Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Random Heat Checks: Economic Apocalypse; Mayor Wants Your Guns; Ghost Malls; Police & Civilian Conflicts.

Here is a new segment of the blog that I will do from time to time. Instead of me writing long commentaries on each of the stories. I'll just post some quick one-sentence thoughts to a bunch of story links. I'll still write my usual random narratives on the cool subjects of interest in separate entries, but these Heat Checks will allow me to deliver more news for your review and enjoyment.

I'm calling these types of posts "Heat Checks," because some links will be good and some will be horrible -- just like a 27 foot heat check with a 3-on-1 break in a hoops game. If the shot goes in, you're golden. If shot doesn't go in the basket, then you're heading to the bench.

Here are today's Heat Checks! Let's hope I'm not going to the bench.

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