the American people, and for how long, according to Mr Kanjorski.

"In a world where information can flow, money can move with the speed of light electronically, I looked at the ripple effect, and looked at when a financial system fails, a whole country's economic system can fail," Mr Paulson said. "I believe we could have gone back to the sorts of situations we saw in the Depression.

Source: The Independent

FDIC: Complete Failed Bank List!

Four (4) more banks failed today, including two (2) in California! Check out the FDIC list of failed banks. Why is this information not on the news? The latest failed bank list is below.

Bank Name




Closing Date

Updated Date

Temecula Valley Bank Temecula CA 34341 July 17, 2009 July 17, 2009
Vineyard Bank Rancho Cucamonga CA 23556 July 17, 2009 July 17, 2009
BankFirst Sioux Falls SD 34103 July 17, 2009 July 17, 2009
First Piedmont Bank Winder GA 34594 July 17, 2009 July 17, 2009
Bank of Wyoming Thermopolis WY 22754 July 10, 2009 July 15, 2009
Founders Bank Worth IL 18390 July 2, 2009 July 7, 2009
Millennium State Bank of Texas Dallas TX 57667 July 2, 2009 July 7, 2009
First National Bank of Danville Danville IL 3644 July 2, 2009 July 7, 2009
Elizabeth State Bank Elizabeth IL 9262 July 2, 2009 July 7, 2009
Rock River Bank Oregon IL 15302 July 2, 2009 July 7, 2009
First State Bank of Winchester Winchester IL 11710 July 2, 2009 July 7, 2009
John Warner Bank Clinton IL 12093 July 2, 2009 July 8, 2009
Mirae Bank Los Angeles CA 57332 June 26, 2009 July 2, 2009
MetroPacific Bank Irvine CA 57893 June 26, 2009 July 2, 2009
Horizon Bank Pine City MN 9744 June 26, 2009 July 2, 2009
Neighborhood Community Bank Newnan GA 35285 June 26, 2009 July 2, 2009
Community Bank of West Georgia Villa Rica GA 57436 June 26, 2009 June 30, 2009
First National Bank of Anthony Anthony KS 4614 June 19, 2009 June 23, 2009
Cooperative Bank Wilmington NC 27837 June 19, 2009 June 23, 2009
Southern Community Bank Fayetteville GA 35251 June 19, 2009 June 23, 2009

Source: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Colorado Organic Farmers Organize Protest Hearings Against Monsanto Products & GMO Use in Boulder!

***UPDATE (August 26, 2009). A decision on GMO use in Boulder has been delayed indefinitely pending further research.


I hope the Boulder, Colorado organic farmers win this battle against the local usage of GMO sugar beets. Six farmers who lease local land want to plant Roundup Ready sugar beets, a type of genetically modified beet that is resistant to glyphosate, the active chemical in Roundup. Boulder is known for natural foods, so people are protesting.

A public hearing on the matter is set for next week (July 23, 2009 at 7:10 pm) and I imagine it will be heated. Will this hearing be taped? Please put it up on YouTube.

Genetically modified crops could contaminate their conventional counterparts, critics say. Their effects on humans haven’t been adequately studied, and their cultivation could lead to herbicide-resistant “super weeds,” among other concerns...

And allowing Roundup Ready sugar beets — which are genetically tinkered with to create a resistance to the active chemical in Roundup herbicide — to be grown on open space land, as is now being proposed, besmirches Boulder’s good, organic name, he said. In the land of organic products, in fact, Boulder is something of its own brand; one that’s become associated with natural foods.

In case, you are unsure of what "GMO" means, it is a genetically modified organism and its effects are heavily debated, but I tend to believe GMOs have a negative effect. Why do we need to use GMO seeds to grow our food when regular seeds have provided for us for thousands of years? If I have a choice, I choose not to use GMO foods in my diet, and if I had a garden, I would not use GMO seeds.

Source: Daily Camera; Boulder County, Colorado

Swine Flu Vaccine Battle Royal! (Fight Between Nation States Could Get Ugly)

In a continuing saga like a daytime soap opera, the globalists are bringing us the next episode of the H1N1/swine flu/pandemic/vaccination act. Now we are supposed to be fighting over the precious vials filled with vaccine juice.

