Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ex-Con & Consultant Larry Levine Calls Bernie Madoff an Economic Terrorist and Hopes Madoff Rots in Hell.

Man, this interview with white collar criminal consultant Larry Levine is good. If an ex-con does not like you, then you must be some piece of work. Hello, Mr. Bernie Madoff! You definitely get what you deserve. I hope your associates and co-conspirators are also brought to justice!

Levine: Well, he was in a detention center. … He’s had a little taste of custody, but now he’s going to be living in a cell, which is going to be his permanent home and this man who lived in a penthouse for years is going to be living basically out of a two-foot by four-foot wall locker. That’s where all of his personal items are going to be stored and he’s going to be subject to being counted several times a day, possibly strip-searched. He’s not going to have any privacy, and he’s probably going to be terrified for his life because people are going to want to get to him.

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