Friday, December 26, 2008

Could States' Bankruptcy and Constitutional Convention Lead to Abolishment of U.S. Constitution as We Know It?

Lots of word flying around the 'Net about how we (USA) are real close to having the requisite number of States to convene a Constitutional Convention (see article below by Nancy Levant). I hear that the Convention would be able to make MAJOR changes to our Constitution and way of life.

The current economic “crisis” is the tool, the highly planned and patient tool, to set up the global governing bureaucracy for real and for certain with the second convening of the Constitutional Convention in the wings. The big wigs tried it before in 1976, and they are trying again, but this time having manufactured national bankruptcy as public fear-based appeasement.

The powers that be (whomever they may be from your perspective) may already have a new Constitution in place to replace our current one. I remember seeing this particular document in "Behold a Pale Horse" many years ago. I never forget anything associated with Santa Barbara.

In 1964, the Ford Foundation funded an outfit called the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions to write a new constitution for our nation. After 40 drafts, a staff of 100+ people, and at a cost of 2.5 million dollars a year, a decade later (1974) the Proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America was finished.

What does all of this mean? I have no clue, but a Newstates document like the one commissioned above certainly has followers somewhere. It will be interesting to see if the current financial crisis will cause regional disharmony among the States and the response.

Source: (Nancy Levant)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Many USA Retailers To Close in 2009 (No More Shopping Malls?)

I completely agree with the below article about the state of our retail establishments. I hope I am wrong. It will be sad to lose one of the last remaining pieces of my childhood -- the suburban shopping mall. Many great 1980s movies from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Commando to Killbots occupied a place in the American shopping mall. If the retailers go belly up, then what will happen to our shopping malls? Only the strong will survive -- unless they ask for and get a gubment' bailout!

U.S. retailers will face a Darwinian fight for survival next year as they run out of cash as early as January and competition forces thousands of store closings, according to private-equity buyers and restructuring experts.

Probably 50,000 stores could close without any effect on consumer choice, Gregory Segall, a managing partner at buyout firm Versa Capital Management Inc., said yesterday during a panel discussion held at Bloomberg LP’s New York offices.

Source: Bloomberg

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hope for the Economy in 2009? (I'm Still Not Convinced)

It is great to have hope that our economy will rebound. I hope that things improve and our society moves into a new "golden age." I believe that we will eventually get to that point, but how many of us will survive the journey? Certain economists believe that things will improve in 2009.
But a panel of economists surveyed by says that — maybe, if all goes well — we could be closer to the end of this recession than the beginning. Now 12 months into a downturn that appears to be deepening, there are early signs that the elements may be coming into place for a convincing recovery. That “best case” forecast calls for the worst of the downturn easing by the middle of next year, with slow but steady growth in the second half of 2009. “We do have a number of forces that could come together to produce what could be a fairly strong recovery,” said Nariman Behravesh, chief economist at Global Insight.

Let's analyze some of things it said will trigger the recovery.
One of the major forces pushing the economy back on a growth track is a historic series of moves by the Federal Reserve to pump trillions of dollars into the financial system. Another is the huge package of tax cuts and government spending — some believe it could approach $1 trillion — that the incoming Obama administration could have in place by early next year.

How do you pump trillions of dollars into a financial system without some type of equivalent production (i.e., incomes earned for goods produced and services provided) for the amount pumped into the financial system? If you do not have some type equivalent production, then the pumped money is a fiction. It might as well be Monopoly money.

If I owe Citibank $200 and I only have $75, the only way I can make up the difference is by either (1) borrowing $125; (2) selling thing(s) I own of value for $125; or (3) working to earn an additional $125 in wages. I left one option out, because I am a law-abiding citizen. Nevertheless, if I wasn't a law-abiding citizen and if I had a fabulous printing press, I could print up the extra $125 I needed for Citibank. However, I would likely be visited by the Secret Service and sent for an extended stay to a stellar federal cross-bar motel. If I can't print up extra money for my bills, then why is the Federal Reserve allowed to print up money out of thin air and "pump it" into the economy?
Another is the huge package of tax cuts and government spending — some believe it could approach $1 trillion — that the incoming Obama administration could have in place by early next year.

Can someone in the President-elect's administration or supporter thereof please explain to me in specific terms how the administration plans to pay off a current $20+ trillion dollar deficit when it proposes both tax cuts and additional government spending? And saying that we will simply borrow the money from some foreign entity is not an acceptable answer.

Where is all this money coming from? Where? Where? It is being created out of thin air like someone has a genie lamp. Actions like that devalues the money already in the system. Putting an extra few trillion dollars will do nothing, but dilute the current value of the dollar in our pockets. Nevertheless, if you are printing up money from nothing, can you give me a bailout of my student loans? Sallie Mae will provide the pay-off amount.

