Friday, June 05, 2009

Germany Demands Its Physical Gold Back from the United States of America, But It May Already Be Gone?!

It is being reported by the Golden Jackass that Germany has demanded an immediate return of all its physical gold currently "held" by the United States. The problem is the U.S. might not have the gold to pay the Germans, because it has allegedly transferred the gold to third parties without permission.

Also, the United Arab Emirates wants its gold back from London, but London faces the same problem as the U.S. It doesn't have the gold. Time for Geithner to find a leprechaun or Queen E. to pawn some of her jewelry, because Germany and the U.A.E. have put out contracts for hire to get restitution. If true, then this will rival and surpass even the best Hollywood cloak & dagger flick.

The Germans have demanded that gold bullion held in US custodial accounts be returned to their owners, with physical gold shipped back to Germany. The Dubai bankers have demanded that gold bullion held in London custodial accounts be returned to their owners, with physical gold shipped back to the United Arab Emirates. They are following the hired German counsel. In all likelihood, neither US nor London sources are in possession of all the gold held in those custodial accounts, since at least some of it probably was improperly leased. By that is meant without owner permission or knowledge. So an uproar could come soon with charges of gold bullion theft, or at least failure of fiduciary responsibility. Theft is a simpler description.


World Health Organization (WHO) Complicates Its Six Step Pandemic Scale as a Phase 6 Declaration Appears Imminent

If the WHO has a six-step scale for the severity of a pandemic, then why does it want to complicate matters with adding three (3) levels for a Phase 6 declaration? Also, it appears that Phase 6 Pandemic may be imminent! Why would the WHO all of sudden decide that it wants to tweak the system just as a Phase 6 pandemic is likely to be announced soon. Nevertheless, why not just have a nine (9) level scale? A Phase 6 is a Phase 6! An example of the Pandemic scale showing a Phase 3 pandemic is listed below.

I have been doing some quick Scroogle searches, but I cannot find the specifics of what the WHO, FEMA and local communities can legally do once the Phase 6 is declared. What can WHO do once a Phase 6 is declared? Institute martial law? Require mandatory vaccinations? Restrict international and domestic travel? Quarantine cities and states? Close all non-essential workplaces? Imprison any dissenters? All of the above? In this economy, any of the above would likely be the death blow to our country. All I can find is that WHO may advise countries to take measures such as closing schools, workplaces and mass gatherings. Advise is not the same as a requirement, so it would appear that the WHO will not be able to require countries to take such drastic measures.

Source: Bloomberg

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Chemtrails in Century City, California on June 2, 2009

I have posted several different blog entries about the "chemtrails" I see around the Los Angeles area. I first recall noticing chemtrails since around 2001-2002, and the 'trails have progressively gotten worse and worse. People say there are all types of aluminum and barium in the sprayings which can and will cause health issues. Our government has recently discussed the possibility that it might have to spray the sky. However, the government does not admit to spraying currently. Most people will say that the trails are merely contrails. Here are some pictures I just took the other day in Century City. You tell me whether these are merely contrails. You can ENLARGE the photos below by clicking them.