Friday, October 20, 2006

BEST THING EVER (Invisibility)...

If it bleeds, we can kill it! When I was in elementary school, science was always my favorite subject especially the final textbook chapters dealing with the future. This was in the 1980s before I was exiled to the Shaolin temples for training. However, I remember those scientists had such great visions of life in the year 2006.

Flying cars, jet packs, food in a capsule, weekend getaways to Mars & Jupiter, energy from Mr. Fusion, griffins, time machines, fire-breathing dragons, killer Transformer robots, teleporting machines and invisibility.

Well after reviewing the state of technology in 2006, the future has failed me. People still drive on rubber tires. There's still nothing on TV. McDonald's still gives me gas.

The future is not as advertised...that is until I read the below story. It appears that the scientists are finally delivering and have developed a crude invisibility cloak. Yes! Perhaps, we'll start seeing some of these other future promises.

One question though, is there anything positive that can come from invisibility? Every possible use of invisibility I can think of is potentially negative. From sneaking into girl's locker rooms to vaults at a bank, invisibility is definitely a technology that will be misused.


***UPDATE: Based on the fact that I cannot think of many positive uses for invisibility, it MAY NOT be the best thing.

***UPDATE #2: Thanks to Wintermute for pointing out my typo.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"invincibility"? :-)

Now THAT might be even more handy.

Invisibility would make it easier to check on your wife or girlfriend; and I'm one of those "I'd rather know than not know" kinda guys.