Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sacramento May End Water Fluoridation Due to City Budget Shortfall

Any regular reader of this blog knows that I regularly link to articles about water fluoridation and the negative effects that the poisonous and toxic sodium fluoride has on overall human health. Due to the fact that Sacramento has no money in its budget, the city is considering whether or not to continue the expensive water fluoridation of the municipal water supply. I don't care why the city stops the fluoridation practice, so long as the city stops the practice.

City leaders are considering a new proposal that would cut costs by halting the fluoridation of city water, an idea that has drawn sharply divided responses from local residents and dentists.

A consultant's report concluded that adding fluoride to the local water supply costs the city about $1 million each year. With a $43 million budget gap estimated for the next fiscal year, all options are on the table...

Source: CBS-13

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