Unfortunately, I do not see us coming out of this recession/depression for a very long time unless some unknown technology is created and released to the commercial sector where it then fuels the advent of an entirely new industry that sparks a new type of industrial revolution.

Someone call Contessa Brewer! She'll get to the bottom of all of this!

Source: MSNBC

VP Dick Cheney Owns Biden (Lets the World Know Who Has Absolute Power)

In a recent interview with Chris Wallace, VP Dick Cheney pretty states what everyone has already known. He is in control and doesn't care what anyone else thinks about the situation, because he is the biggest, baddest man on the block. VP Dick Cheney pretty much states that since the President has control of the nuclear codes, the President can do whatever he wants.
Cheney explained that the president's 24/7 access to nuclear codes in the event of an nuclear attack against the United States exemplifies the "nature of the world we live in."

"He could launch the kind of devastating attack the world has never seen," Cheney said. "He doesn't have to check with anybody, he doesn't have to call Congress, he doesn't have to check with the courts, he has that authority."

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Professional Sports (NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL) = The Canary in the Mine for Our Economy?

As our American economy seemingly implodes, I look for signs of it in my day-to-day interactions with the world. The signs are not as obvious here in Southern California or Atlanta, but I have seen signs of a weak economy in my hometown Memphis and in New Orleans. Retail establishments are boarded up or have been demolished for vacant lots.

One potential sign that came to me is the state and health of our professional sports leagues. Over the last 30 years, the major professional sports leagues (NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL) have generated enormous incomes and profits for owners, players, coaches and executives. The successful professional sports model is built on continuing success and growth. When I first started watching the NFL in 1979, teams such as the Carolina Panthers and Baltimore Ravens did not exist. The NBA has added and moved so many teams that it would hardly be recognizable to someone just watching for the first time since Magic's first year in '79-80.

If the economy is as bad as various people are stating in the media and print, then this bad economy will affect the professional sports world. Smaller entities are usually more affected by changes to the environment. A smaller sports league is going feel the effects faster than the larger sports leagues. It has already affected the Arena Football League, a league that had been around for two decades.
After days of speculation, the Arena Football League announced Monday that it will suspend the 2009 season in hopes of returning in 2010.

The decision was made by the league’s board of directors during a conference call Sunday night.

“Owners … recognize that, especially in light of the current unprecedented economic climate, the AFL, as a business enterprise, needs to be restructured if it is to continue to provide its unique brand of this affordable, fan-friendly sport,” acting commissioner Ed Policy said in a statement.

The major pro leagues are in still business and show no signs of effects from the economy on the surface. Teams are still signing players to record contracts. Nevertheless, there may be some cracks in the foundation as the NBA has issues this year with attendance.

Over all, N.B.A. attendance is flat — about a half-percent higher than at this point last season on a per-game basis. Cumulatively, arenas are at about 89 percent of capacity, on par with last season.

Also, what happens when corporations can no longer sign leases for luxury boxes due to lack of corporate funds and income? What happens when the corporation cannot buy the naming rights for the local sports arena? What happens when the television rights for the league are actually lower than previous deals? Will it ever happen? I do not know. The NFL will likely be the most immune to any economic effects, because it continually sets paid attendance records.

The NFL set a regular-season attendance record for the fifth year in a row, averaging more than 67,000 fans per game for the second consecutive year, the NFL announced.

However, if we start seeing teams cease operations, teams consolidate operations, decreased television licensing rights fees and/or cancellation of games in any one of the major professional sports leagues, then those particular things will be the proverbial canary in the mine to tell you the economy is indeed in freefall, because we love our sports!

Source: Kansas City Star; New York Times;

The Debt of the United States of America Approaches Insolvency

The hits just keep on hitting with this economy. Now we're approaching insolvency. I need to find Morpheus, so he can show me just how far down our economy rabbit hole will go.

In the early months of next year, when the official data are published, the United States will run a serious risk of insolvency. This would involve, in the first place, a valuation crisis for the dollar. After this, the United States could face a social crisis like that in Argentina in 2001. A crisis in U.S. public debt would likely have a severe impact on the Asian countries that are the main exporters to the United States, China first among them.

Source: Spero News

Protesters Riot at San Francisco Mall in Solidarity With Greek Uprising

Did you know that there was a riot at a San Francisco mall yesterday evening? Coming soon to a mall near you?