An ugly scramble is brewing over the swine flu vaccine — and when it becomes available, Britain, the United States and other nations could find that the contracts they signed with [international] pharmaceutical companies are easily broken.

Experts warn that during a global epidemic, which the world is in now, governments may be under tremendous pressure to protect their own citizens first before allowing companies to ship doses of vaccine out of the country.

The globalists want the people fighting over the vaccine. They want everyone begging and praying to be one of the chosen ones to receive the experimental tonic concoction designed to save you from a "swine" flu that has killed less than 500 people worldwide.

Source: Associated Press

Booz Allen Wins U.S. Air Force Contracts for Cybersecurity and Space Intelligence

Military contractor Booz Allen is a heavyweight in the military industrial complex game. I see its name all over in my conspiracy theory research and news readings. Most recently, Booz Allen won a couple of Air Force contracts worth $22.6 million.

Under a $16.4 million contract, Booz Allen will provide information security services to the Defense Logistics Agency...The agreement covers enterprise security and calls for support of information technology services that improve awareness of emerging cyber threats and network intrusions.

Under a $6.2 million contract, Booz Allen will provide services and support to the Air Force Space Command’s Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Directorate, DOD announced July 15. The scope of work covers IT services to enhance the survivability of space intelligence and threat assessments.

Source: Washington Technology

Gigantic Gooey Blob Drifts Through Alaskan Sea (Possible New Lifeform?)

Massive blobs (up to 12 miles long in some areas) do not just pop up in the ocean! Except in Alaska, in 2009, in the Chukchi Sea! Where in the h*ll did this glob of a blob thing come from? And if you believe the U.S. military story, then this blob is ALIVE.

Nobody knows for sure what the gunk is, but Petty Officer 1st Class Terry Hasenauer says the Coast Guard is sure what it is not. "It's certainly biological," Hasenauer said. "It's definitely not an oil product of any kind. It has no characteristics of an oil, or a hazardous substance, for that matter. "It's definitely, by the smell and the makeup of it, it's some sort of naturally occurring organic or otherwise marine organism."

Are we headed to some crazy world where events in movies like the "Blob" are a part of our daily reality?

He saw some jellyfish tangled up in the stuff, and someone turned in what was left of a dead goose -- just bones and feathers -- to the borough's wildlife department.

The blob may actually be hungry as evidenced by the above news. Will this blob try to consume the earth and its resources like some bad cartoon action plot? Perhaps it's some type of Exxon Valdez monster or that crazy oil slick from "Creepshow!"

Source: Anchorage Daily News

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

British Master Computer Responsible For Cyber Attacks on US and South Korea?

The cyberattack fear mongering seems to be dying down - at last. The earth is still here. The dams didn't crack. The polar bears are still swimming! And Megatron didn't fill thousands of energon cubes while using Soundwave to conduct a worldwide cyberattack.

In an interesting twist to my past cyberattack blog posts, it now appears that the North Korean cyberattacks may actually have been controlled somehow by a British master computer. I never believed North Korea conducted the cyberattacks -- it seemed like a way to hype up some public fear for Jay Rockefeller to get his Cybersecurity Act while the military industrial complex gets to continue fanning the war flames on the Korean peninsula.

The master computer which controlled last week’s massive cyber attack on websites in the US and South Korea is in Britain, Asian computer security investigators claim.

The attack, which paralysed the websites of South Korean and United States government agencies, banks and businesses over the course of a week, was first blamed on communist North Korea. But having traced the attack back via proxy computers used in the attack, a security company in Vietnam has identified a server belonging to Global Digital Broadcast, a Brighton-based internet television company as the source of the attacks.

Source: Times Online

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen Signs Law Stopping Gun Confiscation During Martial Law

Once again I missed another key story that is pro-2nd Amendment and for that I apologize. Nevertheless, in light of the gun confiscation rounds that happened during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the State of Tennessee and Governor Phil Bredesen have passed a law that states a legally possessed gun will not be seized during martial law.

A person who legally possesses a gun would not have it seized during periods of martial rule under a proposal that has been signed into law by the governor.

The measure was signed by Gov. Phil Bredesen on Thursday and takes effect immediately.

