Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Food for Guns in Southern California!

I once had a sleeptime vision of Yosemite Sam and he told me that I should buy food, guns, ammo and gold. I immediately woke up from the Looney Tunes when I realized that I didn't have any money to buy those things, so I was out of luck and probably out of time.

Needless to say that hard times call for hard measures. Hungry people in California are trading in their guns for grocery store gift cards, because you can't eat a baked GLOCK for the holidays.

This year, most asked for the supermarket cards, said sheriff's Sgt. Byron Woods.

"People just don't have the money to buy the food these days," he said.

Woods said most of the residents who turned in weapons were "family people."

"One guy said he had just got laid off from his job," Woods said. "He turned in five guns and said it would really help him to put food on the family's table."

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Source: MSNBC

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