Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Trains Filled With 14,000 Tons of Depleted Uranium Headed for Utah!

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Critics want Gov. Gary Herbert to stop a train that's loaded with depleted uranium. It began rolling toward Utah Tuesday night, even though the governor sent a letter to Washington to try to stop it.

The critics called on the Governor Wednesday to take even stronger action, but his aides believe he doesn't have the legal authority to block the train.

EnergySolutions, the company that will take the depleted uranium, insists it is safe and no more radioactive than waste it's been putting in its Tooele County landfill for many years. But the governor's office said the state is only part way through a study of that issue.

The Department of Energy has refused to stop the train from rolling into Utah

The train has left the station and a shipment of depleted uranium headed for Utah cannot be stopped, the U.S. Department of Energy said Wednesday.


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