I do not usually have many positive things to say about lame duck Governor Bredesen, but this is actually a very important law. So although I may have said some less than flattering things about you in the past, thank you for this law Governor Bredesen.

We do not want a repeat of the following:


John Holdren, Obama's Science Czar Believes in Eugenics?

I'll write more later, but this Holdren guy is 110% psycho. Check out his 1977 book "Ecoscience" for the scary details. Here are some links on President Obama's Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, and Co-Chair of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.
President Obama's Science Czar, John Holdren, took a controversial and amoral approach to the science of population by recommending mass compulsory sterilization and even forced abortion (and/or forced marriages) under certain circumstances. His 1977 tome, Ecoscience, which he co-authored with Paul and Anne Ehrlich, also displays a revealing disregard for the institution of the traditional human family.

Obama's Science Czar: Traditional family is obsolete, punish large families | Washington Examiner

Here is a DETAILED analysis on "Ecoscience" by the writers at Infowars and Prison Planet.

Just to give you an example of the crazy thoughts that I have been cited from this book, check out pages 786-787. The screenshots are below where the authors propose adding sterilants to the drinking water and food in order to control human fertility.

“Adding a sterilant to drinking water or staple foods is a suggestion that seems to horrify people more than most proposals for involuntary fertility control. Indeed, this would pose some very difficult political, legal, and social questions, to say nothing of the technical problems. No such sterilant exists today, nor does one appear to be under development. To be acceptable, such a substance would have to meet some rather stiff requirements: it must be uniformly effective, despite widely varying doses received by individuals, and despite varying degrees of fertility and sensitivity among individuals; it must be free of dangerous or unpleasant side effects; and it must have no effect on members of the opposite sex, children, old people, pets, or livestock.”

John Holdren's Response to these allegations! Mr. Holdren says that he does not believe the words attributed to him in "Ecoscience" and that the book should not be taken seriously. Read the book and then decide.

According to [Rick] Weiss [the Office of Science and Technology Policy’s Director of Strategic Communications], Holdren “made clear that he did not believe in coercive means of population control” and is not an advocate for measures expressed in the book “and they are certainly not endorsed by this administration in any way.”

Image Source: Zombie Time

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Top Five RemixxWorld! Posts (1st Half of 2009)

First, I want to thank all the readers of this blog. What started out as a mere Congressional campaign hobby in 2006 has turned into a true passion. Second, this blog is growing every day as I have put more and more work into my research in stories. Third, I want to welcome all NEW readers to this blog by providing a list of my favorite blog posts this year through June 30, 2009.

1. Weird Hexadecimal Code and Possible Warning in Telegraph's Operation Blackjack Part 5 (As Heard on Infowarrior Show)? (June 16, 2009) -- This is the blog post that officially put "Remixx World!" on the map. Both Alex Jones and Jason Bermas covered the article on air to millions of listeners. The Blackjack matter turned out to be hoax, but thanks to the diligent efforts of the many online infowarriors, the hoax was revealed A LOT sooner than it would have been otherwise.

2. Sheriff Boyer of Obama's Missouri Truth Squad Takes Dawn Welsh's Home By Force? (as heard on Power Hour & Alex Jones) (May 12, 2009) -- This is another story that attracted a lot of attention to this site and continues to do so today. I will do some research and do a follow up report on Ms. Welsh soon. Please stay tuned.

3. Remix World Real News Interviews Justin Ford of Memphis, Tennessee (May 11, 2009) -- Combining the power of BlogTalkRadio and this Blogger blog, I did my first radio nterview with my brother Justin Ford, Sr who was also my campaign manager back in '06. I was impressed with my younger brother in this interview. I predict many big things in his future.

4. Iverson Should Play Overseas in the Euroleague if NBA Teams Don't Want to Start Him in 2009-10 (April 3, 2009) -- This is one of my favorite blog posts in terms of original content that was not about military industrial complex matters. I was surprised that it did not get me more hits, but I was ignorant to maximizing a page's SEO back in April. It now appears that Allen Iverson may be signing with the Los Angeles Clippers, so there goes this blog post.

