Saturday, April 24, 2010

India's Security Chief Tests Honeywell's T-Hawk Micro Air Vehicle Unmanned Aerial Surveillance Drones in Jungles Against Maoist Rebels

The original article about the Honeywell's T-Hawk Micro Air Vehicle may be viewed at the Financial Times webpage. The site does not allow cutting and pasting, so I will not quote the article like I normally do. To summarize without cutting, Maoist guerrillas allegedly killed 76 people in an ambush attack. In order to track, trace and database the rebel forces on the ground, the Indian Security Chief will use these Honeywell microdrones to gather information.

For information on the T-Hawk (not Tony Hawk) directly from Honeywell, click this link or the picture above.

U.S. Wholesale Food Prices Jump By 2.4% (Most in Last 26 Years)

I heard quite a few futurologists say back in 2008 that the food supply was going to face critical shortages and price increases in the near future. While I have not seen any food shortages on a local level, the national media is reporting that in March, 2010, food prices have surged by the most in 26 years.

Wholesale prices rose more than expected last month as food prices surged by the most in 26 years...

Food prices jumped by 2.4 percent in March, the most since January 1984. Vegetable prices soared by more than 49 percent, the most in 15 years
. A cold snap wiped out much of Florida's tomato and other vegetable crops at the beginning of this year.

Also, note that vegetable prices have increased by nearly 50%.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Friday, April 23, 2010

New Cameras to Track Speeding Motorists from Satellites in Outer Space

People like to say that we are living on a prison planet. It appears that way to me more and more every day when I read the news. Case in point, this story about satellites being able to possibly track, trace and database speeders from outer space. If that is not some 1984 stuff, then I do not know what is. Talk about a lack of due process. How could anyone realistically challenge one of these satellite readings? It is one thing to question the ticketing officer in Court, but how will a motorist be able to confirm whether a satellite is giving accurate readings? Further, how would anyone even know which specific satellite tracked them?

The Home Office is testing the cameras at two sites, one in Southwark, London, and the other A374 between Antony and Torpoint in Cornwall.

The `SpeedSpike’ system, which calculates average speed between any two points in the network, has been developed by PIPS Technology Ltd, an American-owned company with a base in Hampshire.

Details of the trials are contained in a House of Commons report. The company said in its evidence that the cameras enabled "number plate capture in all weather conditions, 24 hours a day". It also referred to the system's "low cost" and ease of installation.

Source: London Telegraph

Deadly Airborne Cryptococcus Gattii Fungus Set to Spread in Oregon

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A deadly, airborne new strain of fungus has emerged in Oregon. It has killed nearly one out of four known affected people so far and might also attack animals ranging from dogs to dolphins. And it is likely to spread, researchers now warn.

The new strain known as VGIIc of the fungus Cryptococcus gattii not only targets humans but has also proven capable of infecting dogs, cats, alpacas, sheep and elk. Other strains have even infected porpoises.

Source: MSNBC

Thursday, April 22, 2010

China Gives $20 Billion in Non-IMF Financing to Venezuela in Exchange for Shipment of Additional 400,000 Barrels of Oil Per Day

Chavez Picture ©2009 London Telegraph. All Rights Reserved.

Here's another major world deal that does not involve the United States. China is going to buy $20,000,000,000 in fuel from Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. I guess the Monroe Doctrine is long dead. Nevertheless, I do not recall if the Monroe Doctrine applied to business transactions.

China will contribute financing of $20 billion" to help with development in Venezuela under conditions that in no way have anything to do with the excessive interest rates of multilateral lending entities, such as the International Monetary Fund, Chavez said ahead of a meeting here Sunday with Chinese President Hu Jintao.

"All the petroleum that China may need to consolidate itself as a great power is here," Chavez said, adding that the Asian country will become "the No. 1 great world power".

Source: Economic Times

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FLASHBACK: Timothy McVeigh's Only Televised Interview (Aired March 12, 2000 on 60 Minutes with Ed Bradley)

Watch CBS News Videos Online

UPDATE - July 21, 2010 - If you are looking for the full interview, then you are out of luck. I emailed CBS News requesting a copy of the full interview, but CBS responded by saying it could not release the full video due to copyright issues.

