Sunday, June 12, 2011

Who Is the Mysterious Woman in White Leading Billionaires & Shot-Callers During Nature Walk at 2011 Bilderberg Conference?

Photograph: Hannah Borno / ©Guardian All Rights Reserved

I would like to ask Hannah Borno (who actually snapped the above photo) the identity of the lady in the above photograph at the 2011 Bilderberg annual meeting. Let's examine and analyze the above image of this lady in white who looks straight out of central casting for some techno-fascist sci-fi movie.

In the real world though, this lady is definitely wealthy, because you can't wear an outfit like that and get away with it unless you're rich. She also seems to have some handlers. She is likely adverse to sunlight which is why has an umbrella with no rain in sight. She appears to have a confident appearance and exudes importance. She could be the wife of Dr. Raymond Cocteau. Does anyone know the identity of this lady? Feel free to make some guesses in the comments!

According to the Guardian, this lady is unknown and no one has seen her since the above image was taken.

From nowhere, like something from a dream, a distinguished lady, dressed from top to toe in white, whooshed serenely past security and swanned to the front of the power walkers.

Although no one seemingly knew the identity of this lady, she was obviously a power-player, because she was reportedly leading the folks around the Bilderberg conference like she was a band leader.

The lady in white led her band of Bilderberg bigwigs and billionaires along the charming Swiss byways, across bridges over gentle streams ... and straight into a pack of 50 baffled activists, who were milling around outside a community hall during a break in a symposium.

Source: The Guardian


Anonymous said...

the white woman is Maitreya under human form...and Maitreya is just another name for Satan.

Anonymous said...

How can that be when Satan is not a person, but Biblical symbolism for man's lower nature?

Anonymous said...

Maitreya has appeared to world leaders and ordinary people alike (individually and to large groups of thousands) for decades, under various guises--a homeless man or woman, or college student etc, often with luminous eyes and and a loving countenance. Maitreya appears to be an ordinary person, yet remains an indelible memory to those who have had the experience. Many report that this guise of a friendly stranger seems to "vanish" in the next moment. (See CNN report of 1988 Nairobi Kenya) According to the author Benjamin Creme, Maitreya's urgent message will soon be presented on the Day of Declaration: a call to humanity to abolish all hunger and to share the resources of the world equitably and sustainably--or face the end of all life on the planet.

Anyone, even if it's my mailman or a mysterious lady in white, who is working to bring the wealthy and the activists together, to abolish all hunger and to share the resources of the world, then I'm all for it.