5. American Company Sends Bird Flu Virus to European Lab in Vaccine!!! What the @#$% (March 7, 2009) -- This is the most important story I have blogged about this year especially in light of the H1N1 pandemic (currently at Phase 6) and the government's recent announcement that H1N1 vaccines will be available in October. With the information contained in this blog story, will you feel safe taking the Baxter vaccine this Fall?

Montana National Guard to Conduct FEMA & NORTHCOM Earthquake Drills With Foreign Troops From Kyrgyzstan

For all the Montana patriots who believed they would see foreign troops operating within the State during their respective lifetimes, their beliefs are about to be realized later this year September 15-18, 2009. This is just another of the many military exercises happening domestically, including the upcoming NLE 09 exercises set for July 27-31, 2009. One website Public Intelligence has analyzed and detailed the upcoming Montana Vigilant Guard exercises:

...[T]he Montana National Guard will be performing a joint exercise with FEMA and NORTHCOM to help coordinate emergency response to natural and manmade disasters. The exercise is one of many regional Vigilant Guard exercises being held by the National Guard this year...These Vigilant Guard exercises are part of a larger, national-level program called Ardent Sentry 2009. Ardent Sentry is conducted by NORTHCOM and NORAD and its major “venues” include not only the Vigilant Guard exercises, but an “AMALGAM DART exercise involving air defense activities at Camp Rilea, Oregon” and “a Nuclear Weapons Incident exercise (NUWAIX) with a U.S. Air Force response near Cheyenne, Wyoming.”

...Vigilant Guard “provides an opportunity for National Guard Joint Task Forces and field units to improve command and control, and operational relationships with internal, civilian, and military partners against homeland security threats. The exercise involves all the command elements of Northern Command, National Guard Bureau, Department of Defense, U.S. Transportation Command, Department of Homeland Security and other supporting U.S. government agencies"...

A feature of recent exercises has been foreign military involvement. The Iowa Vigilant Guard exercise involved troops from Mexico, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Bahamas, and Senegal. The Montana Vigilant Guard exercise will include the participation of Kyrgyzstan...

Watch out for a potential false flag! If you read further into this article, you will see that there was an Ardent Sentry exercise on September 11, 2001. You will also see that the exercise involves a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hitting Montana. Has an earthquake ever hit the State of Montana?

In addition to unifying “emergency response” and exercising NORTHCOM’s capacity to command local government in times of crisis, the Vigilant Guard exercises are noteworthy because they are connected to the Vigilant Guardian Exercises that were occurring on the morning of September 11, 2001. The Vigilant Guardian Exercises were also conducted by NORAD and featured scenarios that strangely mimicked real-world events. The 2009 Vigilant Guard Exercises in Montana will focus on a hypothetical earthquake of 7.2 magnitude...

Source: Public Intelligence

Pentagon To Produce Man-Eating Robots & Machines aka "EATR" (Not a Joke!)

****UPDATE (July 18, 2009): Now Fox is reporting that the EATR is a vegetarian and will not devour human biomass flesh. Hmmm, how will the designers guarantee that the EATRs will not just ignore their programs and "eat" whatever biomass is available. The original article has been scrubbed by Fox, but the original text of the article is included below for comparison purposes. I have also included the EATR technical presentation documentation below for your reference.*****

This is probably a subject better left for my future technologies blog "Are We in the Matrix?," but I wanted to put it here because it somewhat relates to subject matter I discuss on this blog and this blog gets much better traffic.

I heard this story earlier today and could not believe its absurdity. It seems like a bad movie plot from the 1980s like "Chopping Mall." I recall plenty of movies where robots tried to kill humans, but I do not recall any movie where the robots eat humans. However, now this horrific man-eating robot scenario is closer to reality as a company now has a shiny Pentagon contract to produce a man-eating robot. Does this company not know that every robot's default mode is "kill all humans?"

The Matrix is probably the closest where the machines used humans as batteries (see above), which is somewhat similar to eating when the robots snatches one of these human pods for energy use.

A Maryland company under contract to the Pentagon is working on a steam-powered robot that would fuel itself by gobbling up whatever organic material it can find — grass, wood, old furniture, even dead bodies.

