Friday, June 05, 2009

World Health Organization (WHO) Complicates Its Six Step Pandemic Scale as a Phase 6 Declaration Appears Imminent

If the WHO has a six-step scale for the severity of a pandemic, then why does it want to complicate matters with adding three (3) levels for a Phase 6 declaration? Also, it appears that Phase 6 Pandemic may be imminent! Why would the WHO all of sudden decide that it wants to tweak the system just as a Phase 6 pandemic is likely to be announced soon. Nevertheless, why not just have a nine (9) level scale? A Phase 6 is a Phase 6! An example of the Pandemic scale showing a Phase 3 pandemic is listed below.

I have been doing some quick Scroogle searches, but I cannot find the specifics of what the WHO, FEMA and local communities can legally do once the Phase 6 is declared. What can WHO do once a Phase 6 is declared? Institute martial law? Require mandatory vaccinations? Restrict international and domestic travel? Quarantine cities and states? Close all non-essential workplaces? Imprison any dissenters? All of the above? In this economy, any of the above would likely be the death blow to our country. All I can find is that WHO may advise countries to take measures such as closing schools, workplaces and mass gatherings. Advise is not the same as a requirement, so it would appear that the WHO will not be able to require countries to take such drastic measures.

Source: Bloomberg

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