Wednesday, August 30, 2006


This blog only came into existence last Saturday, August 26, but it has already been cited by the Memphis Flyer.

Thanks to Wintermute for passing this information along to Joe Ford, Jr.

If you want to read the article, click this link: OR read below.

*Joe Ford Jr., third-place finisher in last month's Democratic primary for the District 9 congressional seat, made a point last week of reaffirming his endorsement of that primary's winner, state Senator Steve Cohen.

Ford also posted lengthy comments on the "Space Ninja" blog rebutting claims by the Tri-State Defender newspaper that his candidacy had not been serious and may even have been designed to detract from the primary efforts of another candidate, outgoing county commissioner Julian Bolton.

After debunking the newspaper's claims and making the case that he and several other candidates had waged more viable campaigns than Bolton (whom the Tri-StateDefender had endorsed), Ford concluded:

"The purpose of American representative government is ensure that all people have a voice in the government. And when all people stated their choice, like it or not, more people wanted Sen. Cohen than any other candidate. Sen. Cohen could not have won this election without receiving a good number of African-American votes."

Although problems associated with the vote-reporting process made it difficult to say for sure, preliminary estimates suggest that Cohen may have received as much as 20 percent of the district's African-American vote.


Unlisted said...

Mr Ford,

You given any thought to running for City Council? I think the city could use some bright young new leadership such as yourself

David Holt said...

You wouldn't happen to live in a certain state rep or state senate district would you?

jsf said...

Thank you for the kind words Unlisted. I have thought about the possibility of running in the City Elections of 2007, but at this point, I would say that I am leaning toward NOT running in 2007.

I learned a lot in the Congressional primary, but there are some things I need to do before running for a future office. Many people used the fact that I had been living in California as a negative point and I don't want a repeat. Therefore, I will need to get re-established in the community before running for another office.

I'm taking the TN Bar in February and will be opening a law practice when I pass it. I am confident I'll pass it since I passed the California Bar on my 1st try back in 2002. Once I have my practice established, then I'll consider my political future.

JSF said...

Currently, I live in the following Districts:

Congressional District: 9
State Representative: 86
Senate: 29
County Commissioner: 2
City SBD / City Council: 7
Super: 8