A band of demonstrators, many wearing black masks, stormed a bustling San Francisco mall Saturday evening, upending garbage cans and foliage and damaging crystal merchandise at one kiosk.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Commando Governator Terminates and Erases California State Workers' Pay and Jobs Like a Predator

In California's current budget crisis, Governor Schwarzenegger has ordered hiring freezes and pay cuts to the State's workers -- but the workers are not happy. California is currently in a huge budget crisis and could RUN OUT OF MONEY in February 2009 if the situation is not resolved.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday ordered a state hiring freeze and payroll cuts to conserve cash as California struggles to deal with a $42 billion budget deficit.The governor issued an executive order that requires state agencies to reduce payroll by 10 percent, which could lead to massive layoffs. He also ordered the state's 235,000 employees to take two days off a month without pay, starting Feb. 1.

Source: The Huffington Post

Tidal Waves Hit Pacific Atolls -- Villages Running Out of Food!

Why isn't the mainstream media reporting on this story, but spending hours talking about Casey and Caylee Anthony?
Reports reaching the Solomon Star say the Atolls of Ontong Java have been badly hit and people there are now running out of food. Reports from the two affected villages say since Monday last week they have been experiencing rough seas that eventually turned into a tidal wave.

Chief Peter Kalali from the House of Chiefs of Luaniua and Pelau in a letter dated 11th December 2008 to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) said the situation had affected the livelihood of the people.

Source: Solomon Star

Russia Is Going Back to Cuba - First Time Since Soviet Era!

For the first time in a long while, Russian warships were sent to Cuba. The speculation is that Moscow wanted to send a message to Washington about America's actions in the recent Georgia conflict. Are we headed for a new Cold War? Is the Monroe Doctrine still in effect? If so, would America be able to enforce it at this point?
Russian warships pulled into Havana yesterday (December 19, 2008) for the first time since the end of the Soviet era in the last port of call on an expedition designed to send a message to Washington about the military reach of Moscow.

Source: Times Online

Friday, December 19, 2008

Known Unknowns: Unconventional "Strategic Shocks" in Defense Strategy Development

Numerous articles have cited the following policy papers at the Strategic Studies Institute at the United States Army War College regarding the Army's belief that a certain "strategic shock" event will likely lead to massive civil unrest here in the USA.
The report by the U.S. Army College's Strategic Institute, said that a defense community paralyzed by conventional thinking could be unprepared to help the United States cope with a series of unexpected crises that would rival the Al Qaida strikes in 2001, termed a "strategic shock."

The report cited the prospect of the collapse of a nuclear state leading to massive unrest in the United States, Middle East Newsline reported.

"Widespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security," the report, authored by [Ret.] Lt. Col. Nathan Freir, said.

Source: U.S. Army War College's Strategic Institute

Ohio SWAT Team Raids...a Food Co-Op! (Uh-oh, Must be Terrorists)

I read an article recently where a SWAT team in Ohio raided a food co-op called Manna Storehouse. While I do understand that there are legitimate reasons for a swat team raid, is this type of force really necessary to shut down a food co-op?

Agents began rifling through all of the family's possessions, a task that lasted hours and resulted in a complete upheaval of every private area in the home. Many items were taken that were not listed on the search warrant. The family was not permitted a phone call, and they were not told what crime they were being charged with. They were not read their rights. Over ten thousand dollars worth of food was taken, including the family's personal stock of food for the coming year. All of their computers, and all of their cell phones were taken, as well as phone and contact records. The food cooperative was virtually shut down. There was no rational explanation, nor justification, for this extreme violation of Constitutional rights.

Presumably Manna Storehouse might eventually be charged with running a retail establishment without a license. Why then the Gestapo-type interrogation for a 3rd degree misdemeanor charge? This incident has raised the ominous specter of a restrictive new era in State regulation and enforcement over the nation's private food supply.

Source: World Prout Assembly

Out Of Control: 9-Year Old Accused of Dealing Cough Drop Drugs.

Cough drops? Man, people are overreacting too much. If someone gives a kid a pixie stix, will they be charged with dealing drugs?
Khalin had been fighting a cold, so her father put a bag of Halls Defense Vitamin C cough drops in her backpack. When two of Khalin's classmates asked for one of those cough drops at school, she says she handed them over. But her friend insisted on paying her for the drops. "She felt guilty taking the cough drop or whatever, so she gave me a dollar. I didn't want to accept it, but she had me take it," Khalin said.

That's when things turned ugly. Khalin says her teacher witnessed the transaction and came down hard. "She saw me with the cough drops out and I guess she saw me give it to one of my friends, and then like, 'Oh, I see this good business going on around you,'" Khalin said. "She said, 'You're selling drugs.' (I said) 'No I'm not.'" Khalin and her classmates are now facing possible punishment over the incident.

Click HERE for the rest.


