Monday, June 29, 2009

Wesley Snipes Gets Oral Argument in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals for His Tax Conviction

In case you missed it, Wesley Snipes has been fighting the IRS over the last few years. While he has scored several victories, he has also suffered a few defeats. For his efforts nonetheless, I give him mad props. Now Simon Phoenix has scored another victory in his legal fight against the Internal Revenue Service.

Why does this whole fact pattern seem like one of Wesley's movies? Action-star fights a superpower government funded by an alleged, illegal tax scheme.

Also anytime Wesley appears in Court, I will always remember his famous "Mizzzzzz Hawkins" speech in "New Jack City" as Nino Brown (See below).

Actor Wesley Snipes has been granted oral argument in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Snipes was convicted of misdemeanor tax counts and found not guilty of other conspiracy and tax fraud counts following a jury trial (see here).

Source: White Collar Crime Prof Blog (except the New Jack City video)

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