Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thousands of Australian Bank Customers Affected By Cyberattack!

I'm going to be keeping my eye on this story from Australia where people cannot access their accounts due to a cyberattack to see if it spreads to other regions and zones of the world. How can the powers-that-be not trace the source of the attacks? There should not be many computing centers in the world that can produce the sophisticated denial-of-service attacks needed to affect a banking computer system.

Commonwealth Bank says it still cannot pinpoint the source of a presumed cyber attack blamed for preventing customers from accessing their online accounts, highlighting a security risk expected to become more common in coming years.

Thousands of Commonwealth Bank's 2.5 million NetBank customers continue to be prevented from viewing accounts and carrying out transactions today, nearly a week after the bank was target of what it says was probably a denial-of-service attack by hackers.

Source: Fairfax Digital

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