Monday, July 06, 2009

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler May Enter Memphis Mayoral Race

In another sign that Memphis is one of the best places for entertaining politics in the world, Jerry Lawler may be about to throw his hat in the ring. I have experienced Memphis politics first hand and it certainly lives up to the reputation.

Now the WWE may be involved! Jerry Lawler is considering entering the special mayoral race to replace Willie Herenton who was set to resign to July 10, but has postponed his decision to July 30.

Another well-known Memphis name may be added to the growing list of potential candidates in the Memphis mayoral special election: Jerry "The King" Lawler.

In an interview on a local radio station morning show Monday, Lawler expressed interest in entering the race and plans to make an announcement this week.

Jerry Lawler ran against my father and Herenton in 1999, and he finished a distant third. I always said that Lawler should have gotten the WWE more involved in the 1999 race. However, people never bought into my idea for wrestling and politics.

On a random note, does ANYONE have the video of Jerry Lawler against Commissioner Joe Ford, State Senator John Ford, Jake Ford and Isaac Ford at a wrestling event? Please send me a link if you do. Being a lifelong pro 'rasslin fan I am still upset that I did not get invited to participate.

For those just catching up on this whole mayoral saga, I'll start from the middle of 2006. Steve Cohen wins the Democratic primary against numerous black candidates (including myself - cheap plug!). Cohen faces the independent candidate Jake Ford in the general election with Willie Herenton and A.C. Wharton supporting Cohen at that time.

Cohen goes on to win in 2006 and again in 2008. On the other hand, Herenton has to survive a recall effort before besting two (2) candidates in 2007 for a 4th straight reelection. In 2008, Herenton threatens to step down and return to a superintendent position with the Memphis City Schools. The School Board refuses Herenton's request. In 2009, as Herenton leaks that he might jump in the Congressional race, rumors and documentation surface that former Congressman Harold Ford Sr. is planning to host various fundraisers for Congressman Cohen.

Herenton immediately hops into the Congressional race and the battle is on. As the summer begins, Herenton announces that he is resigning as Memphis Mayor to focus on the Congressional race. A special Mayoral election is announced and candidate after candidate step forward to jump in the race. With fears in some of the various political camps that a person could become Memphis Mayor with a very small number of votes, Herenton has delayed his resignation. Is Herenton going to follow through and give up the Mayor's seat? Nevertheless, a field of candidates are ready, willing and able to battle for the seat if he gives it up, including Mr. Jerry Lawler!

If Mayor Herenton gives up his Mayoral seat, then the next year of Memphis politics promises to be quite wild. Hopefully, it does not set race relations back a century or two.

Source: My Fox Memphis

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