Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The road to the Capitol just got a little bit more difficult for both Newton Jake Ford and Mark White as County Mayor A.C. Wharton and City Mayor W.W. Herenton have officially endorsed State Senator Cohen for the 9th Congressional seat. Herenton was quoted as saying, "No one can convince me that Jake Ford has a modicum of qualifications for this position. All he brings to the table is the Ford name.... He has simply no qualifications to serve."

To read more, check out Jackson Baker's article in the Memphis Flyer at:

The Space Ninja predicts a fairly easy victory for Cohen in the fall with the following breakdown:
Cohen - 55%
White - 24%
Ford - 15%
Others - 6%

However, my predictions have been wrong before, so stay tuned this fall as the race heats up.


Wintermute said...

When is Joe Ford, Jr. gonna get back in town?

It would have been swell to have him up there too.

JSF said...

I'm still out on the left coast working on a litigation -- specifically discovery. We have a production deadline of September 30, so I will be returning to Memphis as soon as this project is completed. I would have loved to be there today.