FDIC Says No New Banks in the USA

There are FDIC rules in place that will effectively ban any new banks. I can understand banning banks that are not adequately capitalized, but why would the FDIC want to ban new qualified banks?
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. may be implementing what is effectively a ban on new banks in metro Atlanta and other distressed areas nationwide, as the financial industry’s and broader economy’s deterioration accelerates.

The FDIC, the nation’s bank deposit guarantor, has increased scrutiny of new banks applying for deposit insurance in select areas of the Southeast and other regions, including Western states, industry insiders said.

The new reviews, insiders said, make approval difficult in practice, if not impossible.

“It is a de facto ban,” said Stephen Johnson, CEO of Alpharetta-based consultant T. Stephen Johnson & Associates Inc. “I’ve never seen a time this difficult to get a charter.”

Click HERE for the rest of the story.

Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle

(Updated August 14, 2009)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kroger Beef = North American Union? has a great picture of a Kroger beef package from one of its viewers. Typically, these packages would have ONE country of origin on it (e.g., Product of the USA). Strangely, this meat package has THREE countries of origin on the package (Product of US, Canada, Mexico). How in the world can meat come from three different countries? I can think of only three possibilities:

1. It's a typo. This is highly doubtful, because numerous comments on Infowars reflect others who have seen similar packaging;

2. Various products in this meat package do indeed come from the US, Canada & Mexico such as the coloring, hormones, antibiotics, etc;

3. The countries of US, Canada and Mexico are actually one country called the NORTH AMERICAN UNION for meat packaging purposes. However, if Kroger placed a tag stating that it is a "[p]roduct of the North American Union," then people would be highly upset.

What do you think?


National Geographic TV Takes Aim At Your Guns...

Why all the misrepresentation of fact by the National Geographic? I am a proud gun owner. Once upon a time, I believed that all guns should be banned and destroyed. After learning about why the founding fathers placed the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights, I changed my position. Nevertheless, it does not help the anti-gun groups to use discredited facts for their positions.
"Guns in America" would have you believe that the guns in your home are 22 times more likely to kill a family member than to protect you. This statistic can (surprise, surprise!) be found on the Brady Campaign website, but its source has been highly discredited. The factoid originates with Arthur Kellerman, who has generated multiple studies claiming that guns are a net liability. But Kellerman has been found guilty of fudging his data, and even the National Academy of Sciences has stated that his "conclusions do not seem to follow" from his data.

Click HERE for the rest of the story.

Source: Gun Owners of America

Is this Global Warming? (8 Inches of Snow in Las Vegas)

Everyday I am starting to believe the people who say that global warming is a myth concocted by the banks to exact even more taxes from the people. I do believe that the planet has climate change, but I doubt if it is 100% caused by man. I believe the sun probably has a much greater effect on the weather than we do.
A rare snowfall blanketed Las Vegas on Wednesday, canceling all flights in and out of the city, snarling traffic and dusting palm trees and marquees along the Las Vegas Strip with accumulations that were expected to reach 3 inches overnight.

Other locations were forecast to receive as much as 8 inches of snow in the second winter storm this week to drop snow on the desert city.

Click HERE for the rest.

Source: USA Today

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Real Images Too Unreal to Be Real! has the complete list of the best seven (7) unreal images...Some of these are indeed unreal, but real.


Real Life Rocky IV? (Valuev vs. Holyfield)

This poster says it all. I can't find the specific credit for this poster, so if someone knows, please let me know. I just hope that this does not become an Apollo Creed moment for Holyfield. Heaven forbid something happen, but as my buddy at work said in relation to the characters in this potential real life movie, "who's Rocky?"

Catch the fight on December 20, 2008.

Official Website for the Fight! (Don King Productions, Inc.)

FAST AND FURIOUS 4 (OFFICIAL TRAILER) - Will Roman Pierce Be in This Junt?

My favorite movie series is coming out with another sequel. I've been peeping this Part 4 for about nine (9) months now. This trailer has been out for a minute, but I was lazy in posting it. I hope Roman Pierce makes an appearance, because he was hilarious in 2 Fast. I'll even settle for a cameo by Carter Verone. Here's the trailer:

Fast & Furious

Is the New World Order Finally Here? Or Am I Just Paranoid?

I have been fascinated by conspiracy theories since I first read "Behold a Pale Horse" back in 1999. Over the last nine (9) years, I have encountered alleged disinformation, learned a lot about documented information, educated some people, been educated by others and as a result of it all, have grown as a man.

One of the things that immediately tags someone as a "conspiracy theorist," is to mention the New World Order. Prior to 1999, my only experience with the New World Order was on Monday nights with Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Syxx. I hoped that it was indeed just a conspiracy theory and that I could have a chuckle about it years later. Unfortunately, people are having a chuckle and it's not me. It appears that the N.W.O. is about to come to pass.

