Wednesday, July 15, 2009

British Master Computer Responsible For Cyber Attacks on US and South Korea?

The cyberattack fear mongering seems to be dying down - at last. The earth is still here. The dams didn't crack. The polar bears are still swimming! And Megatron didn't fill thousands of energon cubes while using Soundwave to conduct a worldwide cyberattack.

In an interesting twist to my past cyberattack blog posts, it now appears that the North Korean cyberattacks may actually have been controlled somehow by a British master computer. I never believed North Korea conducted the cyberattacks -- it seemed like a way to hype up some public fear for Jay Rockefeller to get his Cybersecurity Act while the military industrial complex gets to continue fanning the war flames on the Korean peninsula.

The master computer which controlled last week’s massive cyber attack on websites in the US and South Korea is in Britain, Asian computer security investigators claim.

The attack, which paralysed the websites of South Korean and United States government agencies, banks and businesses over the course of a week, was first blamed on communist North Korea. But having traced the attack back via proxy computers used in the attack, a security company in Vietnam has identified a server belonging to Global Digital Broadcast, a Brighton-based internet television company as the source of the attacks.

Source: Times Online

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