Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Have Awakened, Believe 9/11 Was Inside Job! (Interview with Alex Jones on June 30, 2009)

I followed the celebrity blogs religiously for years and two of my favorite people to hate were Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag (aka "Speidi") from MTV's "The Hills." They were the definition to me of the empty celebrity. Today, due to current world events, I do not follow the blogs as much as I did in previous years. Therefore, I had no idea what Pratt and Montag were up to until they appeared on "The Alex Jones Show" today.

And you know what? Their knowledge about the true world events was quite impressive and they were able to discuss a wide range of topics that most "educated" people cannot discuss. Welcome to the fold!


One of the more interesting parts is when Spencer admits to Alex Jones that Spencer believes 9/11 was an inside job.

Alex Jones - ..You guys talk about whatever you wanna discuss.. 9/11 inside job?

Spencer Pratt - 9/11 is.. I can't believe I didn't know about WTC 7 [a/k/a Building 7] until your film.. talking about specifics of taking down WTC 7

Alex Jones - Joined ranks of Charlie Sheen, Jesse Ventura, Willie Nelson.. etc.. first time you've spoken about 9/11 in a media venue?

Spencer Pratt - That's how the media is, you're the first person who's even asked me about 9/11.. such a big thing in American history.. let's not even investigate.

Alex Jones - You guys really know your stuff, you've done your research, you have courage.. i appreciate sharing your voyage, your awakening with us.. it just gets deeper.

They even mentioned getting Hannah Montana's Miley Cyrus to wake up.

Alex Jones - Specifically w/ Miley Cyrus.. one of you was texting her.. she asked what is Infowars, just from that thousands of Twitters and e-mails, new listeners and young people, trying to figure out what's going on.. valuable to see this happen, hope you and others can reach out and explain to Cyrus she's being used by globalists re: cyber-bullying act..don't think she wants to be known as the person who helped killed America.

Heidi Montag - She's a great girl, she had no idea.. very hard to find out about you [The Alex Jones Show & Infowars] because they keep this all hidden and secretive, know truth is a weapon.. we wanna make everyone aware of what's going on before it's too late.. i saw what you said about bullying act, that's robbing everyone of freedom of speech.. it's sad that it's gotten this far.

Alex Jones - We're not saying [Miley] Cyrus is bad.. she's being used

Heidi Montag - I agree, none of us knew.. she showed interest and is making a huge difference to little girls.. I wanna talk to her about cyber-bulling issue..

Wow, this information war is certainly getting interesting and strange.

Source: Flur (transcription); Prison Planet Forums ; The Alex Jones Show; Genesis Communications Network

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