But some European thinkers think that they recognise what is going on. Jacques Attali, an adviser to President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, argues that: “Global governance is just a euphemism for global government.” As far as he is concerned, some form of global government cannot come too soon. Mr Attali believes that the “core of the international financial crisis is that we have global financial markets and no global rule of law”.

So, it seems, everything is in place. For the first time since homo sapiens began to doodle on cave walls, there is an argument, an opportunity and a means to make serious steps towards a world government.

Click HERE for the rest of the story.

Source: The Financial Times

Police Prepared for Civil Unrest and IMF Riots?

A majority of my posts this week have seemed to focus on predicted riots and unrest in America in the coming years. I have talked with people at work in the past who don't believe any such thing is possible. It would be nice to still be asleep, but I took the red pill a long time ago, so I have a feeling that the predictions will be accurate. It does not help that the War College and police forces are in agreement with the people making these predictions.

U.S. Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., and U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., both said U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson brought up a worst-case scenario as he pushed for the Wall Street bailout in September. Paulson, former Goldman Sachs CEO, said that might even require a declaration of martial law, the two noted.

State and local police in Arizona say they have broad plans to deal with social unrest, including trouble resulting from economic distress. The security and police agencies declined to give specifics, but said they would employ existing and generalized emergency responses to civil unrest that arises for any reason.

“The Phoenix Police Department is not expecting any civil unrest at this time, but we always train to prepare for any civil unrest issue. We have a Tactical Response Unit that trains continually and has deployed on many occasions for any potential civil unrest issue,” said Phoenix Police spokesman Andy Hill.

“We have well established plans in place for such civil unrest,” said Scottsdale Police spokesman Mark Clark.

Click HERE for the rest of the story.

Source: Phoenix Business Journal

Letter From Athens: Greek Riots and the News Media in the Age of Twitter reports with letters from the frontlines of the Greek riots...In case you haven't been following, youth riots have been occurring all over Greece. The youth have been prevailing over the authorities who are running out of tear gas. These youth are organizing the fight using the digital technologies that so many of us use for frivolous things.
From the earthquake in Sichuan to the subway bombings in London to the recent Mumbai terrorists attack, the initial images and information that reached the public were recorded by citizens who happened to be there. The bystanders, the witnesses – with their cell phones, cameras, camcorders and blackberries – play central roles in newsgathering and news dissemination.
Click HERE for the rest of the story.

T.R.E.A.M. (Taxes Rule Everything Around Me)!

Get the money, dollar dollar bill, y'all. NY is proposing new taxes on many different items to ensure that its spending is the party that never stops. Taxes are planned on iPod purchases, soda pops and bar drinks. Has the government ever considered decreasing its spending instead of continually raising the taxes? What's next? Are they going to tax the amount of oxygen I breathe in a day?

[Gov.] Paterson proposed Tuesday a 2009-10 budget that would increase spending by 1.1 percent, or $1.3 billion, to create a $121.1 billion spending plan.

Much of the growth is revenue from 88 new or higher fees and will hit New Yorkers in many areas, from downloading music to sipping drinks to fishing.

Click HERE for the rest.


Why Are They Spraying Chemtrails in Santa Monica, California?

I live in Marina del Rey and typically skateboard around the Venice/Santa Monica areas. For the last couple of weeks, there has been a lot of chemtrail spraying in Santa Monica. These pictures were taken last week (the week of December 8) around Wilshire Boulevard between 7th and 14th Streets. Does anyone know what these chemtrails contain? Because I certainly don't. I'll write more after I do some research. So far I've heard the following theories: (1) simply harmless contrails; (2) some type of chemical for weather modification; (3) some type of chemical to provide atmospheric protection from unknown cosmic and solar energies; (4) some type of biological agent for some unknown purpose; or (5) an optical illusion of the heated plane speeding through a chilled sky wherein the air crystalizes. None of these theories were formulated by advanced scientists, so our minds may have been warped by comic books where the craziest explanation always made the most sense.

Food for Guns in Southern California!

I once had a sleeptime vision of Yosemite Sam and he told me that I should buy food, guns, ammo and gold. I immediately woke up from the Looney Tunes when I realized that I didn't have any money to buy those things, so I was out of luck and probably out of time.

Needless to say that hard times call for hard measures. Hungry people in California are trading in their guns for grocery store gift cards, because you can't eat a baked GLOCK for the holidays.

This year, most asked for the supermarket cards, said sheriff's Sgt. Byron Woods.

"People just don't have the money to buy the food these days," he said.

Woods said most of the residents who turned in weapons were "family people."

