Monday, January 24, 2011

London Olympics Faces Imminent Cyberattack Says CIO Gerry Pennell

Long time readers of Remixx World! likely know that I focus many of my articles on cyberattacks and the potential that cyberattacks will be used to conduct false flag events to stage a cyber-9/11 event. I do not know if the powers-that-be will use the Olympics to stage a false flag event via cyberattack, but the CIO is saying that a cyberattack is imminent. However in the current state of the world, the source of the cyberattack could be a false flag, China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Israel, Rumsfeld, et cetera! If a cyberattack does occur, the media will likely blame some loner patsy living in his mother's basement.

Gerry Pennell, CIO of the London 2012 Olympics told CBR that, "We will be the target of a cyber attack. It'll happen for sure."

Source: Computer Business Review

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