Monday, August 28, 2006


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For the full story, please click the link below. If her health was such a major concern, why didn't Senator Bowers resign before the August 3rd primary? Who will likely be replacing her?,2845,MCA_25340_4951264,00.html


LeftWingCracker said...

Good question, the Exec Com will pick the nominee, and hence the probable Senator, sometime before September 28

Space Ninja said...
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Space Ninja said...

Do you have any idea who is in the running for the nomination?

Who do you believe would make the best choice and why?

I believe the Committee needs to choose a very strong candidate (in terms of experience, intelligence, and credentials) who can help the Democratic party.

autoegocrat said...

No one is "running" for the seat, it's going to be an appointment by committee.

Space Ninja said...

My mistake! I wasn't saying running as in running for the seat, but who is in the running for the consideration to be selected.

I've heard names like Steve Webster and Del Gill, but are there any potential surprises?