"One guy said he had just got laid off from his job," Woods said. "He turned in five guns and said it would really help him to put food on the family's table."

Click HERE for the rest.

Source: MSNBC

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Myth of Posse Comitatus?

Since I have been hearing a lot about Posse Comitatus in the last few weeks, I figured I should research the law. I haven't completed my research, but I did find the position as referenced on Its position is that the use of the military on the streets of America DOES NOT VIOLATE Posse Comitatus. At this point, I DO NOT AGREE with that position, but perhaps my position will change after further research. I do not recall any court ruling on the issue, so only time will tell.
The Posse Comitatus Act has traditionally been viewed as a major barrier to the use of U.S. military forces in planning for homeland defense.[1] In fact, many in uniform believe that the act precludes the use of U.S. military assets in domestic security operations in any but the most extraordinary situations. As is often the case, reality bears little resemblance to the myth for homeland defense planners. Through a gradual erosion of the act’s prohibitions over the past 20 years, posse comitatus today is more of a procedural formality than an actual impediment to the use of U.S. military forces in homeland defense.

Click here for the rest of the article.

UPDATE written by the author of the above article -- "Resurrecting Posse Comitatus in the Post-9/11 World"

Additional blog posts on Posse Comitatus by clicking on this sentence.

Marine "Military Presence" Confirmed on the Streets of Southern California in San Bernardino County is reporting that the Marines are on the streets of America assisting local law enforcement with DUI checkpoints and traffic stops.

How is this not a violation of Posse Comitatus?
As we reported yesterday, the Marine Corps Air and Ground Combat Center has dispatched uniformed and presumably armed (we have no confirmation of the latter) soldiers to assist the California Highway Patrol (CHP) in the operation of unconstitutional sobriety checkpoints in San Bernardino County, California, the largest county in California and the country (San Bernardino County is directly east of Los Angeles).

On the Alex Jones Show today, Gary Daigneault, News Director at KCDZ-FM based in Joshua Tree, California, said the California Highway Patrol was less than forthcoming with their plan to team up with the military police, a direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act preventing the military from performing civilian law enforcement duties.


Press releases faxed to KCDZ-FM. Click to see a larger image.

After running an editorial last week reminding the Marines stationed at the Marine Corps Air and Ground Combat Center of the illegality of such an operation, the California Highway Patrol sent the radio station a fax indicating that the action would not include military police (see faxes at right).

As a KCDZ-FM news report broadcast today points out, by law — to avoid entrapment — the California Highway Patrol is required to provide the location of its checkpoints to the media at least two hours prior. Although the CHP did provide the radio station with a telephone number to get this information, when the number was called there was no answer.

Moreover, “to add insult to injury,” Marine Corps military police, in uniform and in marked military police cars, were indeed teamed up with CHP outside of a Home Depot in the town of Yucca Valley.

After examining the documents faxed to KCDZ-FM, it becomes obvious that the CHP in Joshua Tree deliberately released disinformation to the media designed to cover its participation with the Marines, as noted a direct violation of Posse Comitatus.

The first CHP News release dated December 10 indicated the police planned to work with the Marines, while a second press release dated December 12, after KCDZ-FM aired a critical news editorial, had this reference removed. Both documents include a note indicating the media would be able to contact the Barstow Dispatch Center on December 12 to receive location information required by law. As noted above, calls to the number provided went unanswered.

As Alex mentioned on his show today, the Marines are well aware of Infowars coverage of the story and made reference not only Alex by name but Infowars staff members Aaron Dykes and Kurt Nimmo as well.

It should be obvious the Marines and the California Highway Patrol are engaged in a disinformation campaign against the media in order to cover up their illegal and unconstitutional behavior. Not only do they want to entrap the residents of San Bernardino County in their “sobriety/driver license checkpoint” in violation of the Fourth Amendment protecting the people against unreasonable searches and seizures, they also want to send a message that the military will henceforth be involved in domestic law enforcement in direct violation of Posse Comitatus.


G.I. Joe vs. Cobra Foreshadowed U.S. vs. Al-Qaeda!

The other night I was watching random old clips from the 1980's cartoon G.I. Joe. Other than Transformers, this was my favorite childhood cartoon. I had all the figures and watched all the episodes. But back in the 80's, all I cared about were the ninja characters and the characters who looked like ninjas or robots. I didn't care about Pyramids of Darkness, Weather Dominators or Cobra Commander's quest for his face on the moon, because ultimately G.I. Joe was going to prevail and Cobra was going to always be a lousy shot.

