Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Analysis of My 2009 Predictions Halfway Through the Year (a/k/a "Ninjadamus")

Just so people don't think I'm cheating, I will post the predictions I made on Yahoo! Answers seven (7) months ago in late 2008. My member name at Yahoo Answers is "Lil_PimpN." The predictions from seven months ago are numbered below along with links to articles, news and evidence showing the predictions to be somewhat accurate as of July 9, 2009.

1. Commercial real estate market goes belly up in 1st quarter of 2009;

2. Numerous retail outlets file for bankruptcy after 2008 Christmas sales reports are released;

3. Some malls and suburbs will become ghost towns;

4. The dollar loses value as the Fed continues printing money;

5. Gas stays around $1.50/gallon until spring;

6. A bank holiday where no one can get their money will happen at some point in the year;

7. One of the Big 3 automakers actually goes bankrupt;

8. Barack's popularity will plummet in the 2nd half of the year as the economy does not improve;

9. There will be a civil unrest somewhere in the USA over either food, water or money that will require the military to be used;

Fortunately, this one has not happened!

10. The price of food and other necessities will experience hyperinflation;

11. 37" LCD TVs will drop under $350;

Okay, maybe you can't get a new one for this price, but you can get a 37" refurbished one for $299.

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