Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FLASHBACK: Rick Perry Champions NAFTA Support During Speech at South Texas Farm & Ranch Show

I was doing some archival research on ol' Governor Rick Perry and I happened to come across this article from The Victoria Advocate (October 6, 1993) where the Governor and current GOP "frontrunner" praises NAFTA. I do not know where Perry stands on NAFTA, but I am quite sure that most Tea Party members oppose NAFTA and would support its immediate repeal.

And if the current-Governor Perry now believes that NAFTA is bad for the country, then this would be just another example of Perry flip-flopping and completely changing his position from one side to the other. While I don't doubt that people can change, do people usually change so drastically like Mr. Perry?

By increasing U.S, agricultural trade alone, the North American Free Trade Agreement would create 50,000 more jobs in the country, according to Texas Agriculture Commissioner Rick Perry.

"NAFTA is the largest job stimulus packet to come along in this decade," Perry said during his keynote address at the South Texas Farm & Ranch Show in Victoria.

And if you really want to laugh, check out this 2009 clip from The Alex Jones Show where Jones imitates Perry when Perry was talking about how to cook a frog in a pot!

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