It wasn't until the other night that I realized these G.I. Joe cartoon storylines foreshadowed many of the things going on in our society today -- most notably that Al-Qaeda resembles Cobra. In fact, Al-Qaeda might have gotten its motivation from Cobra. I particularly noticed this when I saw the training videos that MSNBC used to show where the terrorists were jumping on monkey bars and over tires.

Both are ruthless terrorist organizations determined to rule the world. Both operate cells in countries around the world. Both have seemingly unlimited financing. Both have cunning and evil leaders, though Cobra Commander would have made a great stand-up comedian.

Needless to say, I had great visions of writing a stellar literary piece demonstrating these similarities. At the end of the day though, I was about five (5) years too late, because others have beaten me to the punch.

Mr. was one of the first sites to make this crazy connection. Unfortunately, Mr.'s site has gone to the digital boneyard and is no longer available. However, I was able to find it in the Internet archives, because a piece this good shouldn't be lost to the web archives.

First, we need to start with Osama Bin Laden (though this could easily apply to any 'personality terrorist' like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi). We all know what he looks like from the FBI photos we have of Bin Laden. He looks like a diabetic old man. He looks like the smelly old guy that sits across from your Grandpa at the nursing home. Compare that to the look of Cobra Commander from the GI Joe comics and cartoons:

Cobra Commander... much scarier

Now if Bin Laden were to appear in videotapes on Al-Jazeera looking like Cobra Commander, you'd bet people would be pretty frightened. Cobra Commander looks like... well, evil.
Not to be outdone, The Jersey Devil also wrote about the similarities between Cobra and Al-Qaeda.
Who knew that a poorly-animated 1980's cartoon was secretly preparing us for the War on Terror? Yes, I'm referring to "G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero," which during its 1985-6 television run introduced us to a shadowy conflict that pitted the U.S. military's best and brightest - okay, maybe that's laying it on a little thick for the likes of Shipwrecked or Sergeant Slaughter - against a global terrorist organization known as COBRA.
Go back and watch your old G.I. Joe VHS tapes. You know you have them. If you do, you'll see that Hasbro has prepared us for life in the 21st Century. If we want to defeat Al-Qaeda, we need to sign up Bazooka and Alpine ASAP!

Knowing is half the battle.

****UPDATE**** (12/31/2008) Apparently, there is an upcoming documentary called Mindbender that will focus on this very issue. The trailer is below for your viewing pleasure.

VP Dick Cheney Praises Obama's National Security Team

I do not know if I want VP Dick Cheney giving me praise about anything, especially in areas where VP Dick Cheney's office has practiced questionable means to accomplish tasks. Time will tell.
"I must say, I think it's a pretty good team," Cheney said of Obama's national security choices, in a segment of the interview broadcast Tuesday on "Good Morning America."
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Monday, December 15, 2008

President George W. Bush is either a Jedi or a Ninja...

Check out the cat-like, ninja reflexes of W. What do they put in the Crawford water?

The Remains of Detroit

Below is a link to a photo-essay about the decaying urban infrastructure of Detroit, Michigan. Is this the future of other American cities?

Click HERE to see these fascinating pictures.

Source: Time

The Hillbilly Housewife (Low Cost, Home Cooking From Scratch!)

I love cooking quick, easy & CHEAP recipes as opposed to going down to the local burger joint. One of my favorite places to get some of these types of recipes is the Hillbilly Housewife. There are too many recipes to list here, so check out her site HERE.

My favorite recipe is the Buttery Parmesan Mix:
  • 1 cup long grain brown rice or white rice
  • 2 teaspoons vegetable or chicken flavored bouillon
  • 2 tablespoons dry milk powder
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese (from a can)
Go HERE for the rest of the recipe and many, many more.

Generation X'd Out

This article makes a good case for a true study about the effects of our wireless world on our health. I would be interested to hear both perspectives on this issue, because I do not know enough about the subject yet to make an informed opinion about the electromagnetic effects of our wireless world.
We see them everywhere now. Armies of American women of childbearing age roam dazed through shopping centers with transmitting cell phones pressed firmly to their heads. Often with forlorn pre-schoolers traipsing behind, these gals wander the aisles getting "stoned" on microwaves. The opiod-like "high" they glean from skull-piercing phone radiation is documented in animal studies to habituate like nicotine. No one has told them that an extended cell phone "fix" enshrouds their bodies in high-frequency electromagnetic energy with potential to unleash devastating effects on both their living and future offspring.
Click HERE for the rest of the article.