Robotic Technology Inc.'s Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot — that's right, "EATR" — "can find, ingest, and extract energy from biomass in the environment (and other organically-based energy sources), as well as use conventional and alternative fuels (such as gasoline, heavy fuel, kerosene, diesel, propane, coal, cooking oil, and solar) when suitable," reads the company's Web site.

That "biomass" and "other organically-based energy sources" wouldn't necessarily be limited to plant material — animal and human corpses contain plenty of energy, and they'd be plentiful in a war zone.

EATR will be powered by the Waste Heat Engine developed by Cyclone Power Technology of Pompano Beach, Fla., which uses an "external combustion chamber" burning up fuel to heat up water in a closed loop, generating electricity.

The advantages to the military are that the robot would be extremely flexible in fuel sources and could roam on its own for months, even years, without having to be refueled or serviced.

Upon the EATR platform, the Pentagon could build all sorts of things — a transport, an ambulance, a communications center, even a mobile gunship.

In press materials, Robotic Technology presents EATR as an essentially benign artificial creature that fills its belly through "foraging," despite the obvious military purpose.


Source: Fox News (the original article has been removed by Fox); Robotic Technology, Inc.

Image Source:

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People Are Buying Lots of Guns in Memphis!

Nationwide, there have been millions of guns sold since President Obama was first elected in November, 2008. I would not expect my hometown to be any different -- in fact, I would expect sales percentage to be much greater in Memphis. This video only shows one gun shop, but I imagine that you would hear this same story if you interviewed other gun dealers.

Conspiracy Theory: Where is Obama's Long-Form Hawaiian Birth Certificate?

I am not one of those people who gets into a lot of conspiracy theories. Who am I kidding? I am exactly the type of person who gets into a lot of conspiracy theories. The crazier the better!

The below conspiracy theory is one that I have been following since the historic 2008 Presidential election of Barack H. Obama. Whether it is true or not is irrelevant at this point, because I highly doubt that the President will be removed over a citizenship issue during his term. If an all-powerful N.W.O. is indeed running the show as many conspiracy theorists believe, then there is no way that they have not planned for this situation.

How difficult would it be for the N.W.O. to produce a "legitimate" document and/or long-form birth certificate saying that Obama was born in Hawaii?

Nevertheless, President Obama could easily quash ALL DOUBT about his citizenship if there are no unrevealed issues. President Obama could simply release the long-form version of his birth certificate instead of the short-form version that is currently used by his supporters as 100% proof. One site has provided a detailed analysis of this point, including providing an image example of a long-form Hawaiian birth certificate.

To date, Obama has not revealed his original long-form, hospital-generated "Certificate of Live Birth" that includes details such as the name of the medical facility and the doctor who delivered him.

Here is an actual Hawaii birth certificate from 1963 (the same era as Obama's birth), which while redacted includes detailed information documenting a birth, including the name of the birth hospital and the attending physician. Beneath it is the short-form "Certification of Live Birth" offered by Obama as proof of his Hawaiian birth. It is possible to have been born outside of Hawaii and still obtain the latter form, but not the former:

Long-form birth certificate from state of Hawaii (Image courtesy Philip Berg)

Here is the "Certification of Live Birth" presented by Obama:

Short-form "Certification of Live Birth"

WND has reported on dozens of legal challenges to Obama's status as a "natural born citizen." The Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, states, "No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President."

Some of the lawsuits question whether he was actually born in Hawaii, as he insists. If he was born out of the country, Obama's American mother, the suits contend, was too young at the time of his birth to confer American citizenship to her son under the law at the time.

Other challenges have focused on Obama's citizenship through his father, a Kenyan subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom at the time of his birth, thus making him a dual citizen. The cases contend the framers of the Constitution excluded dual citizens from qualifying as natural born.

Source: World Net Daily

United States Air Force Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Plan 2009-2047 (May 18, 2009) (Unclassified)

***UPDATE (July 16, 2009) --> I do not know if it is because the USAF document was posted on this blog on July 13, 2009 or originally on the Prison Planet Forums, but a mere two (2) days later, the United States Air Force issued an official press release on July 15, 2009 for its unmanned aircraft system. Coincidence?***

Below is a document that was pointed out to me on the Prison Planet Forums by a poster named Anti-Illuminati. Basically, the document is 82 pages of complex military industrial jargon that is hard to decipher. Nevertheless, I want to link to the unclassified document in case of methods of retrieving it in the future are unavailable, because it appears to state the Air Force's plan for complete global, aerial dominance. Unfortunately, Annex 1 (Assessment of UAS Threats) and Annex 2 (Gaps and Shortfalls) are classified.