FLASHBACK: Somark Develops Invisible RFID Ink Safe For Cattle & People That Can Be Detected from Four (4) Feet Away

There is no need for an implantable microchip when someone can inject invisible RFID ink into his/her skin. The below quote is from a 2007 Information Week article about Somark Innovations.

Somark Innovations announced this week that it successfully tested biocompatible RFID ink, which can be read through animal hairs...

Co-founder Mark Pydynowski said during an interview Wednesday that the ink doesn't contain any metals and can be either invisible or colored. He declined to say what is in the ink, but said he's certain that it is 100% biocompatible and chemically inert. He also said it is safe for
people and animals.

The process developed by Somark involves a geometric array of micro-needles and a reusable applicator with a one-time-use ink capsule. Pydynowski said it takes five to 10 seconds to "stamp or tattoo" an animal, and there is no need to remove the fur. The ink remains in the dermal layer, and a reader can detect it from 4 feet away.

Information Week

Rep. Jane Harman Calls for Higher Taxes & Defense Spending Cuts at Progressive Caucus at California Democratic Convention on April 17, 2010

While I agree that we need to cut some of the spending in the military industrial complex, I do not agree with higher taxes. Unless people are vigilant, the government will impose more defense spending and higher taxes.

Rep. Maxine Waters Misspeaks During Oil Executive Testimony and Reveals Government's True Intentions for Socializing America

The slip of the tongue begins around 0:35.

Dick Morris Reveals That President Clinton Had to Reappoint Janet Reno to Second Term or She Would Disclose Truth About Waco Siege

This is quite the bombshell revelation from Mr. Dick Morris. He tells Sean Hannity that Bill Clinton had to reappoint Attorney Janet Reno to a second term or she would tell the truth on Waco. Mr. Morris did not say what this truth was. The comment begins around the 0:45 mark.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Communist Dolphins Reportedly Block & Protect China's Cargo Shipments from Somali Pirate Ships

I am going to file this story under B.S. Just because someone writes it online doesn't make it true, and that also applies to any nonsense I might say from time to time on this blog. However, the original story is just too funny to not post. Nevertheless, I simply do not buy the story that dolphins were protecting the Chinese shipments from pirates. If the story is true, then it sounds like something out of the next Disney cartoon movie.

Thousands of dolphins blocked the suspected Somali pirate ships when they were trying to attack Chinese merchant ships passing the Gulf of Aden, the China Radio International reported on Monday.

Source: China Daily

Sunday, April 18, 2010

enXco and Xcel Energy Complete Agreement to Build 201 Megawatt Wind Power Project in Nobles County, Minnesota

Image Source: James McCauley (Above picture is not in Minnesota)


enXco and Xcel Energy Close on 201 Megawatt Wind Project

Escondido, CA – March 31, 2010 enXco, an EDF Energies Nouvelles Company (PARIS: EEN), and Xcel Energy (NYSE: XEL) closed on the Wind Project Purchase and Sale Agreement (WPPSA) for the Nobles Wind Project, a 201 megawatt wind facility to be constructed in Nobles County in southwest Minnesota.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission approved the Nobles Wind Project on May 28, 2009. The closure of the WPPSA transfers the project ownership to Northern States Power Co. –an Xcel Energy operating company.

The agreement between enXco and Xcel Energy builds on the experience the two companies attained through their joint developments of nearly 500 megawatts over the past several years including Grand Meadow Wind Farm, Fenton Wind Project, Viking Wind Project and Chanarambie Wind Project all located in Minnesota, as well as, Peetz Wind Project in Colorado.

"Closing the WPPSA is an important milestone in the development of the Nobles Wind project," said Steve Peluso, vice president development for enXco's Midwest Region. "The Spring weather allows us to step up construction efforts, generating 150 jobs in the next few months. We are pleased to once again partner with Xcel Energy to bring economic and renewable benefits from the Nobles Wind Project to their customers in the Upper Midwest."

"Xcel Energy already is the nation's No. 1 wind power provider, and the Nobles Wind Project advances our commitment to provide clean, renewable energy at a reasonable cost to our customers," said Judy Poferl, president and CEO, Northern States Power Co.-Minnesota, an Xcel Energy company. "We are pleased to move ahead on this project which will underscore our commitment to the communities we serve, increase our ownership of wind facilities, and help us meet aggressive renewable energy requirements."

