Monday, December 15, 2008

Generation X'd Out

This article makes a good case for a true study about the effects of our wireless world on our health. I would be interested to hear both perspectives on this issue, because I do not know enough about the subject yet to make an informed opinion about the electromagnetic effects of our wireless world.
We see them everywhere now. Armies of American women of childbearing age roam dazed through shopping centers with transmitting cell phones pressed firmly to their heads. Often with forlorn pre-schoolers traipsing behind, these gals wander the aisles getting "stoned" on microwaves. The opiod-like "high" they glean from skull-piercing phone radiation is documented in animal studies to habituate like nicotine. No one has told them that an extended cell phone "fix" enshrouds their bodies in high-frequency electromagnetic energy with potential to unleash devastating effects on both their living and future offspring.
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Source: Amy Worthington

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