From my readings of the information and my understanding of technology, it does indeed appear that we are heading toward some sort of wicked "Terminator" movie-style reality except that Skynet will not be controlled by robots. It will be controlled by the global bankers who control intelligence and military operations.

The "Skynet" or worldwide grid will be policed by unmanned aircraft systems that process and receive every piece of information in a specified square mile grid. All communications, all data, all financial transactions, all television viewing, all food purchases, all energy consumption, all web usage, et cetera. Combine these UA systems with face recognition cameras, cell phone positioning and the Internet and it is possible for the Air Force to have a real time understanding of everything at all times. It basically becomes all-knowing!

A poster named lavosslayer who alleges to be Ex-Air Force intelligence summarized the document much better than me as follows. His analysis makes the most sense to me and I will be reviewing the attached document further to see if any addendum to this article needs to be made:

1) The US Military is in the process of constructing a surveillance grid that will give them instant information on any event going on anywhere in the world. Being able to retrieve and disseminate information to soldiers on the ground in real-time at the users immediate request. (aka soldiers "quelling" a protest can instantly get information on how many people are protesting, who everyone there is (name, age, bloodtype etc.) and where they are standing all at the push of a button or a verbal request.)

2) The US Air Force is also investing huge sums of money into creating various types of Unmanned Vehicles that it seems will eventually eliminate the use for humans direct involvement in "hostile" areas reducing the manpower throughout the military (since they won't need us anyway because if they had their way most of us would be dead). Thus giving them, along with this global information grid, complete and total autonomy over the entire planet. No matter where you go or what you do there is an unmanned vehicle made to keep an eye on you making sure your being a good slave and not falling out of line...(aka sitting in a room talking about how much you hate the government and what its doing while they secretly have an unmanned spy vehicle the size and appearance of a fly sitting in the room transmitting all audio and video data back to the control room allowing them to immediately deploy troops to arrest you...

United States Air Force Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Plan 2009-2047 (Unclassified)

Source: Prison Planet Forums; University of North Dakota, Center for UAS Research

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Chemtrails" Confirmed -- KSLA News Report from 2008!

KSLA News 12 investigation in Southwest Arkansas and Louisiana about chemtrails, Reporter Jeff Ferrell shows the results of testing the station had done about what's in the skies. The report found significant amounts of barium in the chemtrails!

Source: KSLA

Philippines on the Verge of Martial Law?!?! (Over 60 Bombings Since January)

I certainly have not heard about this story until the last few days.

The wave of violence last week in this religiously divided and politically troubled archipelago has made residents skittish even in Manila, the capital some 500 miles to the north, where a bomb damaged a government office in June and several others were found.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has beefed up an anti-terrorist command center and troops have been placed on high alert. Bomb-sniffing dogs patrol the airport and weapons checkpoints have sprung up throughout the metropolitan area of 12 million residents.

The Los Angeles Times is not reporting that there have been over 60 bombs since January of this year! Philippine National Security Advisor Norberto Gonzales said he expected more bombings before Arroyo's State of the Nation Address speech on July 27. "Militants no longer believe that rallies work," he said. "They want to get their message across, so they might resort to more gimmicks like bombs."

Can you imagine the level of martial law this country would be at if there had been 60+ bombings of places in this country?

The country has recorded 62 bombings and attempted bomb attacks since January, Sen. Rodolfo Biazon bared today.

Biazon, chairman of the Senate Committee on National Defense, said the latest bombing incident in Iligan City -- where 22 people were wounded -- is the 62nd case.

"That will make an average of 10 bombing and bombing attempt incidents a month," Biazon said in a radio interview.

Source: Los Angeles Times; Philstar

Switch Away From Dollar Could Cause U.S. Bankruptcy (Gerald Celente)!

President Obama to Extend Dick Cheney's Secret Service Protection

Dick Cheney is the rare former Vice President with Secret Service protection. That protection will continue as President Obama has agreed to extend Cheney's Secret Service protection. I guess Obama has to protect the family.

