Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kroger Beef = North American Union? has a great picture of a Kroger beef package from one of its viewers. Typically, these packages would have ONE country of origin on it (e.g., Product of the USA). Strangely, this meat package has THREE countries of origin on the package (Product of US, Canada, Mexico). How in the world can meat come from three different countries? I can think of only three possibilities:

1. It's a typo. This is highly doubtful, because numerous comments on Infowars reflect others who have seen similar packaging;

2. Various products in this meat package do indeed come from the US, Canada & Mexico such as the coloring, hormones, antibiotics, etc;

3. The countries of US, Canada and Mexico are actually one country called the NORTH AMERICAN UNION for meat packaging purposes. However, if Kroger placed a tag stating that it is a "[p]roduct of the North American Union," then people would be highly upset.

What do you think?



AustinP said...

I can confirm this. I just fought with the butcher at Kroger and forced him to get me some US only beef and made him produce the box!

The Moderator said...

I started buying all my meats from the organic farmer's markets after I started seeing this stuff at my local Ralph's (a/k/a Kroger).