Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jack Conway's Brother Matthew Admits Lying to Louisville Narcotics Detectives While Under Investigation in Possible Drug Coverup

I'm not a Kentucky voter, but as a member of the Bar, the admitted actions by Matthew Conway are disgusting and he should be disbarred immediately. Of course, Senate candidate Jack Conway claims ignorance and that he only advised his brother to seek legal counsel. However, Jack's claims should be investigated further, because something seems awful fishy here.

A Jefferson County prosecutor [Matthew C. Conway] was tipped off by Louisville narcotics detectives twice in the past two years that he was under investigation for possible drug use or trafficking, according to police records obtained by The Courier-Journal...

When investigators learned of the leaks and interrogated the two detectives and the prosecutor last March, all three initially gave false or misleading statements about what happened, those records show. The statements of Matthew C. Conway, the prosecutor, were made under oath.

Conway told investigators he had lied to protect Russ, because “I just didn’t wanna see him lose his job over this. And, it was foolish and I’m sorry, it is wrong, and, you know, I’m paying for it now,” the records show.

Source: Louisville Courier Journal

Monday, October 25, 2010

FLASHBACK: Undersea Volcano Eruption Near Samoa

If you cannot see the above image, click here to view the video.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Killer Bees Arrive in Georgia & Claim Their First Victim

Please click here for the government's map of the killer bee spread. The government will need to add Georgia to this list, because the killer bees have arrived in Georgia and they have claimed their first victim.

Tests confirm Africanized honeybees attacked and killed a Dougherty County man last week.

It's the first time those aggressive and dangerous bees have been found in the state.

73-year old Curtis Davis died after he was stung more than a hundred times.

Source: WLBT-3