There appears no end in sight for when Dick Cheney, a rare former vice president with Secret Service protection, will lose his security detail. Whispers has learned that the political battler's Secret Service protection has been extended, though there were no details on the length.

Source: Washington Whispers

Mars Planet Has A Blue Sky (As Seen By NASA in 1979)! Don't Believe the "Total Recall" Hype!

Frost at the Viking 2 Lander (48°N,226°W)
Viking Lander 2 is far enough north that frost deposits may form on the surface during winter. This image, taken in May 1979, shows a thin, white layer of water frost, estimated to be only micrometers (1 micrometer = 0.001 millimeters) thick, covering parts of the surface. The reddish regions are soil and rock not covered by the frost. Portions of the spacecraft are visible in the right foreground. (Viking Lander image 21I093.)

Image Source: NASA (through

Further Cyberattack Fear Mongering by South Korea -- "May Spawn Another Financial Crisis"

More and more of this fear mongering! When I read an article like this in a US paper, then I will know that we are full steam ahead toward the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 being the law of the land. I cringe at that thought. Anyway, South Korea says another cyberattack could cause another financial crisis.

``Even the primitive and simplistic DDoS attacks have successfully disrupted the country's online banking system although customers' money was protected this time around,'' Korea Information Security Agency (KISA) official Yoo Jin-ho said.

``What if more sophisticated and intensive schemes are launched to hit the whole system? If we are not ready, this could disrupt Internet banking trading, thus spawning another financial crisis,'' Yoo said.

I got news for you, buddy. The global bankers have already caused a financial crisis and they are heading out the back door to the getaway car with the proceeds! Besides, no acne-faced hacker in his parent's garage basement is going to bring down a financial system. This isn't Hollywood!

Source: The Korea Times

Cyberattack Spreads to the Iranian Opposition Twitter Page?

At this time, there is no direct evidence linking the current spam cyberattack on the Iranian Opposition's Twitter account to the cyberattacks that have been occurring over the last two weeks. In fact, the cyber attacks in South Korea, Australia and the United States over the last two weeks have been denial-of-service attacks, whereas these Twitter attacks seem to be spam-based.

Nevertheless, it is further fuel for the Internet fear fire that our government has been fanning in preparation for upcoming vote on The Cybersecurity Act of 2009.

Persons unknown disrupted the #iranelection tag used by Iran opposition activists on Twitter for almost all of Saturday 11th July. Legitimate messages coordinating political opposition to the Iranian government were drowned out by massive volume of tweet spam for a product called Turbo Cash Generator, and also for -a free domain registration service.

Source: Fintan Dunne News

FLASHBACK! President's Daily Brief Prepared By For-Profit Corporations

I missed this blog story when it was first posted by in 2007. However, it makes so much sense that I never even thought to consider the possibility. Since the government and corporations partner up in so many other areas, why wouldn't they partner up in intelligence gathering, including the President's Daily Brief, the most sensitive and confidential daily document in the country?

Who knows more about the international intelligence than a powerful multinational corporation with a presence in the regions at issue? As a result, the corporation carries "the weight of the combined intelligence agencies in the United States."

It’s true that the government pays for and signs off on the assessment, but much of the analysis and even some of the underlying intelligence gathering is corporate. Corporations have so penetrated the Intelligence Community that it’s impossible to distinguish their work from the government’s. Although the President’s Daily Brief has the seal of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, it is misleading. For full disclosure, the PDB [President's Daily Brief] really should look more like NASCAR with corporate logos plastered all over it.

UPDATE: Here is another article called "Intelligence Gathering" that further discusses this subject of for-profit, private corporations determining the course of U.S. intelligence.

Key functions of intelligence agencies are now run by private corporations. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) revealed in May that 70 percent of the intelligence budget goes to contractors.

For all practical purposes, effective control of the NSA is with private corporations, which run its support and management functions. As the Washington Post's Walter Pincus reported last year, more than 70 percent of the staff of the Pentagon's newest intelligence unit, CIFA (Counterintelligence Field Activity), is made up of corporate contractors.

Source: The Spy Who Billed Me; The Nation