Friday, August 14, 2009

Willie Herenton Blasts WDIA's Bobby O'Jay on Radio and Joe Birch on TV (W.W. Says His State of Mind is Real Good)!

The Joe Birch video is above. You can listen to the Bobby O'Jay by clicking the link below.

After Bobby O'Jay questioned Willie Herenton's state of mind, Mayor Herenton didn't release a statement through some minion. No, Herenton called into the radio show himself and decided to set the record straight.

It is bad when you get owned on your own show and it appears that Mr. O'Jay was owned by the former Mayor and current mayoral/Congressional candidate. Brother O'Jay tried to throw some late bombs to save face, but it was too late.

Another classic tale of Memphis politics. My only question is where did Herenton call O'Jay from? Hopefully, he made the call on his celly while cruising the Memphis city streets. Man, that would make a great visual in a movie.

Listen to the Willie W. Herenton Heated Interview with WDIA's Bobby O'Jay by clicking anywhere on this sentence.

This morning, Herenton said he regularly listened to O’Jay’s show and that he could describe the radio host in unflattering terms if he wanted to.

“I could say you’re ignorant,” said Herenton. “I could simply say you have a short man’s syndrome, but I’m not going to get into that.”

O’Jay quickly fired back.

“I could say you’re acting ignorant, too. I could say you have a tall man’s syndrome,” O’Jay said. “You’re trying to bully me on my own show and I’m not going to let you do it.”

Source: WDIA ; Commercial Appeal

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T said...

Holy $#!+, are you f-ing serious?? Slick Willy is the king of all question-dodging and I think he really does have a screw loose somewhere.