Source: Amy Worthington

United States of America vs. Rod R. Blagojevich et al. (FULL CRIMINAL COMPLAINT)

If you want to see the full criminal complaint in the Illinois governor corruption case, then click HERE. One notable paragraph from the complaint is below. What would have been the result, if any, if Attorney Fitzgerald had waited until the alleged parties actually reached a meeting of the minds?
Paragraph 101 b. ROD BLAGOJEVICH asked what he can get from the President-elect for the Senate seat. ROD BLAGOJEVICH stated that Governor General Counsel believes the President-elect can get ROD BLAGOJEVICH’s wife on paid corporate boards in exchange for naming the President-elect’s pick to the Senate.
Source: Chicago Tribune.

The Most Outrageous Media Comments of 2008!

We have all heard crazy outrageous comments in the media, but some comments are way more outrageous than others. The website (courtesy of Julie Millican at Media Matters for America) has its list of the Most Outrageous Media Comments of 2008. The entire list of comments may be viewed HERE.

With attacks on autistic children, the poor, and HIV-positive basketball star Magic Johnson, talking heads showed that nobody was safe in 2008, no matter how unfounded and unseemly the smear. Progressive politicians, particularly Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton and President-elect Barack Obama, were also targets. Obama was called everything from a "pussy" (Don Imus), to a "steamy crap sandwich" (Chris Krok). One commentator said Obama "fits the stereotype blacks once labeled as an Oreo -- a black on the outside, a white on the inside" (John McLaughlin), while others associated him with the Antichrist (Bill Cunningham, Chris Baker, Brian Sussman, others).

12-Year Old Girl Paralyzed After Given HPV Vaccine

Stories like the following do little to dispel the conspiracy theory that some of our vaccines are contaminated with unknown elements.

A 12-year-old schoolgirl in Great Britain has been left paralysed from the waist down by a mystery illness that came on 30 minutes after she was given the new anticervical cancer jab.

Click HERE for the rest of this story.

Top 10 False Flag Operations That Changed the World

Conspiracy theories fascinate me. They are always so much more interesting than the "official" story that is presented. However, I loved reading comic books as a kid instead of novels, so perhaps that is why the idea of a false flag is more intriguing and plausible to me.

10. Nero, Christians, and the Great Fire of Rome: It was the night of July 19, 64 A.D., when the Great Fire burst through the rooftops of shops near the mass entertainment and chariot racing venue called Circus Maximus...

For the entire Top 10 list of false flag operations, please click HERE.

TechCrunch Layoff Tracker!

If you want to see the companies in the tech sector that are laying off their employees, click here .

The tally of employees who have lost their jobs: 108,430 employees since August 27, 2008.

A Noted Futurologist Predicts Revolution, Food Riots, Tax Rebellions By 2012???

If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail. It is always better to overprepared instead of unprepared. I have seen many of the signs that Gerald Celente mentions in this article, so unless the government presents an immediate plan showing how the economy will allow the taxpayers to repay the $8.5 trillion I'm getting prepared for the worst case scenario.

[Gerald] Celente says that by 2012 America will become an undeveloped nation, that there will be a revolution marked by food riots, squatter rebellions, tax revolts and job marches, and that holidays will be more about obtaining food, not gifts.

Click here for the rest of the story.

MPAA Asks Obama for More Copyright Surveillance of the Internet...

The MPAA wants to control what is transmitted on the Internet based on its lobbying agenda posted by the Obama Transition Team. The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently analyzed it here :

The MPAA's faith in "filtering" is pure magical thinking. It presupposes invading the privacy of innocents and pirates alike by monitoring every packet on the Internet (which is bad enough when the NSA does it). And it ignores the reality of strong encryption, which will utterly defeat network filtering techniques (thus necessitating more intrusive alternatives — how about a copyright surveillance rootkit on every PC?). Sacrificing our privacy for the pipe-dreams of one industry is a bad idea.

I completely agree.

The End of Net Neutrality???

Many people have talked about the pending end of Net Neutrality and launch of Internet 2. This article discusses how companies (particularly Google) will be able to pay for faster web access to their content. Does this mean that the major companies will be the only ones with high speed? What about the smaller companies?

The contentious issue has wide ramifications for the Internet as a platform for new businesses. If companies like Google succeed in negotiating preferential treatment, the Internet could become a place where wealthy companies get faster and easier access to the Web than less affluent ones, according to advocates of network neutrality. That could choke off competition, they say.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The End of the Internet Generation?

As college graduates enter the workforce in fields with stagnant wages, many are being forced to decide if being "wired" is a necessity.

Click HERE for the story.

Source: Press of Atlantic City

Track the $8.5 Trillion Government Bailout!

If you want to track the ridiculous $8.5 trillion U.S. government bailout, then click HERE to see where your tax dollars are going. Spend, spend, spend. Cash rules everything around me!

If anyone stumbles across this post, do you agree or disagree with the government bailout?

Source: San Francisco Chronicle