Friday, January 22, 2010

NORAD to Patrol Vancouver's Skies During 2010 Winter Olympics

I guess NORAD will be in full effect at the Winter Olympics 2010 if something goes down on the terrorist tip. This is probably a good thing, because the Canadian Parliament has been suspended until after the Olympics.

NORAD will keep watch over the skies of Vancouver during the Winter Olympics next month, and is ready to launch a joint response with Canadian authorities in case of a terrorist attack...

It’s routine for NORAD to monitor prominent public events in North America, such United Nations summits, national political conventions and even the Superbowl, the officials said.

Unlike those events, however, Vancouver’s Winter Olympics will require 2 ½ weeks of vigilance. Crafting a cohesive approach with Canada’s domestic authorities has involved “countless” training scenarios over the past 2 ½ years, and the planning has included the Canadian prime minister, said Lt. Gen. Marcel Duval of the Canadian Forces, NORAD’s deputy commander.

Source: The Gazette

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