Wednesday, April 08, 2009

President Obama to Control the Weather (Climate Engineering & Chemtrails)

People have completely denied the chemtrails that are regularly sprayed in our skies. I have previously posted photographs I took in Santa Monica demonstrating the chemtrail spraying (SANTA MONICA CHEMTRAILS). Doubters always say that the trails are nothing but simple contrails and that I am imagining things. Hmmmm, I guess this is the year that everything imaginary is proven to be real. First, it was the New World Order last week, and now it is the chemtrails. The article talks as if the program has not yet begun, but the government loves to approve things that it is already doing.

The president's new science adviser said Wednesday that global warming is so dire, the Obama administration is discussing radical technologies to cool Earth's air. John Holdren told The Associated Press in his first interview since being confirmed last month that the idea of geoengineering the climate is being discussed.

One such extreme option includes shooting pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun's rays. Holdren said such an experimental measure would only be used as a last resort.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


Delphi said...

As an indie reporter whose article on Chem trails and modern space weaponry was read into the record of the United Nations, (via a source in Romania), I feel a sense of vindication in this announcement.

Once it is announced, what will take place inside the brains of all the friends and family members who have stated emphatically that chemtrails were our imagination? Will these folkssuddenly be able to reconcile themselves with the fact that all the previous evidence that they did deny is now an acceptable reality?

I guess a lot of the USA's citizenry is simply into "Simon says." Or in this case, "Obama says."

The Moderator said...

I have been trying to tell people about the chemtrails for years and people try to convince me they are only contrails. People here are indeed into believing whatever "Obama says."