Monday, October 04, 2010

Russian Delegates Seek to Learn About Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants in New England

In the olden days, I could have never imagined the United States having joint nuclear interactions except in Amazing Grace & Chuck. Nevertheless, there are indeed interactions between the countries as Russia has visited nuclear facilities here in the United States to learn how to decommission a nuclear facility.

Last year several Russian delegates visited New England to witness what decommissioning a nuclear power plant is all about...

...Among the members visiting Vermont from Oct. 3 through the 10, are environmental experts, Dr. Olga Tsepilova, a Time Magazine Hero in 2007 and deputy chairman of the Green Russian faction and YABLOKO political party, Natalia Mironova, a former legislator and regulator and chairman of the Movement for Nuclear Safety, Lidia Kuryndina, head of the radioactive regulation at the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, Andrey Ivanov, head of the Murmansk Regional Parliament Committee on Environment and Agriculture and Oleg Bodrov, a nuclear engineer who inspected Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the founder and chairman of the Green World Council.

Source: Brattleboro Reformer

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