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United States Air Force Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Plan 2009-2047 (May 18, 2009) (Unclassified)

***UPDATE (July 16, 2009) --> I do not know if it is because the USAF document was posted on this blog on July 13, 2009 or originally on the Prison Planet Forums, but a mere two (2) days later, the United States Air Force issued an official press release on July 15, 2009 for its unmanned aircraft system. Coincidence?***

Below is a document that was pointed out to me on the Prison Planet Forums by a poster named Anti-Illuminati. Basically, the document is 82 pages of complex military industrial jargon that is hard to decipher. Nevertheless, I want to link to the unclassified document in case of methods of retrieving it in the future are unavailable, because it appears to state the Air Force's plan for complete global, aerial dominance. Unfortunately, Annex 1 (Assessment of UAS Threats) and Annex 2 (Gaps and Shortfalls) are classified.

From my readings of the information and my understanding of technology, it does indeed appear that we are heading toward some sort of wicked "Terminator" movie-style reality except that Skynet will not be controlled by robots. It will be controlled by the global bankers who control intelligence and military operations.

The "Skynet" or worldwide grid will be policed by unmanned aircraft systems that process and receive every piece of information in a specified square mile grid. All communications, all data, all financial transactions, all television viewing, all food purchases, all energy consumption, all web usage, et cetera. Combine these UA systems with face recognition cameras, cell phone positioning and the Internet and it is possible for the Air Force to have a real time understanding of everything at all times. It basically becomes all-knowing!

A poster named lavosslayer who alleges to be Ex-Air Force intelligence summarized the document much better than me as follows. His analysis makes the most sense to me and I will be reviewing the attached document further to see if any addendum to this article needs to be made:

1) The US Military is in the process of constructing a surveillance grid that will give them instant information on any event going on anywhere in the world. Being able to retrieve and disseminate information to soldiers on the ground in real-time at the users immediate request. (aka soldiers "quelling" a protest can instantly get information on how many people are protesting, who everyone there is (name, age, bloodtype etc.) and where they are standing all at the push of a button or a verbal request.)

2) The US Air Force is also investing huge sums of money into creating various types of Unmanned Vehicles that it seems will eventually eliminate the use for humans direct involvement in "hostile" areas reducing the manpower throughout the military (since they won't need us anyway because if they had their way most of us would be dead). Thus giving them, along with this global information grid, complete and total autonomy over the entire planet. No matter where you go or what you do there is an unmanned vehicle made to keep an eye on you making sure your being a good slave and not falling out of line...(aka sitting in a room talking about how much you hate the government and what its doing while they secretly have an unmanned spy vehicle the size and appearance of a fly sitting in the room transmitting all audio and video data back to the control room allowing them to immediately deploy troops to arrest you...

United States Air Force Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Plan 2009-2047 (Unclassified)

Source: Prison Planet Forums; University of North Dakota, Center for UAS Research

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