Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Abbottabad Resident Says Osama Bin Laden Depicted in Videos Is Actually Akhbar Khan

Obviously, the testimonial weight of the President, the military and specifically the Navy Seal team that carried out the operation will presumptively be favored over the hearsay of Pakistani residents in a Court of law. However, that presumption is not absolute, especially in light of the government's history of lies and half-truths in connection with the dissemination of information to the masses.

Therefore, I must examine anything that might lead to admissible evidence such as this witness interview from the BBC stating that the alleged man depicted in the Pentagon/CIA home movies was not even Osama bin Laden.

"His name is Akhbar Khan (Han), He owns the house......I know him very well..."

The above quote begins around the 0:48 second mark if you click the picture above.

Source: BBC