The Nobles Wind Project, consisting of 134 GE 1.5 MW turbines will produce enough electricity to power approximately 50,000 homes. The wind farm is expected to be operational by the end of 2010, helping Xcel Energy to reach its Renewable Portfolio Standard target of generating 30 percent of its retail electrical sales with renewable power by 2020.

About enXco, an EDF EN Company

enXco ( – an EDF Energies Nouvelles Company ( - develops, constructs, operates and manages renewable energy projects throughout the United States. For more than two decades, we have been a leader in wind-energy focusing on large-scale wind projects. Today enXco's portfolio includes solar and biomass technologies, in an effort to help drive our nation's transition to a sustainable energy economy. enXco is a significant owner and developer of wind-energy installations in the United States, and is the leading third-party operations & maintenance provider for wind farms in North America.

About Xcel Energy
Xcel Energy (NYSE: XEL) is a major U.S. electricity and natural gas company with regulated operations in eight Western and Midwestern states. Xcel Energy provides a comprehensive portfolio of energy-related products and services to 3.4 million electricity customers and 1.9 million natural gas customers through its regulated operating companies. Company headquarters are located in Minneapolis. More information is available at

enXco Media Contact:
Sandra G. Briner
Marketing Manager, enXco
(760) 740-7022 ext. 140

Ecuador Plans to Nationalize Foreign Oil Companies That Fail to Sign Royalty Agreement with Quito

I have not had much South America news lately on the blog, but the below article may help remedy this lack of coverage on my end. The story comes from Ecuador and from a website called

Latin America’s fifth-largest oil producer Ecuador warned foreign oil companies currently operating in the country to sign-up to a new proposed deal or face nationalization by Quito.

Why is FEMA Trying to Cover Up National Level Exercise 2010 (NLE '10)?

See also: FEMA Plans Nuclear Disaster Drill on Las Vegas Strip on May 17, 2010! (Cancelled)


Public Intelligence (via
April 16, 2010

Public Intelligence has received a request from FEMA to remove a “For Official Use Only” document regarding the National Level Exercise 2010 (NLE 10), which was scheduled for this coming May. The exercise was to be based on National Planning Scenario 1 which simulates a nuclear detonation in a U.S. city. However, recent political pressure has led to the exercise being “scaled back” according to the Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor and a variety of other publications. At the behest of Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), the exercise’s Nevada events have reportedly been canceled and the FEMA website now shows no mention of NLE 10.

On top of this, the Obama administration has recently been emphasizing the threat of a domestic nuclear attack. President Obama’s remarks at the Nuclear Security Summit on April 13, 2010 emphasize that the threat of terrorists using nuclear weapons inside of major metropolitan cities is one of the “greatest threats” that the world faces:

Two decades after the end of the Cold War, we face a cruel irony of history — the risk of a nuclear confrontation between nations has gone down, but the risk of nuclear attack has gone up.

Nuclear materials that could be sold or stolen and fashioned into a nuclear weapon exist in dozens of nations. Just the smallest amount of plutonium — about the size of an apple — could kill and injure hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Terrorist networks such as al Qaeda have tried to acquire the material for a nuclear weapon, and if they ever succeeded, they would surely use it. Were they to do so, it would be a catastrophe for the world — causing extraordinary loss of life, and striking a major blow to global peace and stability.

In short, it is increasingly clear that the danger of nuclear terrorism is one of the greatest threats to global security — to our collective security.

NLE 10 concerned itself with exactly this scenario: the detonation of a nuclear device inside of a U.S. city. Las Vegas was to be the epicenter of this hypothetical attack and, if the exercise utilized the same circumstances as
National Planning Scenario 1, it would have involved “hundreds of thousands” of casualties, more than 300,000 refugees and ultimately more than 1 million displaced persons.

The unpopularity of such a scenario, regardless of its security benefits, is obvious. What is strange is the attempt that is now being made by FEMA to eliminate references to the exercises and remove from circulation a document that has played an important role in drawing attention to the exercise. As the state of NLE 10 is unclear at the moment, it is difficult to say whether the request is truly motivated by security or whether there is a more dubious intention.